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Glow Every Day-Charlotte’s Magic Cream and Wonder Glow

Charlotte's Magic Cream

Glow alert! But it’s not what you think. Overindulged, dry, dehydrated, stressed, dull, tired or hungover skin? If any of these describe your current skin situation, here are two products to consider to get your skin out of the doldrums and back into the glow. Charlotte Tilbury, a British makeup artist with many years of experience that includes working with major names such as Tom Ford, introduced her own makeup line in 2014. Since then, her products, which include skincare has shaken up the beauty world and attained cult status in a short time. Two of her standout products are Charlotte’s Magic Cream and Wonder Glow.

Charlotte's Wonder Glow

Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonderglow is a primer first, but it also works as a highlighter for those who can’t deal with the megawatt, visible from space options out there. This is a soft focus glow elixir that is also part moisturiser and part illuminator that can safely be worn to the office, to do the school run, to a big meeting, on a date or on your wedding day. If you have fine lines that could use softening, this is your ally. But here’s the thing, after my first time using Wonder Glow I was not initially riveted. I should say that many products have a bit of a learning curve and that variations in skin, changes in the environment, hormones, lifestyle and other triggers count towards how a product behaves. I’m happy to report that now I’m able to rely on this, especially during the colder, drier months. I especially like it on the bone at the side of the eye (the orbital bone which is actually a circle that encases all of the eye’s nerves, muscles etc) and a tiny, tiny bit on the upper bridge of the nose. To apply it, I use a sponge or a small semi-soft brush. With a brush, I can put it exactly where I want it, whereas with a sponge I can cover more skin faster. This can be also be worn alone or cocktailed with foundation or moisturiser for an even softer, more sheer, diffused glow.

Charlotte's Wonder Glow

Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow has mica, camellia oil, titanium dioxide and aloe juice in the formula. It blurs imperfections through its innovative formula that uses ‘soft ceramic microspheres and fluorescent core light diffusers’, according to Charlotte Tilbury’s website. By the way, mica, taken from The Latin word ‘Micare’, translates to the word ‘shine’. A mineral known to the Aztecs, Romans, Greeks and Egyptians, and found in cave markings, mica has been in use for eons. In the cosmetics industry, the number of products containing mica are innumerable. In its unrefined form, mica is translucent and is a boon for cosmetic formulations because of it natural shimmery appearance.

Everyone is in hot pursuit of that ‘healthy glow’, to appear as if one is ‘lit from within’. Cue Sir Isaac Newton’s pioneering work in optics for opening the door to so much of what is known about the behaviour of light. In making a good highlighter, some of that knowledge is indeed at play, coupled with what the creator of the product believes will sell. I am sold. My cabinet is a testament to that.

Charlotte's Magic Cream

Charlotte’s Magic Cream

Allow me to preface this by saying this is my second jar of Charlotte’s Magic Cream. Texturally similar to Pond’s Cold Cream, this is a proper cream that offers an indulgent, sensorial experience. Available in two sizes, it will last you a full year or more.

Charlotte’s Magic Cream is mildly fragranced and can stand reliably in place of a conventional primer. It provides a smooth base on which to apply foundation and any other liquid or heavy cream illuminators. On a bare face, it brings life to the skin and kicks through signs of fatigue. Once the weather is warmer, I use this cream only on the outer parts of my orbital bone to add light around my eyes and very scantily at the top of my cheekbones. If you have fine lines or dry patches, this cream will blur and brighten the skin. It feels heavy between the fingers, which may sound scary, but once it is pressed into the skin it absorbs easily without leaving any residue.


Charlotte's Magic CreamCharlotte’s Magic Cream can also be used at night as the last or only product you put on. Plus, it also makes an ideal candidate when doing a deep facial massage. On my dry skin, it delivers the perfect amount of hydration and has never made me break out. For acne-prone skin or skin with large pores, I’d recommend a sample first before committing to the full-size product. The formula includes a number of humectants such as glycerine (to draw water to the outer layer of the skin), shea butter, camellia oil and sunflower seed oil. It also contains a patented Bio-Nymph Peptide Complex, along with sodium hyaluronate, an ingredient similar to hyaluronic acid (HA).

Charlotte Tilbury’s brand is indeed a brand for the person who seeks out and truly appreciates the combination of appealing aesthetics, efficacy, pioneering technologies and value, as these products last a very long time so the up-front costs level out with each use.


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