Charlotte’s Glimmer and Shine-Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte’s Glimmer and Shine-Charlotte Tilbury March 16, 2017

Of all the beauty brands on the market, I feel that few of them tap directly into the notion of ultimate femininity. If you think back to the aesthetic of cosmetics in past eras, especially during the fifties or the eighties, I think that somewhere in the effort to scale back and adapt a minimalist approach, some of the splendor was lost. I am absolutely on board with conservation, especially when more thought is being given to reducing excesses in packaging, yet I also adore pretty, gleaming things so much that I feel something stir in me when I see them.

Charlotte Tilbury has managed to corner the market with her stunning brand. Without any apology or pretense to downplay what it symbolises, The Tilbury aesthetic embodies femininity, it has sex appeal, it is gorgeous sitting on the sink or on the vanity, its quality is superb and the spirit of the whole brand is to me, a contemporary rarity. Thus, in this post I ask you to focus with me on four of Tilbury’s skin elixirs. Specifically, Charlotte Tilbury’s Goddess Skin Clay Mask, Multi-Miracle Glow, Magic Cream and the newest addition, Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask.

Glow Quickly: Multi Miracle Glow

This is such an easy, sensual product to use. It’s a multi-use balm that can be used as a cleanser, a hydrator for the face and even the body, as a mask for daytime and for sleeping. As a cleanser, you simply scoop out a dime sized amount and massage it into dry skin or if you’re wearing makeup, just apply and massage it into the skin to emulsify everything, then rinse away. Multi-Miracle Glow is formulated with oils of camellia, rose hip, sunflower seed, cloudberry fruit and cranberry. This is exactly what dry skin types need. If you have normal to combination skin, this will also be an ally for your skin. This is a cream to oil formula that smells divine and makes me think of the mildest scented flowers and pleasant herbs.  Oilier skin types can also use this including sleeping with it on and still wake up to bouncy and bright skin.

As a mask, Multi-Miracle Glow is a targeted, swift way to reinvigorate your skin. Even if it’s for five minutes, apply this to your face and remember to bring it down to your neck and even your décolleté. Thereafter, step into your shower or bath and emerge with clear bright skin that’s ready to receive your skincare or makeup. 

Clay Time: Goddess Skin Clay Mask

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask is the ‘deeper’ sister to the Multi-Miracle Glow. This tube contains a formula for skin that needs a bit more attention, although it can be utilised in a five minute window. Ten minutes is ideal or more if you have the time, but this mask is what I like to refer to as a workhorse. Based on an ‘ancient Mediterranean beauty recipe’, it includes sweet almond oil and Spanish clay. In addition, Tilbury also includes her patented Bio-Nymph Peptide Complex along with frangipani flower extract which comes through in the mask’s subtle floral scent. 

My favourite moments to reach for this mask is when I need a quick hit of brightening and smoothing or when I’m doing an all Charlotte routine. May I add that the ‘All Charlotte Routine’ as I like to refer to it, is an indulgent undertaking that can be done in ten minutes or in an hour on your day to play. After cleansing, apply the mask avoiding the eyes and hang out for ten minutes, or a few more like I do, then rinse away. I prefer to use a warm, damp muslin to remove this one. This mask is especially good if you’re preparing for a big day or photograph heavy night out. Suitable for all skin types including dry, with only a five dollar difference between the cost of The Goddess Skin Clay Mask and the Multi-Miracle Glow, either of these items are solid additions to consider for your collection. 

Mask Revolution: Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask

This is Charlotte’s new baby. The Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask takes prompts from the sheet mask overload in the cosmetics market. I bought this and tried it and admittedly, I’m still on the fence to a certain extent. I took photographs while wearing this mask and decided against sharing it here. I followed the steps, applied it to cleansed skin and then took it off after the suggested fifteen minutes. There was a slight residue that felt like I applied a moisturiser without massaging it in completely. After a few minutes my skin progressed to feeling hydrated and there was a bit of a glow. I didn’t apply any products afterwards and simply went to sleep and awoke to skin that was even and clear.

One of the key advantages of this mask is that it can be used three times. This is especially key because this mask is $22 USD for a single pack and it is also available in a pack of four for $80 USD. I appreciate the fact that Charlotte Tilbury’s team developed a mask that is not ill-fitting like so many sheet masks are guilty of being. Another key aspect is that this is a dry mask so you need not be concerned about it being runny or drippy. As a dry mask it will not harbour bacteria, yet it is infused with impressive technology where the ingredients are imprinted on the mask. It is formulated with mango seed butter, shea butter, olive fruit oil and avocado oil. Thus, it explains that slightly slick feeling on my skin after I removed it. For future use, I would do a two step routine by using the Multi-Miracle Glow first, then following with this dry sheet mask especially if I have an occasion to prepare for.

Seal it all in: Charlotte’s Magic Cream

To round out the routine I strongly advocate for concluding with Charlotte’s Magic Cream. Allow me to preface this by saying this is my second jar. Texturally similar to Pond’s Cold Cream, this is a proper cream that offers an indulgent, sensorial experience. It is available in two sizes, and no matter the size you choose, it will last you a full year. Invest in either a metal or ceramic re-usable spatula or you may also get the pack of plastic ones, but please use one each time. 

Charlotte’s Magic Cream is mildly fragranced and can stand reliably in place of a conventional primer. It provides a smooth base from which to apply foundation and any other liquid or cream illuminators. Once the weather is warmer, I use this cream only on the outer parts of my orbital bone to impart light around my eyes and very scantily at the top of my cheekbones. If you have fine lines or dry patches, this cream will offer a blurring effect while also increasing the look of brightness on the face. It feels heavy between the fingers, which may scare some away, but once it is pressed into the skin it slips in easily without leaving any residue. On my dry skin it delivers the perfect amount of hydration and has never brought on spots. The formula includes a number of humectants such as glycerine (to draw water to the outer layer of the skin), shea butter, camellia oil and sunflower seed oil. It also contains a patented Bio-Nymph Peptide Complex, along with sodium hyaluronate, a very similar ingredient to hyaluronic acid (HA). 

Together, these four items provide a solid line up from which to tailor a routine that works with your skin type. Charlotte Tilbury’s brand is indeed a brand for the person who seeks out and truly appreciates the combination of appealing aesthetics, efficacy, pioneering technologies and value, as these products last a very long time so the up-front costs level out with each use. The masks along with the cream, presents the opportunity to create an at-home, spa-like experience even if your getting ready time is capped at ten minutes. Seeking out things we think are beautiful is an undertaking that should never be overlooked, frowned upon or neglected. Whether it’s in nature, in other people or in an object, the quest for beauty has bequeathed this life with so much that is good. Seek it, share the joy and share any of your favourites in the comments below. 








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