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Chanel Le Volume Revolution Mascara Featuring 3D Printed Wand

chanel le volume revolution mascara

chanel le volume

Chanel Le Volume Révolution de Chanel is one of the newest additions to their stable of outstanding mascara formulas. But what could possibly be new in yet another Chanel mascara or any other one for that matter? In this instance, the wand, which harnesses the power of 3D printing. It’s a concept that’s set to shake up the way makeup is produced. Chanel first laid plans for this concept in 2007, and after years of trialling, it’s finally ready to churn up the ‘industry’ currents that are set to enable this new wave.

But how does it perform in real life? It was a ‘squeal-worthy’ day when my package arrived. I tore open the box and as luck, Murphy’s law, kismet, happenstance and all their friends would have it, I’d just finished washing my face when I heard the knock on the door, so my ‘canvas’ was clean and ready.

chanel le volume

I should begin with the packaging though, as this is not the typically sleek, smooth, black Chanel mascara tube. Instead, this mascara tube boasts horizontal lines winding around its circumference, giving it the appearance of being etched onto the tube. Plus, in between the fingers, the lines can be felt, maybe as a way to minimise the chances of it slipping out of eager fingers.

With one coat, each eyelash is fully coated and lifted. With two coats, lashes remain clump free while the already midnight black pigment becomes more intensified.

chanel le volume

The holding power of Chanel Le Volume Révolution de Chanel mascara is exceedingly impressive. Yet, it never makes my lashes feel brittle or ‘crispy’. Added to that, my lashes maintained their hold throughout more than seven hours of wear, which is a major feat as I don’t curl my eyelashes. The effect is also quite flattering because it makes my eyes look bigger. I can also report that at no point do I begin seeing those dreaded little black flecks around my eye contour during wear time.

With the wand as the star of this new mascara, here’s what sets it apart from other wands.

chanel le volume

The bristles are stubby instead of long and are arranged in a honeycomb shape. But here’s an official passage describing the mascara wand’s attributes:

* The 3D printed mascara brush also features a slightly rough, granular surface texture, which improves how the mascara adheres to the lashes. Microcavities at the core and end of the brush are able to store enough mascara so you don’t ever have to double-dip the brush to get the right amount. Finally, a bristle-grid, separated only by a few millimetres of space, ensures intense volume while at the same time preventing the enemy of eye makeup everywhere – the dreaded clumping.

*Description courtesy 3dprint.com

Chanel Le Volume Révolution de Chanel formula also includes beeswax and rice wax along with polymers that work to maintain volume. So are there any cons to this mascara? While I’ve never had thick eyelashes, this doesn’t offer me any real thickening help. This is especially so if I compare this mascara to my other ultimate favourite, Le Volume de Chanel, which thickens and lengthens my lashes.

chanel le volume

I’m also happy to report that this mascara does not transfer on me, but if you’re prone to that, you may consider tapping a little extra powder onto your eyelid and onto the lower lash line, similar to if you were using a powder shadow as a liner, before applying. Removal is straightforward with a typical eye makeup remover or oily cleanser. Luckily, I don’t see eyelashes on my cotton pads after removal and it is safe to use if you wear contact lenses. It’s rare that I’m able to apply mascara to my bottom lashes without doing some correction afterwards and this is no different, so keep that in mind and lastly, this mascara has no offensive chemical smells.

I’d venture further to say that if your preference is minimal makeup but you need an impactful mascara, or if you need an alternative to falsies, then Chanel Le Volume Révolution de Chanel is the mascara your stash needs.

chanel le volume

At the time of this writing, Chanel Le Volume Révolution de Chanel is not yet available in the US but is set to hit counters in the Autumn. However, I’d keep checking as sometimes items will become available on Chanel’s website ahead of schedule. Alternatively, if you happen to have a contact in the UK where it is currently available, that’s your ticket to scoring this innovative newbie from the house Gabrielle Chanel built.


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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    Hello Tiffany, I think you’ll love this formula. While the wand is chubby, the spines deliver a very elegant look to the lashes without clumping. xo

  2. Eagerly looking forward to this coming to the US! Definitely interested to see how good/bad the 3D printed wand is.

  3. backstorybeauty says:

    Hi Linda, we both share a love for Chanel’s mascaras, they are so superb. For some reason, they chose to release it in the UK first, but hopefully, you’ll able to get a hold of it soon. I’m very much looking forward to your thoughts in a blog post once you’ve used it 🙂 xx

  4. I love Chanel mascaras, and I can’t wait to get hold of this! Somehow it’s not made it’s way here to Asia yet…… really loving how 3D printing is becoming so accessible.

  5. backstorybeauty says:

    Thanks kindly my dear and you’re so welcome…I’m glad you found it helpful:)

  6. Geniussr says:

    As usual detailed review covering almost every aspect… loved reading all details about this mascara… have started waiting for its release in USA.. Thanks for sharing…❤️


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