Swiss Clinic Skin Roller 3 in 1: Micro-needling at Home

Micro-needling skin roller

swiss clinic skin roller

Let’s talk about needles, how do you feel about them in general? What about the ones used for skin micro-needling? If this step is not yet part of your routine, here are some ideas to help you along in understanding the whole micro-needling thing and eventually adding it to your skincare routine. In reality, such tiny needles are used so that even if needles scare you, your skin is quite likely to benefit. First off though, micro-needling can either be done professionally at a clinic or spa or safely at home by using a skin roller. After combing through the multitude of micro-needling skin rollers on the market, I chose the award-winning skin roller from Swiss Clinic, a company with a dedicated team in Switzerland.

swiss clinic skin roller

Swiss Clinic works globally with creators to come up with products that are professional grade inspired and safe to use at home. Their skin roller uses 0.2 mm length Japanese surgical steel needles to help with skin rejuvenation. They also have a roller with longer length needles measuring 0.5mm. Some of the benefits of using a micro-needle skin roller include revving up collagen and elastin production, same with blood circulation, combatting blackheads and helping to increase the penetration of skin care products you use.

Also, micro-needling helps to improve your skin’s texture, increase brightness and helps with evening out your skin tone or (tonicity). The very first time I used this skin roller I let out a little yelp and a laugh at the same time because I was slightly apprehensive but also amused by the lengths we go to in order to achieve ‘perfect’ skin. As I’m in my forties, any measures or steps are fair game to me, so this is actually an easy thing to do. If you’re fearful of needles, know that the length of the micro-needles are miniscule in contrast to the average length of a booster/injection needle as an example.

swiss clinic skin roller

How I use the Skin Roller

Because the micro-needles are placed so closely together on the roller, it doesn’t quite feel like needles when you roll it over the skin. Instead, it feels like a slightly cold pressure against the skin with the occasional feel of a quick pinprick.

  • I use the skin roller over my entire face, around my eye contour, along with my neck and jawline. I plan to start using it along my décolleté in preparation for the warmer temperatures, although that area should be attended to as part of a regular skincare routine. As my skin is brown, there’s no true redness after using the micro-needling roller but I do feel a buzzing or tingling which has become a feeling I look forward to.
  • Swiss Clinic advises that their micro-needle roller should be used in the evening on clean skin, for five to seven days consecutively then taking the equivalent amount of time off from using the roller, and beginning again.
  • It’s also important to clean the skin roller after each use to keep bacteria at bay. Swiss Clinic sells a sanitizing spray for the roller but I simply give it a soak in a bowl with warm water and foaming face wash then spritz it with thermal water to rinse. If you’re wondering if the roller draws blood when used, the clear answer is no.

Post Skin Roller Routine

  • Right after rolling I spritz with Avène Thermal Spring Water but any soothing spritz you already have will do or so will a warm cloth if you prefer. I’ve been using the Avène for years and reach for it every day to balance and refresh my skin after cleansing, after using the skin roller and throughout the day especially if I’m sleepy or low on energy while working. As a side note, it doesn’t interfere with your makeup and can also be used as a chemical-free setting spray.
  • Apply a serum or facial oil to hydrate, as it’s so important to add moisture back to the skin after rolling. Some nights I use a corrective product such as  The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 5%. Or I keep it simple and reach for an oil and the one I’ve been using is Guerlain’s Abeille Royale Face Treatment Oil that I’ve fangirled over and written about here.

swiss clinic skin roller

Since using it, I’ve noticed clearer, brighter skin. Added to that, my favourite thing about doing micro-needling at home is the feeling that the efficacy of my skincare products has been given a boost. There have also been times when I didn’t use it for a couple of weeks and remained happy with the state of my skin. Micro-needling also ties in a bit with the benefits of skin-massage. The act of using the hands or an object to stimulate and ‘knead’ the skin, the way you would with a dough as an example, is so so important for a number of reasons. Manipulating the skin in this way gives a boost to circulation, moves things along in terms of lymphatic drainage and also helps with bringing down puffiness.

Micro-needling skin rollers vary in price and are quite different from the jade rollers also available. If your skin is sensitive or you’re uncertain if a skin tool such as this is right for you, consider an inexpensive one to start out. Taking that route is also a good challenge to yourself to see if you’ll keep up with this extra skin care step. I fall off the wagon from time to time but always go back to it because of the benefits it offers my skin. Sure it’s yet another step but anything that offers a boost to the skin is worth the effort surely. Let me know on social or in the comments if you’ve tried micro-needling or if you want to try it but need a bit more coaching to get you there.





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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    You’re so very welcome and I’m happy you’re closer to considering micro needling. I think there’s a jade roller in my future so maybe we’ll have no choice but to exchange notes about these gadgets then:)

  2. I have always been tempted to try these micro needle rollers but was scared. I got the jade roller and I love using it and after reading your post I feel confident to try micro needling. I am definitely going to try this. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

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