Foundation for a Song-The Ordinary Serum Foundation

Foundation for a Song-The Ordinary Serum Foundation

The last time I was waitlisted for a beauty product, the wait lasted about four months. In this instance, the wait lasted close to two weeks, for a foundation that costs 6.70 USD. The Ordinary Serum Foundation comes from the stable of companies that constitute Deciem, The Abnormal Beauty Company hailing from Canada. Deciem is arguably one of the most innovative beauty brands at the moment, with products that are high on efficacy and for the most part accessibly priced. With a portfolio that includes skincare, body care, supplements and now it’s initial foray into colour cosmetics, Deciem has shifted the foundation of the established cosmetics market to challenge its entrenched ways.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation is touted as a medium coverage foundation that is meant to offer an option for those who prefer a light approach to base makeup. Also, the formula is free from alcohol, oil and silicones. I chose the shade 3.1Y, where Y represents yellow-undertones. Each shade is labelled with a letter representing a wide spectrum of undertones, something that more companies should consider for their own future base makeup offerings.

Starting with the scent, this is where The Ordinary Serum Foundation begins to differ from foundations with a higher price point. Yet, the scent is not at all off-putting. On the other hand, the foundation picks up points for the packaging and the pump that ensures the right amount is dispensed each time, allowing you to build up coverage as you desire.

On the skin, it feels very light while spreadability is silky and easy. If using a brush, you have a few seconds to get it in place before it dries, while using a sponge offers the chance to work slower as you press or buff it into the skin. I also tried applying it with my fingers and to me, it’s better to avoid that option.

Once it dries into the skin the finish offers a perfected and slightly glowy skin. If your skin is flaky, it’s quite likely this foundation may still work but you’ll have to test it. In terms of the downsides to this foundation, I had to try a few primers before I found one that was compatible with it. That primer ended up being YSL Top Secrets Instant Moisture Glow. If your skin is normal to combination, you may be able to wear this foundation without a primer. ¬†Oilier skin types can also enjoy this formula because it is so lightweight and oil-free.

One of the major complaints I have with this foundation is oxidation. It definitely darkens on me as the hours tick away, taking away from a formula that starts out with a vibrant effect and finish. Depending on the primer you use, wear time should clock in around six hours which is decent for a foundation at this price point. Also, although I do like the initial look of this foundation on my face, after a few hours I feel that it begins to flatten out my features, as it lacks that skin-mimicking factor of a pricier base.

Ultimately, The Ordinary Serum Foundation is a wallet-friendly, functional base makeup. However, you do need to create your own hacks in order to maximise its overall performance. Spend time preparing your skin to ‘receive’ it and test a few primers until you nail down a compatible one. After applying, use a setting powder or even a product that can be applied on top of makeup to keep it fresh. If you are a foundation aficionado, this is nice to add to your collection but it is unlikely that it would knock your pricier favourites off their pedestals. Thus, finding hacks to go along with using this foundation is hardly a lot to ask for, plus it adds to the fun.

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