Timeless Faves with Sisley-Paris, Gucci, Belmacz and Chanel

Now that spring is here and new launches are rapidly littering the market, I wanted to share a few things that I’ve been enjoying and that I have come to rely on. I’ll be sharing a few things from the new launches in a later post but for now, each of the items below are solid, timeless performers featuring Sisley-Paris, Gucci, Belmacz and Chanel.

Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in Gitane

This is a striking orange-red and is part of the re-formulated, 5-free, nail colours from Chanel. I’ve encountered mixed opinions about the longevity of these colours but I get a solid five to seven days of wear when I use Chanel Le Gel Top Coat with it. Gitane is perfect for those who love red nail polish but seek a bit of variation for spring and summer. Pair it with your favourite shirt dress or halter and a bright lip.

Chanel Le Gel Coat

There was a time when I was a devoted gel nail wearer and presented myself to the salon every two weeks without fail. Once I became aware of the potential concerns in relation to the UV light used to cure the gel, I consoled myself by taking sunscreen with me to the salon. Eventually, I felt that the impact on my nails and skin was no longer worth it and so it has been about four years since I stopped having gels done. Many brands have since developed gel topcoats for at home use and naturally, some are better than others. I doubt anything can completely replicate salon results but Chanel Le Gel Longwear Topcoat is a very good alternative. This is my second bottle and even when I wear nail lacquers that are not from Chanel, it works just as well to deliver glossy nails that stay chip-free for up to a week. At $28 USD, it’s worth its weight in the formulation, application and performance.


Sisley-Paris Highlighter Blush with White Lily

Sometimes appearances matter. When I first saw this blush I had to blink a few times because of the appearance alone. It is absolutely stunning and looks so different from typical blush, plus it haunted my thoughts for a very long time. I’d look at it online, on Instagram and eventually I succumbed.

This blush is an anomaly, and is stunning in application and longevity on the skin. It is a sheer, buildable blush that is never too much. Application is like silk, soft, easy, effortless and it is actually three colours in one compact. A blend of bronze, dusty pink and brownish-peach, the glow from this blush invokes the look of good health, sun and good living. Suitable for any complexion and formulated with white lily, I’ve gotten a solid nine hours of wear from this and I suspect it’s capable of lasting even longer.

Belmacz Blue Eye Shadow with Silver Leaf

Belmacz is a capsule beauty brand that is the brainchild of Julia Muggenberg, a German born, London based jewellery designer and art gallery founder. Muggenberg is an alumna of London’s Central Saint Martins, a globally recognised and esteemed institution of arts and design and part of the University of the Arts London. Thus, Belmacz as a brand consists of jewellery and art, along with beauty items that are all infused with silver and gold leaf.

At the moment, the beauty arm of Belmacz is being reinvigorated. Still, it was some time ago that I came across the brand and immediately, I fixated upon this particular eye shadow because it is quite likely the most striking blue I’ve ever seen.

It is quite vivid in the pan but blended out, it’s less intimidating. And no, it’s not necessarily an everyday colour but it works beautifully as an eyeliner and stays without fading. Hence, it was the main reason I bought 

Gucci Infinite Length Mascara

Gucci’s makeup formulas are extraordinary. I love their lipsticks and staying on the blue theme, their blue eyeliner pencil in the colour Iconic Ottanio is one of my ultimate favourites. This mascara in Iconic Black is a proper, true black that delivers lengthened, glossy lashes in a clump-free and flake-free formula. The application is silky smooth, and lashes remain coated throughout the day without fading. Removal is also quite easy, but it’s good to go in between the eyelashes with a pointed cotton swab to ensure total removal. As an aside, baby cotton swabs from the Japanese market are a favourite of mine because of how thin they are, thus they make nifty tools for eye makeup correction and removal. They’re easy to get online from the highly popular website for everything under the sun.

Below I scribbled the mascara so you can see what a gorgeous, true black it is. If you have sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses, this mascara will not cause you any grief. This is a very innovative formula, plus the wand is specially designed to lift and sculpt the lashes into place for maximum impact.

These items are always on repeat for me because I know what to expect from them. Sisley’s blush delivers the right glow note while Belmacz’s eye shadow is the ultimate eye-opener. Gucci’s mascara always holds up its end of the contract and Chanel’s nail colour and top coat are a dynamic duo that keep nails looking salon fresh and camera ready.