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Ioma-Paris Youth Pearl Essence Serum-Here Comes Brighter Skin

Ioma-Paris Essence

Ioma-Paris Youth Pearl Essence Serum is part of a niche French skincare brand I first encountered some years ago but never bought into. Fast forward to now and my search for a correcting serum that would brighten, fade spots and further refine the texture of my 40- plus dry skin. I wanted a product that was not terribly heavy and would not take ages to absorb. And so, settling on Ioma-Paris after a lengthy search is where this testimony takes off. Ioma-Paris made its way into the beauty fray in 2010, born out of the vision of Dr. Jean-Michel Karam, an esteemed scientist who has created impressive technologies used in industries such as medicine and aeronautics. Dr. Karam took some of those technologies and built on them to create evidence-based skincare. The evidence happens because Ioma-Paris uses skin imaging technology to look at the skin and thereafter create a bespoke treatment charter for the user. Skin imaging gadgets have made their way onto many beauty sales floors for many brands, but Ioma-Paris sets itself apart because their imaging technologies were created by them, as part of the brand.

Ioma-Paris Pearl Serum
Ioma-Paris Youth Pearl Essence Serum

While the imaging technology is not part of the Ioma-Paris sales website, purchases are prefaced with a series of questions about your skin. Then, your responses generate product suggestions which I feel, make your purchase a more targeted one. The serum that was suggested, Ioma-Paris Youth Pearl Essence Serum has encapsulated ingredients that are only released once I pump the product out. Encapsulation ensures that the ingredients remain stable and effective. Even the bottle the serum is in has a pump, further ensuring freshness. Ioma-Paris Youth Pearl Essence Serum is formulated with the following:

White Edelweiss Extract

Vitamin B3

Vitamin C

Matrixyl Synthe 6

And a cocktail of hyaluronic acid, pentavitin and hydrasome.

In the photograph below, you’ll see where I am with the product which I’ve had for about three months now and have been using consistently. At first, I wasn’t sure about the product, it was the height of summer and my skin has a tendency to become more sensitised and reactive then. So I stopped using the serum for about a week and a half and then returned to it.

Ioma-Paris Pearl Serum
Ioma-Paris Youth Pear Essence Serum

The texture of this serum is smooth, light, and fast absorbing. With its pearly appearance when pumped out and a hint of a scent, it is quite the sensorial experience. Ioma-Paris Youth Pearl Essence Serum is meant to be a spot reducer and wrinkle reducer. It also works to even one’s skin tone and to strengthen the cutaneous barrier, a top layer of the skin. Think of the barrier like a brick wall. Therefore, this brick wall (cutaneous barrier) helps to keep environmental baddies at bay or away. As we age and hit that magic/annoying number 40, the strength of that barrier begins to decrease, thereby leading to increased dryness of the skin. And so, this serum also works to hydrate the skin, however it didn’t quite increase my skin’s hydration. Apart from that, another plus is that Ioma-Paris does not use silicones, parabens or mineral oils in their formulas.

This serum is recommended to be used twice per day but I only reach for it at day’s end and so after cleansing, it constitutes the whole of my nighttime routine. I did this deliberately so that any results I obtained would be organic and not influenced by doing a multi-step routine.

In a recent Instagram post, I stated that big bang, outlandish claims from skincare are not important to me because our skin knows what it needs to do minute by minute and hour by hour. Adding well-chosen products to one’s routine requires time, research, faith and money. And so I go out of my way to make informed purchases that most times work out. Plus, skin needs time to respond to new products, especially as one gets older. So, Ioma-Paris Youth Pearl Essence Serum is for the individual who is comfortable with playing the long game. This means that you won’t wake up the next day with a new face, but with consistent use and patience, eventually, one fine day you will wake up and have a eureka moment, where you’ll notice something has happened, that something is happening. For me, it was a smoother, brighter skin, a reduction in the number of occasional spots and a softening of my nasolabial folds aka puppet lines or lines at the side of the mouth. When applying the serum I concentrate my application in that twilight zone area I mentioned and also on those puppet lines.

Ioma-Paris Pearl Serum
Ioma-Paris Youth Pearl Essence Serum

I’ll say it again, there are a multitude of skincare brands on the market, seemingly a new one every Monday morning as my mother would say. Wild claims abound, but it is up to the consumer. As an added incentive, Ioma-Paris includes a unique code inside of their packaging so that one is able to tap into a loyalty rewards programme/program. I’ll be keeping the box because I plan to dive back into the brand. Cheers to the long game and strengthened, brightened skin.

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