Brightening Face Illuminating Skin

Mirror Skin-Delilah Time Frame Future Resist Foundation

Names abound in the beauty world for ‘best foundation’. From luxury to drug store, the ranks are over populated and rife with towering claims and splashy campaigns to lure us in. Then there are the ‘whisperers’, products that perform as well as or better than the popular ones but somehow, don’t receive the recognition as …

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Brightening Luxury Beauty Makeup

The Music of Color Spheres-Guerlain Meteorites

We all see colours differently. Guerlain Meteorites made it easy for makeup devotees to play with and manipulate colour long before all of the colour correctors flooded the market like locusts. Few people truly understand how colour and colour correctors work and where to apply them. Of all the colour correcting pens, pencils, palettes, sticks, powders and …

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Lips Makeup

Kiss Kiss in the House Guerlain Built

Stalwart and standout. Those are the two words I think of in relation to the house of Guerlain. How many of their products have pride of place in your beauty portfolio? Les Meteorites, Terracotta Bronzer or Kiss Kiss Lipstick? Whichever it is, you are in possession of makeup gold. From the earliest stirrings of the house dating …

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Green Nail Pastures-Treat Collection

Perhaps what our mothers said is true. The state of your nails conveys messages about you, whether or not you believe it or like it. Tattered talons can never stand up to buffed, neat ones. What Mum likely never gave thought to however, are the ingredients in nail products, whether colour lacquers or nail polish …

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