Skin Specific-Lierac Paris

Skin Specific-Lierac Paris December 12, 2016
Lierac Body-Lift Expert
Lierac Body-Lift Expert

Exercise or Lierac Paris Body-Lift Expert? Exercise is indeed the way forward. Founded in 1975, and today part of Alès Group, Lierac Paris offers products for facial care and body care. Dr. Leon Cariel, a specialist in corrective cosmetic medicine, whose surname provided the platform for the name Lierac, created skin care products using plant derivatives. The premise was to harness the power of the plant world and combine that with developments in the clinical understanding of skin.

Lierac’s first product was Phytolastil Solution, a serum formulated with Alchemilla, Horsetail and Ivy. According to Cambridge University Botanic Garden, Alchemilla, also known as Lady’s Mantle, is a fairly common garden plant with concentrations in Europe and Asia, although it can also be found in Africa, The Andes and South America. There are three hundred known species of this plant, and it has been known as far back as 1532, when Jerome Bock’s History of Plants was published.

Lierac Phytolastil Solution
Lierac Phytolastil Solution

Alchemilla, Ivy and Horsetail together work to restore the workings of skins fibroblasts, which are collagen producing cells. These three ingredients are replete with tannins (substance found in plant tissue) and flavonoids (plant pigments) to smooth skin.

Lierac Paris has truly been pioneering in delivering products that use the best of the plant world to target skin breakdown. The Body-Lift Expert is billed as a nourishing cream that works to re-sculpt the body. Look, a cream is unlikely to affect the body in such a way as to foster results that would be gained from exercise and even surgery. But I’ve found that creams such as this, when used consistently, do impact the skin by refining the surface appearance. Lierac’s Body-Lift Expert also purports to offer illumination to the skin. This is a thick feeling but light cream that goes right into the skin minus any residues. It can be used morning or at night and I’d advocate just keeping it on the sink to apply straight from the bath or shower, as it envelops your skin in a mild, feminine fragrance. The cream is formulated with shea butter, coconut oil (my best friend), Hibiscus AHA and illuminating powders. It also has rice brand and jojoba.

Lierac Body-Lift Expert

As I said, creams such as this usually refine the skin, which is what I can say for this. You won’t decrease your clothing size by using this cream, but you will be mildly scented from using it top to feet, your skin will be silky and you’ll be left feeling better for using it. Lierac Paris products can be found at some pharmacy retailers, and you can also find it easily online. In using the products over the years, I’ve really enjoyed some of the serums and eye creams. In Europe, you can tap into the full spectrum of their offerings which include some nifty sun bronzing powders that are part of their sun-care (Sunific) line (I’ve inserted some photographs of one of the powders). I’ve also liked their cleansers, masks and dry body oil, Lierac Sensorielle. If you’ve never encountered the brand before but you enjoy products that are high on sensoriality and you are not averse to mild fragrance, Lierac Paris can be your next new jam. 

Lierac Sunific Gold Powder with SPF 15

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