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Bringing Home Fragrance with The White Company

The White Company Fragrance

Today, I wanted to share one of my latest finds in the form of home fragrance which to me, is indeed part of the beauty category. Surely, you want your baths or your ten-minute makeup routine to have a little something that helps to elevate it. In the same way, good bed linens are a priority, especially once you hit a certain decade, so is ambience. The White Company Jasmine, Rose and Neroli Bathroom Gift Set in the Flowers series, is beautifully assembled and perfect as a gift to yourself, a relative or friend. It contains a Hand and Nail Cream, a Hand Wash and a Scent Diffuser.

But first, the story behind the brand takes us to the United Kingdom. This inimitable lifestyle brand founded by Chrissie Rucker MBE, came into being more than two decades ago, specifically in 1993. Ms. Rucker saw the need for reasonably priced, quality bed linens, towels, napkins and China in white. After searching for such things for her then boyfriend’s house and realising they were not readily available at accessible prices, her need became the impetus for her little company that began in a spare bedroom in that boyfriend’s home. Armed with a small inheritance left by her grandmother plus a moderate government grant, The White Company emerged. Its first incarnation was as a mail-order company and from there, the expansions continued rapidly.

The White Company Frangrance

I came across The White Company almost two years ago and it really didn’t take too much for me to be compelled enough to buy into it. If I remember correctly, I bought pillows, pillow covers and a few other things because truthfully, one eventually finds that the quality of bed linens shift into a higher place on your priority list.

During a browsing session not long ago, one click led to another click and some days later, this beautiful set was in my hands. Fragranced with geranium as well as jasmine, neroli and rose, the scent is a bit strong at first whiff, but it does wonders for the bathroom or any other room. It turns your bathroom into a sanctuary and elevates the time you spend in it, no matter what you’re doing in there.

The White Company Fragrance

As far as scent diffusers go, lately I find myself seeking them out more than candles simply because I feel the dividends are a bit greater. Thus, The White Company’s Flowers Diffuser offers the scent elevation I crave for our home. Plus, it wafts into the bedroom and hallway as well.


The hand wash and hand lotion are not standard stuff. The wash is as hydrating as it is uniform in texture. Yes, uniform is an odd word to describe hand wash, but usually you can feel the difference between a two dollar hand wash and one that’s a few dollars more. This is easily spa bathroom quality, plus the hand and cuticle lotion can still be felt after washing the hands. That’s not a claim that can be made lightly, as it is one that some pricier lotions fail to do.

The White Company Fragrance

Here in the US, The White Company maintains a well-edited website that includes home linens, children’s clothing and plush toys, ladies and men’s clothing items including plenty of cashmere, along with storage items, decor and home fragrance. In addition, there are body care items and they recently collaborated with the Canadian skincare brand Deciem, to produce a line that has been receiving kudos thus far.

To date, The White Company has received numerous industry accolades, in addition to founder Chrissie Rucker’s MBE in 2010 (Member of the Order of the British Empire). The White Company has also survived four recessions and has since expanded to fifty-four doors in the UK alone. Plans are also afoot to open it’s first US store later this year. With about half of their sales coming from the online arm of the business, this is a company that appears to be poised for further expansion. Rightfully so, as what they turn out is indeed a delight visually and tangibly. Lastly, if you really are a candle aficionado, The White Company does excellent ones which I plan to review in a post to come.


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