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La Prairie Skin Caviar Essence in Foundation Review, Swatches and Gasps

la prairie skin caviar essence in foundation

la prairie skin caviar essence in foundation

La Prairie Skin Caviar Essence in Foundation is one of the most gasp-inducing base products rocking this summer’s makeup lineup. This foundation is an elevated take on the ‘cushion’ phenomenon and an expensive one at that. I have the shade Almond Beige-NW40, the darkest one according to a La Prairie pdf I found online, however in the US, Almond Beige is not available for purchase at the time of this writing. Otherwise, La Prairie Skin Caviar Essence in Foundation is available in eight shades.

Caviar water is the first ingredient on the box, while the other active ingredients include avobenzone, octinoxate and octocrylene which are all sunscreen filters. There’s also mushroom extract, horsetail extract, marine red algae, ginseng root extract and caviar extract among a slew of other ingredients. La Prairie has billed this foundation as having hydrating properties as well but admittedly, my dry skin struggled with it a bit at first.

la prairie skin caviar essence in foundation

La Prairie Skin Caviar Essence in Foundation has a light, silky texture and is easier to blend into hydrated skin. Part of my testing included applying on a clean face without primer or moisturiser and in that instance, it was easier to tap it into my skin as opposed to stroking it in. When applied over serum, sunscreen and primer or moisturiser, I found the application was much easier. And after alternating between using brushes along with the flat sponge that comes with the foundation, I strongly prefer using my fingers to apply by tapping and smoothing in.

In testing, I also realised it is better to apply this in light layers so that you can build it up to your preference. Coverage is light to medium and will not completely cover dark spots or pigmentation. On my skin, it also settled around and emphasised some of the textural issues I’d been experiencing this summer.

la prairie skin caviar essence in foundationOnce the foundation has thoroughly absorbed into the skin, it brings a measure of brightness and luminosity. However, I find that it’s not a match for extremely hot temperatures. In such an instance you can re-apply it as needed. On the other hand, when temperatures are not exceedingly hot, it holds up much better and can be helped along with a light dusting of setting powder or worn alone with blusher, bronzer etc. There’s no oxidation and wear time on a good day clocks in around six hours.

I also use it directly under my eyes for concealing purposes but then I add La Prairie’s Light Fantastic Cellular Concealing Brightening Eye Treatment in shade 30 on top. I bought the Eye Treatment earlier this year and thoughts about it are here. While it looks very light in contrast to my complexion when clicked straight out of the pen ( I almost sent it back), I use it as a highlighter as well and it melds into my skin easily and has become an integral part of my makeup routine. But again, with just three shades of the Light Fantastic Cellular Concealing BrighteningEye Treatment available, it’s user base is also limited.

la prairie skin caviar essence in foundation

La Prairie Skin Caviar Essence in Foundation comes in a stunning blue and silver compact and makes the ultimate travel companion. It also comes with a 15 ml refill along with an extra applicator sponge. With a sleek design that includes a durable netting where the foundation comes out, the product remains mess free and protected from the effects of light and air exposure. A sufficient amount is dispensed when you press down on the netting. Also, there aren’t any overt scents with this foundation.

In terms of the shade Almond Beige, it’s really not the most ideal one for my complexion. If I apply too much, it makes my skin look slightly ashy so I’ve learned to stick to a light application as it looks better when I use a light hand. Once the foundation has melded fully with my skin and I add blusher or bronzer and powder, everything comes together. I should say that La Prairie’s three other foundation formulas offer a wider shade range.

la prairie skin caviar essence in foundation

In terms of innovation, La Prairie has taken an existing concept, (cushion foundations) and added in their proprietary ingredients, cutting-edge technology and makeup artistry. With their exclusive Cellular Complex in the mix, they’ve created a base product offering sun protection at SPF 25/PA +++, soft-focus pigments meant to offer a blurring effect and skin-loving components meant to improve skin’s health with ongoing use.

la prairie skin caviar essence in foundation

I’m baffled by the cost of this foundation but maybe it’s because of the caviar water and caviar extract in the formula. So I feel quite compelled to share thoughts about its performance in a subsequent post when the weather has changed. Plus, one can hope that deeper shades may have been added by then.


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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    Hi Huda, I know what you mean about cushion foundations yet I think they’re starting to become better formulated. I’d definitely recommend a trip to the La Prairie counter for this one, especially because of the shade range and to figure out the coverage etc…Adventures in makeup are the best though:)

  2. This looks really good! To be honest, I’m not a big fan of cushion foundations and they don’t give the coverage I need and just look streak-y on my face. I’ll have to check this one out though it’s an investment! 😅

  3. backstorybeauty says:

    Thanks so much as always:) Samples are definitely the way forward or at least heading to a La Prairie counter for a test. Let me know if you do :>

  4. Geniussr says:

    Such a great and detailed review… I heard about this foundation a lot but honestly speaking I am not that foundation person who apply it on daily basis… I only wear it occasionally so didn’t bother about it much..But as per your opinion about shade range I’ll first try it at store if i ever happen to buy it…❤️

  5. backstorybeauty says:

    Hi Aaliyah, you’re right it’s a crazy price. I’m in my 40’s so I really need any complexion products I use to work hard. While there are numerous options out there that are less costly, I really wanted to try this so I bit the bullet. Thanks for stopping by:)

  6. I’ve heard about this brand before on different YouTube channels and have just cannot bring myself to spend that much money on a product but it does look lovely. Great review x

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