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Glow Up with Darphin Shimmering Oil, Jouviance Eye Serum and Frezyderm SPF 50

Frezyderm SPF 50, Darphin Shimmering Oil and Jouviance Eye Serum

I’m going straight to the videotape in this post as it’s a round-up of three products that have been front and centre this season. Starting with a shimmering body oil from the French brand Darphin, a must for a Riviera style glow, to a sunscreen from Greek brand Frezyderm, then rounding up with an eye serum from Jouviance, a Canadian brand.

Darphin Soleil Plaisir Sultry Shimmering Oil

In warmer weather, my intention is always to ensure that my legs and arms look smooth and have the right level of glow. I’m not into the overly sparkly bronze look, so this oil from Darphin was quite the find as it provides hydration and a subtle sheen. Formulated with the oils of sunflower, safflower, sesame seed, almond and sacha inchi seed oil, this is hydration perfection. Sacha Inchi (Plukenetia Volubilis Linneo) oil is derived from the seeds of its plant. It turns out that the oils of this plant beat out many other oils due to the levels of nutrients in it. Native to the Peruvian Amazon, the oils of the Sacha Inchi plant are high in omegas, has no cholesterol, can be used to supplement protein intake and also contains vitamin A and E. I think Sacha Inchi oil is about to knock some of the other well-known ones off of their pedestals as it’s beginning to gain industry steam.

Darphin Shimmer Oil
Darphin Soleil Plaisir Sultry Shimmering Oil

Darphin Soleil Plaisir Sultry Shimmering Oil has a subtle, warm scent that can eliminate the need for an additional fragrance if you’re not in the mood for one or not interested in one. That’s not to say it’s highly scented but it is enough. Upon application to the skin, it dries down quickly, leaving no sticky residues in its wake. A hint of shimmer is also perceptible on the skin once the oil absorbs but I promise you, it’s not costume level shimmer. My skin always remains supple and smooth with a subtle glow throughout the day, whilst the formula never becomes oily or unpleasant on the skin even in intense, direct sunlight. So, if you’re on the coast or poolside or outdoors for extended periods, this helps in fulfilling the glow goddess fantasies you never knew you had. The only downside to Darphin’s Shimmering Oil is that it does not contain SPF. I’ve layered it on top of my body sunscreen and it still maintains its texture.

Frezyderm Sun Screen Velvet Second Skin SPF50

In keeping with sun protection, Frezyderm SunScreen Velvet Second Skin SPF50 is quite a standout product. Frezyderm is a Greek company that was established in 1986. Since then, it has gone on to expand its reach across several markets across Canada and Europe among others. Their sunscreens, in particular, are a favourite among many British beauty editors and of course, Frezyderm has to adhere to the stringent cosmetic product charters set out by the European Union.

Frezyderm Second Skin
Frezyderm Sun Screen Second Skin SPF50

As a result of those stringent guidelines and because Frezyderm has its own Research and Development facilities, their sunscreens are impeccably formulated and effective. Starting with the texture, this is exactly as the name indicates. I’ve used some of the best rated sunscreens on the market, from French brands to Japanese brands and some others in between. Yet Frezyderm’s sunscreen is to me, a clear standout. Let’s start with the packaging. Nothing is exposed to the air until the cap is twisted into the ‘open’ position. Then, the product has to be pumped out, thereby reducing waste and allowing one to control how much product is dispensed.

Once on the skin, the texture is indeed velvety soft, transparent, free from chalkiness and strong, off-putting scents. I prefer to press this into my face and décolleté as opposed to rubbing it in. Also, when you go to apply sunscreen to the face, ensure that your ‘face’ includes the back of the neck, behind the ears along with the ears themselves and your décolleté. This is an exceedingly elegant formula that goes right into the skin, leaving a smooth almost filter-like effect, the way a good makeup primer would. It plays very well when layered over other skin care products and does not destroy foundation and powder if you’re wearing them. Even in high temperatures, I wear makeup and this has indeed helped to keep me from sweating everything off and from burning. Water resistant, mattifying and sebum reducing, this sunscreen offers up to six hours of a matte finish, plus the formula remains stable in water and during perspiration. It’s also a good choice if you have any scarring on the face or if you’re very sun-sensitive. Until I come across another sunscreen that exceeds the performance of this one, this is where I’ve placed my loyalties.

Jouviance Revive Invigorating Eye Serum

Of all the facial features, the eyes require a great deal of care. Whether it’s because of aging, genetics, lifestyle, sun exposure or allergies, our eyes give so much away. I raise my hand and admit that I am always in search of products that would brighten, hydrate and smooth my eye contour. In one of my searches, I came across Jouviance, a Canadian dermo-cosmetics brand that offers the full spectrum of skin care products that include anti-aging. I could have chosen several well-known options but I wanted to go with a brand that was proven, niche and helmed by dermatologists and biochemists.

Jouviance Eye Serum
Jouviance Revive Invigorating Eye Serum

Thus, Jouviance Revive Invigorating Eye Serum claims to increase microcirculation around the eye contour, diminish the look of fatigue, stress, puffiness and dark circles. I’ve been using this for a couple of months now and I have noticed an increase in the evenness of the skin, along with brightening and smoothing out of my lines. It also imparts an instant tightening effect and dries down quickly, providing the perfect base for eye makeup primer. Additionally, wearing just this with the various concealers I use, has always proved to be a perfect pairing. The texture is light, smooth and dries to leave a beautifully enhanced appearance on the eye contour. With a formula that includes caffeine, grapeseed oil and oat kernel extract, this is a straightforward product that enhances the overall appearance of the eye contour when it is used consistently. I haven’t been using any other eye creams since I began using this, so the results I’ve experienced are indeed attributable to this serum.

To round up, it’s always a pleasure to use products that were created for the right reasons. I’m not in blogging to only focus on products that have million dollar marketing campaigns behind them, as that would be a waste of my time and a disservice to you, my dear reader. Thus, these three items are solid in their ingredients, formulation and efficacy. If you ever have the pleasure of using them, do drop a line and share your thoughts.


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