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Current Makeup on Repeat with Ellis Faas, Sacha Cosmetics and Chanel

In this post, I’ll be sharing four items that have been at the top of my grab pile lately. Beginning with Ellis Faas Cosmetics, we’ll then turn to Chanel, followed by Sacha Cosmetics, then conclude with Chanel, again.

Emerging around 2007, Ellis Fass gave the beauty world a brand that was so original in concept and execution, that to this day it is still an enigma. For a number of years now I’ve been enthralled with the brand and the concealer and foundation are among the best I’ve ever used.

After some years spent working as a photographer and makeup artist in her native Netherlands and also in the fashion cities of Europe, she created a brand that stands out for all of the right reasons. Of note is Ellis Faas’ premise of Human Colours. In other words, Human Colours is her brand’s concept of a colour palette that is directly inspired by the colours that exist in and on the human body.

This is evidenced by this lip shade from her Hot Lips Collection. Instead of names, each item has a number and in this instance, L401 is a properly vibrant, unapologetic red. Suitable for any season, skin tone and scenario, this is for the person who can’t get enough of a red lip.



Silky-smooth, long-wearing and only tested on humans, this item is a cross between a liquid lipstick and gloss that aspires to be a lipstick. Pigment dense and hydrating, just be careful to check your teeth after applying it. In terms of longevity, this mostly makes it through a meal but you’ll have to re-apply. Otherwise, expect close to five hours of wear and as always, a smooth canvas makes for better wear.


Now to Chanel. This brand needs no introduction and their offerings seldom fail to impress me. I was looking for a lighter formula lippy for the warmer months and for a while I couldn’t decide between the Rouge Coco Stylo or the Rouge Coco Shine. Ultimately, I chose Rouge Coco Stylo because other users have said that wear time is better than the latter. I chose the shade ‘Message’ because to my eyes, it’s the kind of colour punch that works especially well this time of year.

Packed with oils of coconut and jojoba, along with extract of Apple Seeds, this is the for the person who’s not a gloss lover but still wants something that is as easy to use. This can be swiped on without a lip pencil, whilst the colour payoff is superb. The best part is that it leaves a bit of a stain so it doesn’t do a total disappearing act as time goes by.

Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo also has a mild floral scent to it. Colour payoff with this is brilliant as it delivers an even, smooth shine to the lips. There are several gorgeous shades to choose from and it can also replace any other tinted lip balm you already own. If lipstick is not your preference, this is an exceptional alternative.

My powder collection is always in a growing phase and this one from Sacha is the newest addition. Made in the Caribbean island of Trinidad, a couple of years ago I was stunned to see it being used by vloggers on YouTube. It’s now ranked as the top-selling powder on Amazon, a fact that I am by turns baffled and pleased with.

Whilst on a visit to Trinidad, my mother joined me on a quick jaunt to the Sacha store, and I was again bowled over. The SA’s were welcoming and well informed, while the space was modern, bright and inviting. Sacha Buttercup Setting powder can be compared to the Ben Nye Banana Powder in concept but the performance is different. I have the Ben Nye in my collection but I rarely reach for it. On me, the Sacha slips into the skin easier than Ben Nye and also does not leave me with a slight cast on the skin. Also, on my skin the Sacha photographs better than Ben Nye. Applied with a big brush, I prefer to use Sacha Buttercup Setting powder at specific points such as at the sides of my eyes and at the top of my cheekbones.  It’s a good powder to have, especially if you’re out for a big occasion and your makeup needs to remain in place.

The blushes from Chanel have been widely lauded and adored. The shades are superb and there is something for even the most reluctant blush wearer. Admittedly, this is another instance where I am always open to more, as one can never have too many of these beauties. Pictured is Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush in Alezane. This is the perfect blend of dusty rose, copper and just a smattering of gold flecks that are balanced and adds to the beauty of the shade.


Alezane can be a perfect match for several complexions, especially as it can be applied lightly or intensified. Suitable for any season, reach for this blush for an instant hit of brightening. Whether you’re a nightclub regular, a cubicle darling or a frequent waterside fixture, this is a definitive blush that has plenty of what I like to refer to as ‘hit-pan potential’. It’s that good and wear time lasts just about as long you need it to. I’m convinced that if I slept with this blush on, it would be there when I woke up. Held close to the nose, it possesses the typical Chanel scent, something I look forward to and enjoy.

The items I reach for change frequently depending on the state of my skin, the weather and the level of maquillage drama I’m in the mood for. With my mother’s voice ever present in my head, where she consistently advocates for at least filling in one’s eyebrows even if you’re just out to pick up two things at the market, it’s hard to silence. This then is the other end of the spectrum. Happy mediums and all.


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