Luxury Beauty Makeup Summer 2018

Chanel Éclat et Transparence, Summer 2018

chanel makeup summer 2018

chanel makeup summer 2018

Chanel Éclat et Transparence Summer 2018 makeup collection has me quite giddy. Loosely translated to mean (Light and Transparency), the new season’s cruise makeup collection under the stellar direction of Chanel’s Global Creative and Makeup Director, Lucia Pica, continues in the right direction. Chanel’s makeup collections under Pica have kept pace with the expectations of the ‘new, vocal makeup customer’. It is niftier and a bit more inclusive with its shade ranges. Plus, they’ve made more of their items travel-friendly by increasing items that are multi-purpose. While the brand is still classic, there’s been a pivot towards being a bit more avant-garde while maintaining its ability to be usable and translatable to the new wave in makeup. Maybe I’m biased but Éclat et Transparence is one of the better summer makeup collections I’ve seen in recent times. Rather than opting for typical summer coppers, oranges and corals, Chanel has opted for transparent shades that are not solidly summer, but by formulating the products to enhance the skin rather than possess it, the user can tailor the look to suit taste or occasion with ease. The effect is an updated, classic, healthy, sunkissed overall ‘your skin but better’ effect, done exceedingly well.

chanel makeup summer 2018

Palette Essentielle Été in Éclat Solaire is described by Chanel as ‘the little black palette’ for Summer. It’s a three colourway compact featuring two highlighters and one dual-purpose lip and cheek colour.

  • The gold highlighter can be used on eyes for a transparent touch of gold and can be dialled up or down as per your preference or the occasion. I think it would also work well in the inner corners of the eyes to bring light, especially if you’re going out on a warm evening.
  • The bronzy caramel shade can be used on cheeks and under cheekbones to add depth and dimension to the face. I also like it lightly tapped onto my eyelids.

chanel makeup summer 2018

  • The rouge shade is targeted at the lips and cheeks. I absolutely adore it as a lip shade and the lasting power is impressive. Plus, I used a lip liner with it simply because I prefer extra definition.
  • Using the rouge shade as a cream blusher, for me the lasting power was close to eight hours. This is a transparent shade that does not translate as intensely as it appears in the compact. So don’t be put off as the colour is buildable, but if that’s not your speed then it makes for a beautiful, long-wearing lip shade.
  • Added to that, the rouge shade also works beautifully as a base for powder blusher in the same colour family.

chanel makeup summer 2018

Chanel also has similar, cream formula, three-colourway compacts that came before this one, in five variations. I’d invite you to have a look at those as the shades vary from neutral to warm. Apart from that, to me this palette is the clear standout for collection Chanel Éclat et Transparence, summer 2018.

chanel makeup summer 2018

L’eau Tan Chanel is a watery, fragranced, self-tanning body mist that develops over a couple of days and can be used a few times per week. Olivier Polge, Chanel’s official nose (perfumer) is behind the scent in this self-tanner. L’eau Tan is meant to deliver a very light tan and also hydrate the skin.

  • Thankfully, this is formulated without chunky sparkles.
  • When sprayed on it feels like an extremely light oil.
  • Fast-absorbing, it leaves a pleasant feeling of hydration on the skin which is unlikely to feel oily when temperatures are high.
  • On my skin tone, it provides a slightly luminous colour enhancement.
  • It is fragranced and can possibly stand in as your Spring/Summer scent.
  • Before applying for the first time, the skin should be exfoliated.
  • Thereafter, it should be used each day to build up the ‘tan’ effect. After that, it can be applied every couple of days.

I’m not seeking a tan-effect from this, necessarily. I’ll be using it simply for hydration and to enhance the skin on my calves when wearing skirts and dresses, and on my arms (that I’m working really hard to get photo-ready, an uphill battle..). The inspiration for L’Eau Tan is Liquide Tan, a product originally released by Chanel in 1932. The link a few words back takes you to Chanel’s info page where you can see one of the original bottles. Thus, L’eau Tan is a subtle way to enhance your skin without the end result being orange or overly golden and glittery.

chanel makeup summer 2018Le Vernis (Nail polish) in Chicness 612

Chicness is about to rival New Dawn, my reigning favourite nail polish shade from Chanel. Chicness is a mauvy shade that’s creamy, easy to apply and long-wearing.

  • The application is smooth.
  • Looks finished with a single coat.
  • Universally flattering across skin tones.
  • The applicator brush gets into corners easily.
  • If you’re in a hurry, you can get away without topcoat.

chanel makeup summer 2018

Together, these three items from Chanel Éclat et Transparence will essentially serve as the core of my summer makeup. I am excited and bowled over by the colourways in the ‘little black palette‘ and by how well they wear. Plus, the colourways offer so many options especially because they’re not opaque. Thus, it’s a great place to start if you’re just becoming comfortable with colour and prefer to approach your makeup with a light hand. Plus, there are more items in the collection such as luscious looking lip crayons, eyeliners in metallic shades, creamy lip balms with a hint of colour and a four colourway eyeshadow compact.

To conclude, L’eau Tan hits the right note for a natural looking tint and to prolong a tan if you have one. If you’re leery or picky about fragrance, try to get your hands on a sample first.

Lastly, Chicness is a new take on neutral and destined to become a classic. I think it’s brilliant for every day and can also work if you have a special occasion and want a different choice for your manicure rather than a typical ‘occasion’ shade.





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