Going Green-The Body Shop

Going Green-The Body Shop February 7, 2017

Surely many of us have or may have had at least one item from The Body Shop. When I look at companies with histories spanning many decades, a theme emerges. There are common threads of defiance, tenacity and formidability. Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, plunged deeper into business ownership after closing a hotel and restaurant she co-owned with her husband. In 1976, after her husband decided to fulfil a lifelong desire to traverse the Americas, she took a small loan and opened The Body Shop in Brighton, England. Within six months of opening the first shop, a second one followed.

After thousands of stores spanning sixty-six countries, the brand was sold to L’OrΓ©al in 2006 and a backslash ensued. Despite this, The Body Shop still exists with a vast portfolio of offerings. Their body butters are legendary and for a while their bronzers were making quite a splash. For this post we’ll look at two items, of which one was introduced for Valentine’s Day 2015. The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Shower Gel and the Moringa Soap.

The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Shower Gel
The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Shower Gel

The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Shower Gel is formulated with poppy extract harvested in Ankara, Turkey. Smoky Poppy is meant as an ode to the Poppy Flower. At first sniff, the scent veers a tad masculine intertwined with florals. I like florals but I prefer my scents to be complex, deep, slightly subversive, warm, musky and maybe citrusy where it works. This shower gel is warm and spicy with floral undertones and lingers on the skin, up to a point. It is a soap free cleanser and the oddest thing about the gel is the colour, which is just about black and low on foam. It turns white upon contact with water and rinses away easily. My dry skin doesn’t feel stripped after using it but a lotion or cream is still needed after. It is a very pretty scent overall and it retreats in phases. The Body Shop Smoky Poppy collection includes shower gel, body butter, massage oil, an eau de toilette, body scrub, body lotion and bath bombs. 

The Body Shop Moringa Soap
The Body Shop Moringa Soap

Moving on to The Body Shop Moringa Soap, this little yellow coloured gem is a simple treat for people like me who have truly come to appreciate a properly formulated soap bar. Shower gels are easy to use but to me, a bar has an allure that I easily fall prey to. The Moringa Bar contains certified sustainable palm oil from Brazil, along with moringa oil, soybean oil and glycerine. This soap becomes very creamy when lathered and it soothes the skin. Maybe it’s my nose, but I detect more scent when I smell the bar when it is dry, as opposed to when I lather it.

The Body Shop carries a vast portfolio of items that are accessibly priced. Dame Anita Roddick, a highly decorated business leader and advocate, pioneered a movement and more so, a belief system. On 10th September, 2007, Dame Anita Roddick, wife and mother of two children, succumbed to an acute brain haemorrhage. Sometimes, just an idea and the willingness to breathe life into it, is enough to helm a movement.

Always a pleasure and thanks for reading…

XO Marie.

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