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April 11, 2018

5 Pink Lipstick Faves Anyone Can Wear


5 pink lipsticks

Pink is huge this season! But does that ever really go away, especially as we slide through April, May and June? Still, an easier way to jump on the trend or to simply dabble in a lipstick shade that never goes away is to have a rummage through your stash and fall in love again with the pinks you may already own.  I have five to show you, three of which are from Charlotte Tilbury while the other two are from Tom Ford and Pat McGrath.

5 pink lipsticks

Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink

Penelope Pink has been in my collection for close to three years and admittedly, I love it more now than I did when I received it initially. Based on surface appearance it’s not a lipstick I would have chosen but over time, it’s become a nifty topper to add dimension and also works nicely when layered over a lip liner that’s deeper than it is and topped with a spot of gloss. Charlotte Tilbury’s lipsticks fall into two formula categories, Matte Revolution and Kissing Tree. K.I.S.S.I.N.G Tree formulas are creamier and more hydrating, with Penelope Pink being exactly that. This shade is the nudist lipstick I own, but it has peachy pink and even some brown based undertones to anchor it, making it easy to wear with my skin tone. If you’re into smoky eyes on the regular, consider Penelope Pink as a natural choice to balance out the look, especially since it seems to be made for that. Wear time is also pretty decent until you have a meal, yet even then it doesn’t disappear completely. With a smooth, creamy and easy to apply texture, wear it alone or layered over your favourite liner. The last word on Penelope Pink is that it’s inspired by the actress Penelope Cruz, so think lush, smooth lips.

Charlotte Tilbury Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace is a crowd pleaser and an award-winning lipstick. A brown-based, dusty rose, slightly coral shade that falls into Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution formula, it is my most used. I bought this lipstick specifically to wear on the second most important day of my life and it absolutely did not disappoint me. Amazing Grace is the ultimate example of what a well thought out, well-formulated lipstick should be, in this instance a wearable pink that you can simply pull out of your purse and apply without thinking too much about it. With a lip liner or even on its own, this can last for several hours and the best part is that it’s the kind of shade that can be worn no matter the season, in any setting. Need more convincing? I included Amazing Grace on My Makeup Hit List, a post that also includes my favourite eyeshadow palette.

5 pink lipsticks

Charlotte Tilbury Bond Girl

If I’ve never mentioned it before, my favourite film, a series really, is James Bond. Beneath the debonair persona buffeted by elite military training, Bond is the ideal man, in a book…at least to a certain extent. But this isn’t a film critique is it? On the other hand, Bond Girl is gorgeous and a bit subversive as a lipstick shade, at least to my eyes. On the surface and straight off the bat, one may say Bond Girl can only have a specific kind of appeal, to a specific kind of customer. Someone who is more of a risk-taker or adventurer, someone who is willing to choose a lipstick that’s not a literal shade, as in literally pink or literally red. So how would I describe Bond Girl? Charlotte Tilbury’s website describes it as a ‘natural berry red matte’. But I have to add to that and describe it as having some berry pink undertones as well. Bond Girl is also a natural/neutral shade, as in it may be someone’s ideal nude lipstick.  As a no-fail, everyday lipstick that can last through lunch at your desk or as the shade you swipe on for errands or brunch, this is a lipstick that can’t quite be pinned down yet works wonderfully. Creamy and easy to apply, Bond Girl may be worn without a liner and can be applied mirror-free, similar to if you’re applying a balm. And if you happen to have this shade, do share your thoughts with me about what you believe the colour is.

5 pink lipsticks

Tom Ford Collin

This lipstick was a very happy occurrence. I woke up one day in the mood for a lipstick that would surprise me and ended up choosing this on a whim. Collin is part of Tom Ford’s Lips and Boys collection, one of them anyway and although it’s more literal in colour than Bond Girl, it requires a more precise application. Specifically, Collin is a medium, rosy pink lipstick that is high on gloss and hydration and has exceptional lasting power. In some ways, the size of Tom Ford’s Lips and Boys and Lips and Girls lipsticks are absolutely ideal and make more sense as a way to diminish waste. Honestly, how many lipsticks does anyone actually finish before they go bad?

Similar to almost all of the lipsticks in this post, I was uncertain about whether Collin would work for me. Unlike a red lipstick or even a true plum, pink shades come with a higher potential for not working with all the nuances of different skin tones. And so, Collin surprised me by how well it looks with only mascara and a bit of blush or with a heavier eye look. Because Collin is so creamy, I like to start out with a liner to ensure I stay inside my lip lines. With Tom Ford’s unique formula that seldom disappoints, it’s worth every dollar of the price and the second inclusion in a blog post, the first one is here.

5 pink lipsticks

Pat Mc Grath Beautiful Creature-

Beautiful Creature is my second Pat Mc Grath lipstick and we’re batting two for two thus far. An opaque, deep pink also underpinned by brownish tones, this lipstick means business; which leads me to say that whoever is formulating Pat Mc Grath’s lipstick, is part magician, part artist and part alchemist. Also, her lipsticks fall into two categories, Matte Trance and Luxe Trance, with Beautiful Creature taking a position in the latter one. So far, I find her formulations are a class apart from the vast majority of lipsticks out there. They’re not transparent or fiddly and only able to deliver hints of colour that slide right off in a flash. Instead, these are lipsticks in the true sense; opaque, smooth, creamy and long-lasting without the pigmentation being broken down by the slightest move your lips make.

I talked about Pat Mc Grath’s ingenious lipstick packaging when I reviewed Elson, my other Mc Grath lipstick, here. Otherwise, Beautiful Creature is also very comfortable to wear, works beautifully for day or evening and while it’s not a shade that would be everyone’s choice, I’d vote for it as a classic shade that is unquestionably timeless.

So….what are the pink lipsticks or lipglosses you can’t get enough of, do you hoard them or do you have that one ride or die that you purchase again and again?




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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    I respect you’re not a fan Nella:) On the other hand, if you ever have a change of heart you know where to look for ideas so keep me posted..

  2. Nella says:

    I admit that I’m not a big fan of pink lippies. But these look quite fabulous I think I may give 1 or 2 a try. Thanks for sharing !!! 😀

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