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Makeup To Wake Up To : 6 Items I’m Currently Enjoying

By Terry Compact Expert Dual Powder

Spring makeup launches are coming up quite pink this year.  And so while I figure out how I feel about that, I’m choosing to share six makeup items I’ve added to my collection lately that are more on the classic side, which is ultimately what matters. Or does it? Then again, I do have one item out of the six that is properly part of a Spring makeup launch and of course, it may just be the subversive choice.

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipgloss Aphrodite

That item is the Rouge Coco lipgloss in Aphrodite from Chanel’s Neapolis (New City) Collection. Inspired by Naples, the city in which Chanel’s Global Creative Makeup and Colour Designer Lucia Pica grew up in, the collection is to me thus far, a definite standout in the Spring/Summer makeup launches. With brilliant reds, yellows, blues and greens, the collection pushes the boat out to contrast typical spring launches.

Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss Aphrodite

At the end of last year when photographs of Chanel’s Neapolis collection started to surface, I immediately decided that I had to get the lipgloss in Aphrodite. By simply looking at it, you’d think it would be sea blue on your lips but it’s the opposite. Aphrodite is a cooling, transparent gloss that’s best used as a topper on another lippy or on its own. Aphrodite needs to be in your Spring and Summer beach or getaway bag for when you need a quick hit of lasting lip hydration or to top up the colour of whatever else is already on your lips. Be prepared for questions when you go to use it, as the vibrant blue shade (only when in the tube) will be the ultimate conversation starter.

Tom Ford Lipstick Travis

From the Overlord of lipstick, Tom Ford, I have two new additions in the form of Travis, from one of the Lips and Boys Collections and Night Porter, a red that made my pace quicken when I saw it and swatched it. Starting with Travis, a brown shade that in certain light you see a reddish base, inflected with pearl. While Travis is not shimmery in the conventional sense, you do see the colour shift around when you look at the swatch on your hand. On me, Travis does something fascinating to my skin and face overall that took me by surprise at first but then, like a scene unfolding, I realised I loved the overall effect as it is counter to my usual lipstick choices.  I also see a bit of gold in Travis, very subtle but it all comes together to make a shade that really is a testament to why I refer to Tom Ford as the Overlord of lipstick. Travis is hydrating, buildable, and lasts about four hours. Depending on your skin tone it may need a tweak here and there depending on if you wear it as a stain or full-on.

Tom Ford Night Porter

And then there is Night Porter, a cool red that pulls deeper on me. Unapologetic and opaque, this is a new generation matte formula that does not feel dry but if you have dry lips as I do, you’ll need something hydrating to prime the lips before applying. Tom Ford’s lipstick in Night Porter will last close to seven hours with a little touching up needed if you have a meal. It can easily be applied straight from the tube or with a brush and paired with a lipliner. Night Porter does not bleed, nor does it feather. Wear it to work or for a big occasion and it is unlikely to disappoint.

By Terry Compact Expert Dual Powder Choco VanillaNow to a powder, a dual one to be exact from the brand By Terry. I don’t recall when I first became aware of this By Terry Compact-Expert Dual Powder, but it came onto the market late last year to much acclaim. On Instagram and elsewhere, people were loving this powder for how it made the skin look and its ability to last most of the day. Prior to having this powder, the only other By Terry product in my collection was a lipstick. I found it a bit tricky to choose a shade, especially as I was doing so online but I settled on Choco Vanilla. This powder is quite unusual to me and it actually took me a number of uses before I was able to get the hang of it and as a result, come around to liking it and enjoying using it. The biggest step in coming to grips with this powder is using a smaller brush as opposed to a big kabuki brush, as an example. Of the eight shades in the range, the centre portion is a contrasting powder that is likely best used as a highlighter/illuminator. While the darker powder can be used to add depth to the face where needed or even to set makeup depending on the shade you’re using. Admittedly, I use the deeper shade much more than the lighter shade, and when I do, I place the lighter shade in a kind of “c” that starts where my eyebrows end to the orbital bone. Therefore, instead of using this as a setting powder, for me it’s a reliable choice for when I need a bit of shading along my cheeks, the jawline and even as a bronzer. Plus, it’s also good in lieu of eyeshadow.

Kevyn Aucoin The Creamy Glow Patrice

Lastly, the final two items in this makeup haul are two cream blushers from Kevyn Aucoin. I do adore powder blushes and have a few of them but with dry skin, cream blushes are becoming more and more essential for me. So, the two that I’ve been enjoying from the first moment I got them are Kevyn Aucoin’s Creamy Glow in Patrice and Liquifuschia respectively. Starting with Patrice, a cream blush in red that looks so much more subtle on the skin than it does in the compact. Patrice is for many people, an unlikely blush shade but red makeup is gradually showing up more and more frequently across different brands. When Patrice is blended onto the skin, it diffuses to a gorgeous swath of colour that shows dusty, slightly golden deep rose that enlivens the skin. Ultimately, it looks completely different from the way it looks in the compact to reveal a beautifully formulated shade that happens to last for hours and is not patchy on the skin.

Kevyn Aucoin The Creamy Glow in Liquifuschia

Kevyn Aucoin Creamy Glow in Liquifuschia looks like a Malibu Barbie/South Beach pink but again, the magic happens when it’s blended into the skin. Liquifuschia can be dialled up or down depending on what is comfortable for you and yes, both shades can be worn to work, no matter how conservative the environment. Admittedly, cream blush requires a bit more attention when applying but it’s very much worth it because of the way it blooms once it has been on the skin. One of the best ways to apply cream blush is to start by tapping into the skin with clean fingers and then using a brush to buff the colour in further. On me, lasting time is a solid seven hours plus and the formula doesn’t go rogue and break apart as some formulas do.

Makeup Swatches

Based on the swatches which items do you think are my top picks from this makeup haul? Ask me in the comments below or come say hi and we can chat about it on Instagram or Twitter!



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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    Hi Chelsea, thanks so much. Night Porter is a pretty dreamy lipstick for sure. Your kind words are appreciated:)

  2. So in love with the Night Porter the red really looks awesome. Nice review I am really enjoying your blog and great photos you have got here.

  3. backstorybeauty@gmail.com says:

    Aww, thanks so very much my dear, I appreciate it:)

  4. Your photography is so gorgeous, everything looks like taken from a magazine!

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