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January 25, 2017

Makeup Brushes-Mikasa Beauty


I’ve been sitting on these makeup brushes from Mikasa Beauty since last year. Simply put, I’ve been using them, garnering a feel for how they hold up to being cleaned, how they perform in applying my makeup and how they perform in my hands. 

Mikasa Beauty is a fairly new company based in Vancouver, Canada, where their focus is on professional grade makeup brushes that are accessibly priced. In managing costs, which translates to accessible pricing, production and marketing is whittled to only key areas and streams. 

I purchased the Mikasa E220 Concealer Brush along with the Mikasa Techni 02 Oval Brush, and received the Mikasa E230 Eye Shader Brush as a GWP (Gift with Purchase). At the time, I had been in search of a hard working concealer brush and after researching brushes at various price points, I settled on this primarily because of the shape and yes, the price. 

Mikasa E220 Concealer Brush

Mikasa E220 Concealer Brush

Mikasa Brushes are mostly made from sustainable fibers. The concealer brush is a perfect size and quite pliable, making it easy to tuck product into the inner corners of the eyes and the very tiny inner triangle beneath the inner corners. The concealer brush is also the perfect size for the outer corners of the eyes, that space where Marilyn Monroe’s makeup artist Whitey Snyder, advocated for applying concealer to further brighten the eyes. The bristles of the brush, which are made from synthetic nylon, are sturdily kept in place in the ferrule and after a few cleanings, there has been no shedding of the bristles, no discolouration of the ferrule and no warping of the brush or slackening of the handle. The size of the brush head is also perfect for applying concealer or other skin perfectors over blemishes or mostly healed acne spots. 

Mikasa Techni 02 Oval Brush

Mikasa Techni 02 Oval Brush

Shifting now to the Mikasa Techni 02 Oval Brush, this boasts the shape that can now be found at all price points in the makeup brush market. Of the three brushes I have from Mikasa, I found this one to be a tad bit awkward. Yes, I realise this new shape is now ubiquitous, but my hands just found it difficult to wield. It did an acceptable job in applying product and the bristles, which are made from synthetic fiber, are indeed quite soft. The handle of the Techni O2 Oval Brush is made from a flexible plastic and has also held up quite well to washings. Another plus is that the fibers have shown no sign of shedding, nor the brush of coming apart.  

Mikasa Beauty E230 Eye Shader Brush

Mikasa Beauty E230 Eye Shader Brush

To round out the trio, the Mikasa E230 Eye Shader Brush makes quick work of applying eye shadow. If you’re looking to wash your eyelid with colour very quickly, this brush is the one. With care you can also take your eye shadow below the lash line using this brush. I use it to apply eye shadow as a liner above the eye, which is also a quick way to add dimension without worrying too much about accuracy. Once mascara is added, it comes together and pops. The bristles of the Mikasa E230 Eye Shader Brush are made from natural goat hair that has also retained its shape after multiple washings. 

The three Mikasa Beauty Brushes I have are also quite weighty, reinforcing the value you get with these brushes. The brushes have pliable bristles in common, they look quite sleek and do a solid job in applying product with accuracy. They help pigments to transfer beautifully to the skin and would be a great option for a new makeup artist who is building up their brush kit. 

I’ll be watching to see how Mikasa Beauty evolves in the beauty space. Whether you are new to the arena, a makeup brush collector or a veteran makeup artist, Mikasa offers quality options at an accessible price point. A makeup brush is such an integral makeup item, neither you nor me can ever have enough. 

*I purchased Mikasa Beauty Brushes at a discounted price. My readers can also tap into a 15% discount on all products listed on www.mikasabeauty.com using the discount code BACKSTORYMAKEUP15.






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