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November 22, 2017

Buildable Base-Guerlain Parure Gold and Lingerie de Peau Foundation


It’s an unending search isn’t it, looking for a buildable foundation that works well with your skin, adjusts to your skin’s moods, temperature changes and simply delivers each time you wear it. Whether it’s buildable, light-weight, satin, full-coverage, glowy or blendable, one of these words describe what you’d want a foundation/base to be. Guerlain, apart from being an industry stalwart for fragrances for more than a century, also produce excellent makeup which includes some of the best foundations on the market. And so, here are my thoughts on two foundations from Guerlain; Parure Gold and Lingerie de Peau.

Guerlain Foundation

Guerlain Parure Gold Fluid Foundation, a buildable, medium coverage foundation, made quite a splash when it first appeared several years ago. Then in 2016 after reformulation, it re-entered the market to much acclaim. Parure Gold is formulated with dual-sided spheres that are meant to smooth skin and soften imperfections and also has SPF 30. When I first used this I really was amazed by how smooth the texture is along with the ease with which it blended into my skin.

Guerlain Foundation

Housed in an elegant black bottle topped by a flat gold face with the Guerlain emblem, it is the epitomy of chic. Yet, a downside to this pump bottle is not being able to see how much product is inside. In terms of scent, there are mild floral notes that are detectable only when held to the nose. I’ve worn this foundation with a multitude of primers including Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonder Glow, YSL Instant Moisture Glow, Charlotte’s Magic Cream and with Eve Lom’s Flawless Radiance Primer with varying levels of success. I’ve just purchased Guerlain Abeille Royale Treatment Oil to use as a makeup primer and as the last product in my nighttime routine. Thus, pairing Guerlain Parure Gold foundation with the Abeille Royale Treatment Oil has resulted in the best finish I’ve ever gotten and the longest wear time that clocks in at around seven hours without oxidising. Regrettably, Guerlain Parure Gold only comes in eight shades, whereas Lingerie de Peau comes in fourteen shades.

Guerlain Foundation

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Foundation, is a new generation, silicone-based, buildable, light formula that is infused with plenty of little tricks that are meant to make skin look like skin while you’re wearing it. Loosely translated to mean ‘lingerie for the skin’, it really does check that box. Lingerie de Peau is an excellent choice for the person who is afraid of foundation but still needs something to perfect the skin. This formula also contains ‘hydrating agents’, a truth I can attest to because it never made my dry skin crack or develop flakes while I was wearing it.

Guerlain Foundation

Like Parure Gold, it contains a hint of a floral scent that is not overbearing. In real life, this foundation spreads very easily on the skin, is buildable and extremely easy to apply whether you use a sponge, your fingers or a brush. It also brightens the skin as well and leaves a bit of a glow, at first. Where this foundation lost me though, is when it oxidised somewhat on me and I felt that it also did something odd on my skin where it started to flatten out my features. It started out luminous and glowy but by midday, I was not happy with what it was doing on my skin. Let me be clear, this foundation has many, many fans and on average it has excellent reviews. But for some reason, on my skin, it simply didn’t behave the way I expected it to.

Guerlain Foundation

Guerlain Foundation

Who Won?

Oddly enough, for me the horse with the clearest lead for my skin is Guerlain Parure Gold. Although Parure Gold lost points for not being as skin-like as Lingerie de Peau, I felt that it held up better during the day and also imparts the subtlest glow that is in no way detectable from outer space. Parure Gold really did not change dramatically as the hours ticked away and if you’re looking to build a foundation wardrobe, Parure Gold holds its own as your big event/going out foundation. For evening events, it doesn’t matter that Parure Gold has SPF 30, as lighting can also damage the skin so the SPF offers a level of protection and happily, it does not flashback in photographs.


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