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Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Gel Touch Foundation

Hearts are aflutter as Chanel is poised to introduce Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Gel Touch Foundation to the US market shortly. Tying into Chanel’s Cruise Beauty for Summer 2017 or Les Indispensables de l’Eté, Chanel’s Global Creative Makeup and Colour Director, Lucia Pica, has listened to the echoes of Madame’s love of natural, sun-kissed makeup. The compact is already available in the main markets in Asia, in the UK and Europe. By nature, I am incredibly patient but when it comes to makeup, skincare and fragrance newness, not so much. Thus, I purchased my compact from one of the UK department stores online and received the item within a matter of days.

By now, we know that the cushion foundation concept is an endowment from the Asian market, where a liquid base makeup was available in compact form. Most of the major Western beauty brands now offer a cushion compact or cushion foundation of some kind, some with greater shade options than others. In this instance, I’ll share my thoughts on No. 60 in this post. Nestled in Chanel’s always stunning black and off-white compact and accompanied by a useful flat sponge, that is exceptionally travel and handbag friendly.

This product is fragranced, so if you’re averse to that you’d be well advised to skip the item. Otherwise, in the photograph you see that it is similar to a powder compact, except that there is a creamy gel liquid inside. With the flat sponge that accompanies the compact or with any other beauty sponge, you press down into the netting to pick up the product, with the compact dispensing the right amount of product with each use.

To the touch this feels like an exceptionally light cream foundation but in actuality, the formula consists of more than 50% water. It can be applied on a clean face and it can also be applied on top of existing makeup. When I first received the product and applied it, I had doubts. Admittedly, temperatures were colder at the time and my skin was patchy and dry. Thus, I kept testing it with different primers and ultimately, Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè transformed my skin into the perfect canvas.  But here’s the odd thing, I just returned from a week in the Caribbean to visit with my parents and my skin behaved so differently in the vastly warmer temperatures. I took Chanel’s compact with me to test its behaviour in the different climate and that is where it shone.

Despite the natural colour of my skin, prolonged sun exposure makes my complexion deepen rapidly. And so looking at the photograph above (post holiday), you may think this is the wrong option, but once blended in, it disappears to leave the most beautiful golden glow. Application is simple and can be done by pressing the product into the skin with a sponge or fingers if you prefer. Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Touch Foundation contains mineral pigments and soft focus powders to create an even, radiant complexion. In the warmer temperatures, I used a mattifying primer and then applied the foundation on top and it went on brilliantly. While the foundation did not keep perspiration away completely, I still managed to maintain evenness throughout the day, while my blusher remained evident at day’s end, a result I attribute to the foundation as well. The coverage is meant make your skin look better than it is and while the formula is buildable, don’t expect full coverage especially if you have textural concerns.

Update: There’s an even deeper shade in No. 91 Caramel. To circle back to the formula, it also contains a derivative of hyaluronic acid along with Kalanchoe extract, with Kalanchoe being a plant indigenous to South America and a few other places in the world. The plant has numerous healing abilities and is also good for the skin. Lastly, with built-in sun protection from SPF 25/PA+++, this is likely the niftiest foundation one could hope for during the warmer months. I managed to use up quite a bit of this while I was away, but I’ll be digging out every last drop even if it means I have to cut through the net to access the remainder. Chanel is very good at foundations, and this one is no different. If your skin is dry, first use a hydrating primer and if you’re oily, use a mattifying primer but test different options to see which method works best for you. With me, it’s left to be seen if it makes it through to the end of the season because I’ve already used so much. There’s no better feeling than using up a foundation completely, money well spent and all.

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