Crazy Diamonds-Part 2

Crazy Diamonds-Part 2 December 21, 2016

More crazy diamond powder clouds to explore, this time in La Mer’s The Powder. I should begin by saying this item now has a successor that has been reformulated.

La Mer is a brand you’ve likely heard of and balked at the pricing, or you may have some of their items. Famed for a cream that is legendary on behalf of the marine cocktail it contains, this brand is la belle du jour with its roster of covetable, costly offerings. A physicist, Dr. Max Huber, endeavoured to find a remedy for chemical burns he sustained in the laboratory. After years of research he crafted an effective remedy which was christened as the ‘miracle broth’. The contents of this broth include sea kelp, magnesium, iron, lecithin, potassium, vitamins B12, C and E, along with other elements.

Earlier this year La Mer launched a small set of makeup items which include foundation, powder, concealer,a skin tint and luscious looking makeup brushes. There has been some outcry because the new powder is smaller and costlier than the one I’m discussing in this post, but let’s press on. La Mer’s first powder (the original) is packaged in a frosted, heavy plastic container and contains .88 ounces/25 grams of product, whereas the new powder contains only 8 grams of product.

La Mer The Powder
La Mer The Powder

La Mer’s The Powder (original) is milled with a sleuth of minerals including the usuals such as talc, mica, titanium dioxide and silica. However, it also includes malachite, tourmaline and La Mer’s ‘miracle broth’. Powders that are evenly blasted usually apply with more ease to the skin than those that are not. Thus, La Mer’s The Powder is engineered to ensure symmetry of each and every particle to facilitate a magnet like adherence to the skin.

This powder is traceless and is ideal for a perfected finish, without the overly powdered affect some powders impart. On darker skins it also sinks right in, and when compared to un-powdered skin, the brightening effect this gives is beautifully apparent. Ideally, this powder should be applied with a light hand using the largest brush in your collection. Conversely, I also press it into the skin with a round powder puff, ensuring to pick up the tiniest amount of powder because overzealous application may just turn a face grey. One should expect about six hours of true wear, depending on your skin type and what you put on your skin in the lead-up to applying this. It makes even textured skin more uniform and works brilliantly as a subtle illuminator, making it worth it’s price in usage, formulation and volume. It is still possible to find this version of the powder online.

La Mer occupies rarefied air in beauty brand hierarchy. After Dr. Huber’s passing, the company was acquired by The Estee Lauder Company in 1995 and to this day, still manages to make big splashes with new launches, and maintain avid devotion by many cosmetic fans. 

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