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Lipsticks That Won The Year


When it comes to lipsticks or any other lip balm, lip gloss or lip shine, if your hunt for the perfect one has definitively ended and you’ll never entertain thoughts about trying anything else, I salute you. I doubt that day would ever come for me because there’s always another brilliant thing on the horizon.


And so in the spirit of being a dedicated hunter of lipsticks and all of their friends, as promised, here’s the post detailing the lipstick/lippy finds that really shone in the past year with swatches if you scroll down. On the other hand, if skincare is more your tune, the post detailing the year’s best finds can be seen here.


Dior Addict Lip Glow in Berry

What more can be said about this colour enhancing lip glow that can be worn with minimal makeup, as a topper for your lipstick or simply as a balm for dry lips? Superb formulation, long wearing and with instant gratification in terms of how quickly it can take your lips from feeling parched to hydrated, this is worth it especially as a ‘hallmark’, go everywhere lip product in your arsenal. If you haven’t tried it yet, run to the store or click as quickly as you can. You may also see more about Dior’s Dior Addict Lip Glow in a post I’ve written here.


Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo in Message

I wrote about Chanel’s Rouge Coco Stylo in Message back at the start of the Spring here. Using this was an incredibly pleasant surprise as I was somehow always reluctant to use this because my beliefs are firmer in lipstick. Yet, this product truly came out of nowhere to make me a convert to Chanel’s Stylos. Chanel’s Rouge Coco Stylo, which comes in eleven shades, is ideal for those who prefer the ease of use of a lip gloss or balm. Rouge Stylo wears well and even after a meal or beverage, it is never completely gone as it leaves an attractive stain on the lips. The best part is that you don’t need a lipliner and it can be applied without a mirror if need be.


Guerlain Rouge G De Guerlain in Gracia 

If a museum of lipstick were to ever be created, Guerlain’s lipsticks would be front and centre. For a brand that has been in the cosmetics business for more than one hundred years, one would expect nothing less from their formulas and this lipstick in Gracia delivers all the way. Gracia is more than the colour you see when looking at the tube, as it does magical things when applied. The longevity of Gracia is also exceptional and because the shade is in the neutral family, it can easily fit in with any scenario in your life, including a run to the market. If your skin tone is on the deeper side, this can easily be your ultimate nude lipstick, while lighter skin tones will find it an easy go to that compliments the lips. Extremely hydrating and a great choice that can balance a smoky eye, this is the every person lipstick shade that can go from early morning to late night without skipping a beat.


Dior Rouge Dior Limited Edition Lipstick in Eccentric

Another neutral lipstick that completely took me by surprise by how it applies, how it looks and how it feels is Dior’s Lipstick in Eccentric. One of my most pleasant lipstick surprises in the past year that I wrote about here, this is a special treat for those who love a natural yet impactful look. This long-wearing, hydrating gem is like that piece of clothing that you think would never look good on you, but once you try it on, you fall in love quickly and deeply.


Pat Mc Grath MatteTrance™ Lipstick in Elson

In terms of new beauty releases for the past year, this was a colossal one. I signed up for notification emails once the option became available and happily made my purchase during the pre-sale. My goodness, to me this is one of the best red lipsticks ever, plus the awards it has since won attests to that. Elson is a blue-based matte red lipstick that is everything a well-formulated red should be. No patchiness, no skidding during application and especially perfect for the most swanky occasions, this is a movie-star, red-carpet, editorial worthy lipstick. I dedicated a full post to Pat McGrath’s Elson here, otherwise, everything about this lipstick including the unique packaging makes it a strong contender for the lipstick hall of fame.


Chanel Numéros Rouge Collection Lipstick in No.1

If ever there’s been a disruptor in the beauty universe, Lucia Pica, Chanel’s Global Creative Makeup and Colour Designer is indeed that person. Since taking the helm of Chanel’s makeup arm, the house has been trotting out some of the most exciting, risky and avant-garde collections, daring the consumer to stretch their thoughts and perceptions about what is expected. Even now as I write this, Chanel’s Spring makeup collections have already popped up online as bold and bright as ever and naturally, I’m riveted. But in terms of the past year’s holiday collection, the lipsticks had the strongest hold on me, especially No.1. Seeing it first online made me think of the red lipsticks of the 80’s, then when I tried them in store, they were even better with No.1 looking the best against my skin tone. I shared my adoration for the lipstick here, and have been so overzealous in using it that I’ve broken the bullet so now I can only use it with a lip brush. Sigh…


And so, that takes care of the lipsticks and lippies that roared forward for me in the past year. If any of them are already in your arsenal, do share in the comments below and if not, I hope at least one of them excites you enough to wade in.

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