Making the Case for Toner with Cellcosmet Switzerland

Cellcosmet Switzerland Active Tonic
Cellcosmet Switzerland Active Tonic

Whether you’re for toner or against it, you get points either way. Before we get to what the dermatologists say, here’s what happens to your skin after using a cleanser.

  • Cleansers tend to impact the natural ph of the skin, therefore an acid based toner will help to guide skin back to its sweet spot. Conversely, if you did not reach for a toner and put nothing else on the skin after cleansing, it will self-adjust.
  • Skin has a natural acid barrier made up of naturally occurring oils and perspiration, and cleansers break these up. Not to worry though, your skin knows what to do. 

A little backstory on toners is that they emerged when cleansers were not ph-balanced. As far as dermatological opinion, many of them advocate for toner on oily and acne prone skin. Others suggest gentle ones that don’t strip your skin and are alcohol free. A third segment says they are unnecessary and impart no favours to your skin.

I have dry skin and I’ve been using a prescription retinoid since last autumn. For several years, I avoided toner and then picked up the habit again when I was having a moment in a natural food store about ten years ago. Since that time and after plenty of experimentation and reading, I’ve found products that have been working for me and that I’ll share with your now.

Cellcosmet Switzerland is exactly as the name implies. Produced from start to finish in Lausanne, Switzerland, I became aware of this brand when I would place orders for a similar product that is French and has been widely talked about. As I was close to using up my last toner, I decided to take the leap into Cellcosmet.

Cellcosmet Switzerland Active Tonic
Cellcosmet Switzerland Active Tonic
  • Cellcosmet Active Tonic is a phyto-cosmeceutical which means the ingredients are sourced from plants and marine complexes.
  • This product is more of a skin treatment and is formulated with cabbage rose water and chamomile extract.
  • It also offers a mini-peeling effect that I have come to seek out and appreciate, especially since I avoid physical scrubs.
  • It is alcohol free and recommended for all skin types, unless you have dermatitis.
  • There is a scent to it that is very upscale but not floral.
  • The ph of the product is 6.5 +/-0.5
Cellcosmet Switzerland Active Tonic
Cellcosmet Switzerland Active Tonic

To use this, it is recommended you apply to cotton squares and then to the skin. Thereafter, one must blot away with a face napkin or paper towel. I don’t do the paper towel step because there is no excess to remove. Some days I also skip the cotton and apply with clean hands and press it into my skin and truthfully, I prefer this method. 

  • This tonic comes in three sizes; 90 ml, 125 ml and 250 ml.
  • Cellcosmet is stocked at better spas, some department stores and can be easily found online.
  • The cost of this product is on the high end. I bought mine from a British pharmacy that ships to the US and for the 250ml size, I saved more than $20 including shipping when compared to the retail price in the US.

In my continued use of Cellcosmet Active Tonic, my skin always feels reinvigorated, looks brighter and is prepared for application of other products. Some nights if I’m very tired, this will be the sum total of my routine after cleansing and I still wake up with clear, even toned skin. Despite having dry skin, the tonic does not dry it further and I’ve also noticed improved skin tonicity as well. Extra points bestowed because it does not burn my skin, while the best part is that using this makes my skin feel liked I’ve had a thorough facial.

  • Added Value – Cellcosmet has decades of research behind it that dates back to the very early part of the twentieth century. The actual establishment of the brand happened in the nineteen-eighties and emerged from cellular therapy research. Formally, Cellap Laboratoire S.A. exclusively focuses on research and development of cellular cosmetics, which means that “a tired, stressed or devitalised cell will be rejuvenated on coming into contact with a young cell”. Such is the premise Cellcosmet Switzerland is founded upon. I already know I’ll be returning to the brand for a repurchase of the Active Tonic and also to fill in gaps or replace items in my routine.

                         Always a pleasure and thanks for reading..

                                                   XO Marie.