Well Heeled in Sisley Soir de Lune

It was last year, while working my way through the products included in the Sisley-Paris monthly subscription, that I first encountered the scent that is Soir de Lune (Midnight Moon). That sample was for the body lotion, a lush, beautifully formulated and long-lasting iteration of this scent. I was so mesmerised by it, that once I used it up, I promised myself that I would get my hands on a full size. Admittedly, I didn’t give much thought to the actual fragrance that inspired the lotion, but once I began to follow the trail, I was Alice and Soir de Lune was the wonderland.

Sisley-Paris Soir de Lune was launched in 2006. Created by perfumer Dominique Ropion, under the auspices of Countess Isabelle d’Ornano, co-founder of Sisley Paris, the fragrance is characterised as a rose-chypre. Top notes include mandarin, lemon, capsicum, nutmeg and coriander, while heart notes include mimosa, rose, lily of the valley and peach. The fragrance is rounded out with notes of musk, sandalwood, moss, honey and patchouli.

This is a fragrance that beckons the wearer to trot it out for the evening. However, non-conformists will want to wear this whenever the mood strikes. It is lush, musky yet feminine, floral and perfectly rounded. None of the notes in this scent spike up to startle the wearer, a feat of the expert formulation. This can be attributed to Dominique Ropion’s mastery as an innovative perfumer. Monsieur Ropion is responsible for many riveting and industry shaking fragrances such as Carnal Flower for Frederic Malle

With Sisley-Paris Soir de Lune, just a small spritz is needed. It is magical on the skin, long lasting and evocative of ladies who are well-heeled, enigmatic and bohemian. The composition is sensual, combining florals and musk with sub-notes that veer slightly sweet yet warm and mildly citrusy. As the hours tick away, it evolves to surprise, amuse, beckon and seduce. It swirls around the wearer perfectly while never being too much.

Added to the intrigue of this fragrance is the design of the bottle, especially the cap. Designed by Polish sculptor/artist Bronislaw Krzystof it is fit for the avid flacon collector. Mr. Krzysztof’s rise as an artist has been steady and meteoric. The precision and uniqueness of his work places him in rarefied air, thus it is no surprise that he has continued to design flacons for Sisley-Paris’ fragrances.

Interestingly, the matching body lotion can stand in for the fragrance. To date, it is the only body lotion I have used that actually remains on the skin throughout the day. Wearing it makes me feel reinvigorated and ‘dressed’, while the texture is deeply hydrating without being sticky or slippery. Naturally, wearing both the lotion and the fragrance together is the equivalent of divine pleasure, something I think everyone requires.

If Sisley-Paris is a brand you’ve only wondered about without committing, their fragrances are a good place to begin your initiation. With a product portfolio that includes excellent plant-based skin care along with innovative colour cosmetics, it is a gem in the European beauty market. As a solid heritage brand that has managed to tightly control their Research and Development, that places them in a unique position. Thus, for the consumer, this translates into a plethora of superb offerings that are unlikely to disappoint.



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    I’m in awe at the journey you took me on about your indulgences,I intend to continue to follow your knowledgeable advice.

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