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Empties-7 Skincare Items I’m Saying Goodbye To

Empties Skincare

This is my first empties post and it comes with a good feeling. Beauty products, cosmetics, skincare or however you’d like to phrase it all have one thing in common, they are not cheap. With each purchase I make, I do so with the intention of finishing the item and will only toss something if I have a truly terrible reaction to it. While it’s easier to finish skincare items, the truth is that makeup is harder to finish, especially because of new launches, expiry dates and mood. Yes, I would wager that most makeup wearers have makeup moods, where you keep reaching for the same three items while the other items in your stash beg for attention. Since I’ve already done blog posts about some of the items, I’ll drop in links so that you can have a read through of the scores I gave them. That said, here are the empties that are about to meet their match in the cosmetic afterlife.

Oskia Get up and Glow Radiance and Energy Booster is a super serum that energises your skin. Excellent as a makeup base, this smoothes skin and brings the glow. I don’t hide fatigue very well, so this serum blasts through the tell-tale signs, softens lines and combats dullness. I loved using this on its own and as part of prepping my skin for the day. It’s a solid repurchase item, made by a British brand that uses superb ingredients and boasts a slew of award-winning products. Expect to see this in future empties posts.

Oskia Get Up and Glow
Oskia Get Up and Glow Radiance and Energy Booster

Romilly Wilde Light+Enery Serum Cleanser. Another innovative brand hailing from the UK, this is one of the best cleansers I have used thus far. Part cleansing oil, this emulsion turns makeup into a smear fest when applied directly to a made up face, making removal as easy as can be. It even breaks down mascara including waterproof formulas. A serum-cleanser combination, this can also be left on as a mask that rinses away to leave skin looking bright, smooth and supple. Formulated with a slew of herbs and non-irritating oils, this is such an innovative skincare item. It is especially good for dry and mature skin, although all skin types can enjoy it. It lasts a very long time as not much is needed to thoroughly cleanse the face. With a herbal scent that is not off-putting, this is the cleanser to reach for when you want to quickly and thoroughly clean everything away. After I had been using Romilly Wilde Light+Energy Serum Cleanser for a while, I did a blog post that you can check out whenever next you’re in the market for a brilliant and cutting-edge serum-cleanser.

Romilly Wilde Cleanser
Romilly Wilde Light+Energy Serum Cleanser

I’ve had Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask for more than a year now, hence the reason I have to see it off. But it was a pleasure learning it and using it. I say learn, because some products require a bit of time to understand, know and see results. While masks are meant to be straightforward, at times I’ve found that my skin needs time to really respond. This is a clay-based mask that also includes oils and flower extracts. It can be tailored to use based on what your plans are on the day you use it, so it’s good if you have a big occasion or a big meeting where you need to impress. Honestly, this mask is not a re-purchase for me, simply because I prefer cream masks that are higher on anti-aging ingredients and are formulated specifically for drier skin types.

Charlotte Tilbury Clay Mask
Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask

Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant is French skincare perfection. This is a mask for the over-informed, discerning skincare devotee who approaches her skincare routine like she’s preparing a PhD thesis. Biologique Recherche’s skin care is regarded as being Rolls-Royce level and has the hefty price tag to match. Up to the time of this writing, Biologique Recherche has not one sheet mask to be counted in their product portfolio. Personally, as much as I think sheet masks can be convenient and fun, I’m a traditionalist who really prefers my masks to come in tubes or jars. That said, Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant is exactly what is needed for skin that needs to be invigorated, refined, brightened, lifted and balanced. Admittedly, it does not smell very pleasant but the results are worth it. Is it on my re-purchase list? Absolutely.

Biologique Recherche Mask
Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant

Fermented skincare has been making its way into the Westernised skincare consciousness and dialogue. Su:m 37 Time Energy Skin Resetting Moist Firming Cream uses ingredients that are fermented, meaning the ingredients ‘marinate’ a bit longer before the product is made. There’s quite a bit that has been written about fermented skincare and it’s worth it to do some reading if you’re inclined. Otherwise, Su:m 37 is a South Korean brand that uses only pure ingredients and eliminates fragrances and artificial preservatives from their products. This cream really is one of the best K-Beauty items I’ve come across. My skin loved every bit of this and each day, I woke up to clear, smooth, plump skin. With a crisp scent, this cream also always felt cool when I applied it, adding to the pleasure of using it. If you’re still hesitant about K-Beauty, this brand, Su:m 37, is serious skincare that works and is a good place to start if you ever decide to give K-Beauty a try.

Su:m 37 Firming Cream
Su:m 37 Time Energy Skin Resetting Moist Firming Cream

I bought Eve Lom Flawless Radiance Primer when I was in the market for a primer for adults. Simply put, I wanted a primer that would not flatten out my features and make my skin look like I had applied a thin coat of cement. Instead, I was seeking a primer that would give radiance, blur or lessen the appearance of fatigue, fill lines a bit and make my makeup blend well with my skin. After plenty of reading, I settled on Eve Lom Flawless Radiance Primer and was very pleased with it. My one regret is that I didn’t quite finish it because I like to maintain a ‘makeup primer wardrobe’, which means I usually have a few primers on rotation. It appears that this version is no longer being made but I found a newer formula that contains SPF and I’ve linked it above. Otherwise, I kept using it past the suggested timeframe (please don’t do that) but it’s time to thank it and send it on its way.

Eve Lom Primer
Eve Lom Flawless Radiance Primer

The last item in the group is one I covered not long ago in my Parisienne skincare post. Embryolisse Artist Secret Radiant Eye is a little eye product that is also cooling when applied to the skin. It is especially nifty to toss into your handbag and apply whenever your eyes feel dry or need some smoothing out. While this is not a typical eye cream, it comes in a twist-up stick and is quite user-friendly. Simply apply where needed and it will not dislodge your existing eye products. When preparing to apply makeup, you can layer this over your usual eye cream or use it on its own. Also, this eye-stick is a makeup artist favourite as it includes aloe vera and can be stored in the fridge. I’m already on another tube because it’s that effective and lasts a while. Toss it in your cosmetics pouch for your next flight and smooth it around your eyes right before you land. Your eyes will thank you and will look refreshed.

Embryolisse Eye Artist Secret
Embryolisse Radiant Eye Artist Secret

So there it is. Seven skincare empties that have served my skin well. Knowing that you’ve used up your products imparts a good feeling because it means you didn’t willingly throw your money away. If the products were excellent and performed as indicated by the brand, then you’ve gotten the maximum return on your investment. Check in again soon as makeup empties will soon be following this post.



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    Haha, indeed it is so highly innovative and effective. I’m looking forward to more people becoming aware of it and maybe, it may add to our expectations from cleansers overall..

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