Bronzer Matchup with Tom Ford, Charlotte Tilbury, Rilastil and Givenchy

Bronzer Matchup with Tom Ford, Charlotte Tilbury, Rilastil and Givenchy April 3, 2017

While I was creating the post on Tom Ford’s Ultimate Bronzer in Bronze Age, I realised that a comparison post including other bronzers had to follow. Thus, I’ll be matching Tom Ford against Charlotte Tilbury, Rilastil and Givenchy.

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow

It’s no secret that Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow has created major waves in the bronzer category. Available in two options, Light to Medium and Medium to Dark, this is the bronzer you reach for when you’re looking for major bronzer wattage. The Medium to Dark palette which I’ve had for more than a year now, is nowhere near to finishing so that increases the value factor. In comparison to the Tom Ford Ultimate Bronzer in Bronze Age, this has more red and orange tinged undertones. 

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow is a very soft fomula that applies smoothly, except if you have textural imperfections. This formula is paraben free and contains pearl powder along with Light Flex Technology that works with light to increase the skin’s radiance during use. On me, I clock about seven hours of wear but after having the product for as long as I have, I feel that this bronzing duo looks best when my skin is at that sweet spot where it’s not peeling or flaky from enzymatic exfoliation. I also think that for evening and late night adventures, this bronzer truly delivers Glamazon glow. I always try bronzers on my eyelids, so the highlight shade works a treat to snap the eyes awake. Charlotte Tilbury FIlmstar Bronze and Glow currently retails for $68 USD.

Givenchy Les Saisons Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder

Givenchy Les Saisons Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder emerged early last year. When I saw it online I fell immediately in love with the look of it. Not long after first gaze it was a new member of my collection. This is a baked bronzer and it’s also talc free, making application smooth and a breeze. Like the Tom Ford Ultimate Bronzer in Bronze Age, on my skin this bronzer needs a few beats to fully bloom on the skin. Once it does, it takes up residence and holds its own without the need for touch-ups. 

This bronzer has gotten tremendous use from me, it’s impactful yet understated and would be excellent used as a contour if you’re into that. It is the ultimate buildable bronzer that never becomes clumpy or spotty when layered. Another plus is that it doesn’t dissipate to leave just sparkles on the skin. It maintains its uniformity and has a creaminess to it that makes application that much easier.  When compared to Tom Ford Ultimate Bronzer in Bronze Age, Givenchy Les Saisons Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Extreme Saisons 04 is deeper toned and a bit smoother in application but has similar wear time to Tom Ford’s.

Rilastil Duo Bronzing Powder

Rilastil (Instituto Ganassini) is an Italian Company that has been creating highly innovative cosmeceuticals for several decades now. I encountered the brand when I worked in beauty and I now count several items from the brand in my collection, as they’re that exceptional. As with many European skincare brands, they also have makeup items and I should mention that their mascaras are superb and worth a try. Now to the bronzing duo. 

Rilastil Duo Bronzing Powder contains two customizable shades that work on any skin tone. This bronzer is exceedingly different from the other three in this post because of its appearance, formula and because it contains the most product at 18 grams. In the pan it has the appearance of a powder as opposed to a bronzer. On the skin, it is subtle yet you see the pigment and so if you are hesitant about bronzer, this may be the perfect option because of it’s texture and colour payoff.

The very first time I encountered this bronzer, I figured there was no way it would work on my skin tone. Yet imagine my surprise when I used it and found that it does indeed work. Admittedly it is subtle, but it’s perfect for low key days and it is also buildable, so I am able to dial it up when I choose. This bronzer also contains SPF 15 and includes UVA and UVB filters. In the US one may easily buy this online and in a few specialty apothecaries. In comparison to the other bronzers, I find the Rilastil to be closest to Tom Ford’s with a few exceptions. The Rilastil Duo Bronzing Powder is less shimmery than Tom Ford’s, yet the deeper of the two shades in the bronzing duo is quite similar in shade to Tom Ford’s. In addition, Rilastil’s bronzing duo fells drier in texture, where Tom Ford’s feels creamier. Rilastil currently retails for $56 USD and like all of these bronzers, it will last forever. 

Tom Ford Ultimate Bronzer in Bronze Age

Compared to the other three bronzers, as stated in my previous post, this one stands out because of the highly innovative formula and the packaging. It’s a stunning product with strengths that sneak up on you. You may think that makeup payoff should be instant, and I feel this way as well but only to an extent. There are instances where a product truly shows its worth once it has been on your skin for a bit and quite frankly, once you’ve used it several times. 

Tom Ford Ultimate Bronzer in Bronze Age is a gorgeous toy for those who are mad for makeup and the cachet that is associated with this brand. Lovely for drier and mature skins especially, this bronzer is the embodiment of innovation that manages to never cross the line into excess. Bronzer is not a dirty word, nor does it automatically imply muddy swathes of colour on the face. By choosing the right formula based on the needs of your skin and your personal preference, I’d argue that there is indeed a bronzer out there for everyone who seeks it. 


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