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The 3 Skincare Items You Need For Hydrated, Plump Skin

hydrated plump skin

I’m unpacking three skincare items you need for hydrated, plump skin. From a cleanser to two serums that add a bounce and some healthy shine to your skin, read on to peep the items and learn how they may work for you.

hydrated plump skin

111 Skin Cryo Pre-Activated Toning Cleanser

Prior to using 111 Skin Cryo Pre-Activated Toning Cleanser, I’d been quite satisfied with my other cleanser, solid in my feelings that it was unlike anything else I’d used. But then, I had gotten my hands on the 111 Skin Cleanser and at first, I was slow to get into it. I’m not sure what happened, but something clicked and it became my primary cleanser. 111 Skin was created in 2001 by Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, a London based plastic surgeon. 111 Skin emerged from his efforts to help his patient’s with skin healing after cosmetic procedures. There are about five collections within the brand, with the Cryo Pre-Activated Toning Cleanser falling under the Regenerative Collection. The Cryo-line is based on the premise of cryotherapy, which is a therapy that relies on freezing temperatures to reduce pain and jumpstart rejuvenation. In this instance, this collection strives to deliver a toning, sculpting and tightening effect to the skin.

  • 111 Cryo Pre-Activated Toning Cleanser is formulated with fruit extracts.
  • The cleanser offers a double effect by cleansing and toning.
  • It also offers non-irritating, granule-free exfoliation.
  • The cleanser is also hydrating and doesn’t strip my dry skin. Specifically, the brand information refers to the ‘anti-dehydration shield’ in the formula that keeps dryness at bay.
  • With consistent use, it has helped to even out my skin as I tend to keep it on for a minimum of fifteen minutes each time, however, this is not required.
  • Upon rinsing, the cleanser transforms into a milky toner but you don’t even realise it’s happening, making it a better choice for drier skin types as opposed to dedicated toners.
  • Even without applying any products after using this cleanser, my dry skin feels comfortable and balanced.
  • It is paraben, sulfate and silicone free.

The 111 Skin Cryo Pre-Activated Toning Cleanser comes in a generous 4-ounce, transparent container, that incorporates an internal push-up mechanism. It’s worth mentioning because it makes it easy to see how much product is inside.

It does a good job at emulsifying makeup, sunscreen and any other skincare but you’ll have to go in with a dedicated eye makeup remover to take off long-wearing mascara etc. Plus, there is a faint scent but it’s almost unnoticeable. If you’re seeking a hard-working, hydrating cleanser that also works to tone and unify your complexion, this one is worth inquiry.

hydrated plump skin

Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum

This serum is a recent addition to my hydrating, plumping skincare routine. Here’s some of what is in the formula:

  • Camellia Japonica Oil OFA (provides a plumping effect to the skin).
  • Camellia Alba PFA (maintains optimal hydration levels).
  • Blue Ginger PFA (strengthens skin’s defence system).

*PFA: Polyfractioning of Active Ingredients developed by Chanel  *OFA: Oleo Fractionated Active Ingredient

This hydrating, alcohol-free serum is a clear standout in my skincare discoveries so far this year. It draws on the hydrating properties of the camellia flower, a gift from the plant kingdom that has been in use for thousands of years to hydrate and repair hair, skin, nails and more.

Camellia oil is naturally rich in fatty acids and absorbs quickly. In its pure form, it’s excellent as a light, hydrating facial oil. So it’s no surprise that Chanel chose to build this formula around Camellia Oil’s powerful properties. While the serum is fragranced, it’s efficacy is unparalleled in providing lasting hydration.

  • It also works as a makeup primer and can be used in conjunction with your usual moisturiser if your skin is really parched or dehydrated.
  • Gel-like, watery texture.
  • Maintains hydration throughout the day and well into the night.
  • It’s a superb choice for your next flight to maintain hydration.
  • Light, fast absorbing and leaves no residue.
  • Clear packaging so you can see the amount of product inside.
  • Only a small amount is needed to cover the entire face. I’d recommend working from your nose outwards.
  • Evens out skin and increases radiance.
  • Can be used both day and night.
  • Alcohol-free.

Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum is part of the brand’s acclaimed line of hydration products. The Hydra-Beauty line also includes items for eyes, masks, and creams along with a mist. I’d highly, highly recommend this serum if you’re happiest with a bare face or minimal makeup as it truly delivers a nice, lasting glow and makes skin look plump.

hydrated plump skin

Urang Whitening Blue Oil Serum 

This was an impulse buy that has not disappointed at all. I do love K-beauty (Korean beauty) and for a while, it was the only thing that truly held my attention. This is because K-beauty products tend to be paces and paces ahead of Westernised brands and increasingly, it provides the inspiration for western beauty products.

The Urang Whitening Blue Oil Serum came onto my radar via Gothamista’s YouTube channel and it boasts four ingredients:

  • Camellia Senisis Oil
  • Alpha-bisabolol (German Chamomile)
  • Chamomila Recutita (Chamomile Extract)
  • Tocopheryl (Vitamin E)

The blue colour comes from the Chamomila Recutita (Chamomile Extract Oil).

  • Urang Blue Oil Serum has a light texture and is fast absorbing.
  • The word ‘whitening‘ on the bottle implies brightening.
  • Tackles hyperpigmentation.
  • Alleviates the effects of sunburn, something I can attest to.
  • Offers textural correction, tackles blemishes, plumps and softens fine lines.
  • Good for all skin types.
  • One or two drops is sufficient for the entire face, apply when your skin is damp.
  • Free from mineral oil, fragrance and preservatives.

Urang was created by Jina Lee. While expecting her first child, she began paying more attention to the ingredients in skincare products. And so, that attention prompted her to begin formulating her own products that are safe to use for the entire family. Lee travels extensively to source ingredients and rejects anything that does not satisfy her standards. When I began using this oil, I had one of those stubborn raised spots that just sat there. Eventually, I began noticing that it started to go down and then one morning it was literally gone and didn’t leave a dark mark in its wake. I only use this oil at night as a corrector and maintenance ‘tool’. It also works beautifully when used as a base for a heavier cream.

There’s a bit of a minty/herbal scent, detectable only when held to the nose. Urang Whitening Blue Oil Serum is also an excellent choice for sensitive skin that needs some calming. Also, if you have mature skin and need something simple and effective that smoothes fine lines, this is also an excellent choice. The oil is available in two sizes, 0.50 ounces and 1.01 ounces. Note to the thrifty, it’s easily available from stockists in the US, however, the smaller size is available via European and Asian based websites. It’s worth the extra wait time for shipping by buying it from an overseas stockist because the 0.50 ounce bottle costs less and lasts a while, as only a small amount of product is needed to cover your face. Chime in below in the comments or on Twitter or Instagram if you hang out there, with the items that plump, hydrate and deliver what your skin needs.



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