5 Everyday Makeup Finds That Are Easy to Use

5 everyday makeup finds

5 everyday makeup finds

Let’s talk new everyday makeup finds! I’m sharing five faves that have really made a difference to my overall everyday makeup look these past few months. With my 40-something birthday fast approaching, I need everyday makeup that’s easy to use, less faddish or on trend, yet targeted and more hardworking. Items such as a long-wearing concealer, a colour corrector, eyeshadows that are easy to apply and finger application friendly, plus lipsticks that are well formulated and long-lasting. A good colour corrector coupled with a good concealer really makes more impact and a world of difference so let’s begin there.

5 everyday makeup finds

Chanel Le Correcteur de Chanel Colour Corrector in Abricot is a peachy, creamy, colour corrector that really has made a difference in the way my concealer applies and how long it lasts. Sure, it’s much easier and faster to just apply concealer, but there have been too many times when concealers just don’t cover enough, brighten enough or last on my skin.

Chanel’s colour corrector has a creamy gel texture that offers the ideal first step to prep skin for concealer and even foundation although it’s meant to be spot applied. With soft-focus pigments that offer a smooth, quick absorbing, luminous base, here’s how I use it:

  • A tiny bit on the eyelids, dotted onto my under eye area, at the sides of my mouth and the top half of the bridge of my nose.
  • I also use it on the sides of my eyes and the sides of the base of my nose.
  • If I’m headed to an event or want extra ‘lights’, I apply it right above my cheekbones before foundation.
  • It’s fast absorbing and doesn’t begin to change colour throughout the day.
  • Lengthens the wear time of concealer.
  • There are three shades: rose ( to brighten and eliminate dullness), vert (green to cancel out redness) and apricot to hide dark circles and cover spots.
  • Click on the two photographs above for details

2. Chanel Le Correcteur de Chanel Concealer in 91 Caramel has become the concealer I didn’t realise I needed.

  • Chanel’s concealer is a gel cream that in reality, feels like a light cream.
  • It blends in seamlessly and doesn’t go grey or crack. It’s also lightweight and offers long-wearing coverage, making everyday makeup looks stay fresher longer.
  • This concealer photographs really well, so keep it in mind if you have a big event on the horizon.
  • Really good at softening fine lines making them less pronounced.
  • Comes in a tube with a doe-foot applicator exactly like the corrector; thankfully neither items have the strong signature Chanel scent.
  • There are eight shades in the concealer range, from beige to chocolate.

5 everyday makeup finds

3. Tom Ford Eye Kohl Intense in 02 Onyx is a kohl that initially looks black but I’d describe it as a grey-black or gunmetal. With an incredibly smooth texture, it glides on easily and looks really stunning when blended out. It can be used as a base for other eyeshadows or worn alone for some smoky eye vibes in a snap.

5 everyday makeup finds

  • Fast forward a couple hours and this starts to migrate when it’s on the lower lash line. One day I ended up with two proper smudges under each eye after many hours.
  • The pencil needs a frequent sharpen because it’s quite soft.
  • Stays put on the top lash line and can be blended out if needed.
  • Can be worn every day when applied lightly, but be careful when applying to lower lash line.
  • Comes with a nifty metal sharpener.

4. Pat McGrath Luxe Trance Lipstick in Beautiful Creature is a creamy formula that applies smoothly. An opaque, plummy-pink that can be sheered out if you prefer, this formula can be layered or tapped on for a light wash of colour.

  • Pairs beautifully with a liner in the same colour family.
  • Can be enhanced further with gloss on top for an easy everyday look. My favourite goes with everything gloss at the moment is here.
  • Long-wearing, comfortable formula that doesn’t dry out the lips. See my review on Pat McGrath’s genius red lipstick in Elson for more intel about her superb formulas.

5 everyday makeup finds

5. La Prairie Light Fantastic Cellular Concealing Brightening Eye Treatment in shade 30. This one was a long time coming and finally, it has a place in my collection. La Prairie is a Swiss brand that has been in the business of ultra-luxury skincare since 1931. But the brand reached a turning point and gained wide international renown around 1953 and since then, their skincare and makeup have occupied rarefied air in the beauty industry.

  • This eye treatment acts as a primer, highlighter and concealer.
  • Also helps to reduce puffiness and lighten the appearance of dark circles.
  • It can be worn alone without being paired with other complexion products.
  • Offers a brightening effect.
  • Blends in quickly and evenly.
  • Can be used on top of makeup without disruption and for top-ups if needed.
  • Comes in a clicky-pen with a brush head for easy application. I especially like to apply it to the inner corners of the eye to add light, so the design makes it a snap to do.
  • Formulated with papaya extract to help minimise the look of wrinkles.
  • Pricey, but comes with a refill so think of it as two products for one price.
  • With only three shades, the range of skin tones able to use this product is limited.

5 everyday makeup finds

Above are swatches of the five items in this post. The La Prairie Light Fantastic Cellular Brightening Eye Treatment appears to be too light for my skin tone. However, when blended out, it goes right into the skin and offers a brightening effect.

5 everyday makeup finds

*Check out the quick video that shows how La Prairie Light Fantastic Cellular Brightening Eye Treatment blends into skin.

A few last words on La Prairie, their portfolio of skincare is out of this world. With formulas that include caviar extract and platinum peptides I often wonder if it’s worth it. I invite you to have a nose-around the brand online or to head to a counter if there’s one near you. Then, have a further nose-around to read blogger reviews along with reviews of the line by cosmetic scientists and formulators. It makes for interesting reading on your next cosy night in.

ps. Bit of a blogger blooper…so after taking the photographs for this post I realised I’d already included the lipstick on another post that I linked above. So do forgive me, but at least you know my adoration for the lipstick is real:)


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    They totally are and definitely worth using xo

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    I love these. You’re so right these are some great finds! Will definitely look into finding them myself!

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