Snap, Crack and Glow with the Instagram ready Hanacure Mask

There’s nothing I love better than a cosmetic face mask that delivers on results and acts as an effective add-on to a well thought out skin care routine. I usually don’t succumb to internet and Instagram trends but in this instance, the hype surrounding this Hanacure mask was a bit too much for me to ignore. I had to wait a couple weeks to receive this mask after I placed the order, as it is often sold out, a testament to its popularity.


The Hanacure mask is touted as ‘The All-in-One Facial’. Made in South Korea, the formula contains a combination of botanicals such as lotus leaf extract, green tea extract, honey suckle flower extract along with peony root extract. The formula also contains peptides such as copper tripeptide and nicotinol dipeptide-22, which help with pigmentation. Inspired by the lotus flower and its ability to grow and bloom in less than stellar conditions, this mask is meant to be the eradicator of impurities in order to make way for a brightened, lifted and refined skin.

Using the Hanacure mask requires a clean, dry face. The box contains a lifting serum, a gelling solution and a brush, along with an instruction booklet. Avoiding the eye contour, the mask is meant to be worn for thirty minutes, in which time the face gradually tightens until the mask begins to crack a bit.

Hanacure package elements

After I rinsed it away, I was quite riveted by the way my skin appeared and felt. My face felt significantly tighter, my skin was bright, even, clear, and my fine lines were softened. Overall, I looked as close to brand new as I had in eons. After the mask has been mixed up, I found it to be just enough to share with another person, if they apply it thinly. It should be noted that once the mask has been mixed, it must all be used that day. Later on, when I applied makeup, I also noticed that makeup went on much easier and more evenly.

Here’s the thing though, the company advocates for using this mask once or twice per week, but at $29USD for a single use and $110USD for a set of four masks, this is quite costly. Naturally, the full benefits of this mask can only happen with ongoing use, but for a comparable price, one can access numerous mask options that come with many more applications per container.

Thus, the Hanacure mask is excellent if you are a bride to be, a member of a wedding party, or for any other major occasion where you want your skin to look its absolute best. Alternatively, it’s also an excellent option if you’re looking to do an at-home spa day, as the cost of the mask will be less.

As to the downsides of this mask apart from the cost, the next day my skin still looked visibly brighter but the tightened effect was long gone. Apart from that, I could not detect any other lingering benefits that would make me be in a hurry to re-purchase, unless I have a really big, splashy event to attend. There are always, always alternatives, do your research or simply seek dupes.

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