Brighten, Exfoliate and Tighten with Dr. Frances Prenna Jones Formula 2006+

The quest for improved skin texture and overall vibrancy starts to take on the feel of a witch hunt the older I become. Yet, it’s one that I mostly enjoy except for the moments when I start to feel overwhelmed and just head to my kitchen for olive oil. Apart from that, the search is exciting and always yields intriguing finds. The tightly curated brand, Dr Frances Prenna Jones, is named for the multi-passionate and multi-qualified specialist who is one of Britain’s most sought after cosmetic dermatologists. With a selection of products meant to get right to the point as opposed to having fluffy add-ons, this brand embodies a straightforward approach to skincare.


My choice to purchase Dr Frances Prenna Jones Formula 2006+ was based on the state of my skin at a time when I was in the throes of peeling skin and mild surface burns, from leaving acid peels and acid based masks on for too long. I was also seeking a targeted, corrective and renewing treatment product as I had finished my prescription retinol.

Formula 2006+ presents a solution meant for skin that is prone to problems and also showing signs of photo-damage. It can also be used on normal skin in conjunction with its predecessor, a product simply called Formula. Replete with vitamins and anti-oxidants, this product acts as a toner and booster, to exfoliate the surface of the skin and boost cell renewal.


Dr Frances Prenna Jones Formula 2006+ also works as an anti-bacterial and is a solid renewal option especially for city-dwellers. Formula 2006+ has a mild scent to it. It looks like water, plain and simple, but when on the skin you feel a slight buzz if I may refer to it as such.

To use, I apply a few drops to a cotton square and pass it over my face, neck and décolleté after cleansing. I also pass it over my ears and the back of my neck, an often neglected place.

Fast absorbing, after application my skin feels pleasantly tightened, looks brighter and is also hydrated. There’s no parched feeling when using this, which is miraculous to me because so many products that do similar things leave my skin feeling uncomfortable and stripped. Some nights, I’ve applied just this along with my eye cream and have woken up with even toned, hydrated skin that still feels tightened, even though I had used the product hours prior. I point this out because oftentimes, the tightened feeling one has after using a product usually disappears shortly after. With Dr Frances Prenna Jones Formula 2006+ that pleasantly tightened, lifted feeling is sustained.

Dr Frances Prenna Jones Formula 2006+ also maintains the skin’s ph balance and will reduce redness if you are prone. On me, the only redness I experience is on the sides of my nose from time to time, odd but true, along with increased redness when I go overboard with acids. I was concerned about whiteheads and blackheads reappearing on my nose since I’ve stopped using prescription retinol, but this has helped to keep them at bay. Formula 2006+ also reduces inflammation, soothes any irritation and will even prevent ingrown hairs if one is prone. The application can be done at night or during the day. For daytime use, ensure to top with sunscreen.

Some of the key ingredients of Formula 2006+ include lactobionic acid (smoothing and hydrating), vitamin B3 (anti-microbial), ginger (anti-inflammatory), tomato (anti-inflammatory, antioxidant) cucumber, witch hazel (anti-microbial), salicylic acid and zinc gluconate (anti-oxidant, blemish reducer).

I have a few other products that do similar things but with this product, I see Formula 2006+ to be a better match for my skin. If you’ve ever been interested in products such as Pixi Glow Tonic or Biologique Recherche Lotion P50, Dr. Frances Prenna Jones Formula 2006+ is a similarly excellent option. Formula 2006+ is not tested on animals, is paraben free, is free from dyes and fragrance and is completely produced in the UK. It is also completely physician formulated, as Dr. Prenna Jones has established her own laboratory and development facility in Dorset, UK. Dr Prenna Jones boasts a roster or celebrity clients, however, her focus really is on helping clients to have their best skin no matter who they may be.

Personally, I think this is an exciting brand to watch, especially as brand awareness continues to build here in the US. I appreciate Dr Prenna Jones’ approach to this most precious and largest organ, our skin. For purchase options, I ordered my product online, directly from the brand website. I saw a few other online purchase options that include the larger British department stores. Thus, I’ll close by saying that I’m impressed enough to venture deeper into the brand. Watch this space.

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