Chanel Clair Obscur Eyeshadow Palette Fall 2018

chanel clair obscur

chanel clair obscur

Chanel Clair Obscur Eyeshadow palette for Fall 2018 signals my continuing foray into this season’s striking Apotheosis, Le Mat de Chanel makeup collection. Clair Obscur 308, is too me a cool leaning matte palette. In total contrast to the Chanel Quiet Revolution palette which I made a bee-line for and covered in this post, Clair Obscur sets itself apart by not just passing as another neutral, brown toned palette. With a revolutionary new formula that allows these mattes to evolve into a velvety finish on the skin, the application is a silky-driven affair.

Here are the shades:

  • A deep chocolate contour shade
  • A pale creamy highlight shade
  • Light cafe-au-lait brown
  • Lastly, a milk chocolate shade that’s a close match to my skin tone

chanel clair obscur

Clair Obscur is definitely a palette for someone who favours a straightforward, fuss-free eye look. Officially though, the shades span two ombres, an illuminating shade and the intensify shade. Clair Obscur also begs to be used for a modern smoky-eye that enhances rather than cancels out one’s eyes. This palette can easily satisfy several skin tones but on me, the lighter of the two ombre shades needed an extra layer to bring out my eyes.

chanel clair obscur

Textures are easily to blend and a dream to layer. Micro-shimmer particles are included in the formula, but think upmarket, subtle shine that’s just enough to bring interest to the eye as opposed to a formula that relies on more shimmer than pigment to be impactful. While I like the effect I achieve whether I use my fingers or brushes to apply, I definitely prefer to use brushes with this palette. The intensify shades is also brilliant as a liner and is a lovely match to my other favourite Chanel eyeshadow palette, Candeur et Experience.

chanel clair obscur

I almost feel that Clair Obscur was created to act as a perfect pairing to so many other Chanel eyeshadows and even their brilliant eyeliners. It’s a natural partner for the Quiet Revolution palette, as the shades can be interchanged depending on the look you’re aiming for. Layered over my trusty Tom Ford Eye Primer Duo, (although Chanel has a newly released primer), I easily clock seven-plus hours with this palette. Oddly enough, I’d say the look of Clair Obscur gets better on me once it’s been on for a couple of hours.

chanel clair obscur

In the photograph, I’m wearing Clair Obscur coupled with Chanel’s Le Volume Revolution Mascara reviewed here.

  • My eyebrows have been filled in with Chanel’s Defining Longwear Eyebrow Pencil in Brun Clair
  • I also used Chanel’s Longwear Concealer in 91 Caramel beneath my brow bones before I applied the highlighting shade.
  • The concealer was also applied above my eyebrows.

Clair Obscur is a natural choice for a natural eye look and it also works as a compliment to a slew of other eye products. Lucia Pica’s vision in this Fall makeup collection is an absolute triumph for Chanel makeup devotees and for those looking for an uncomplicated entry into the brand’s offerings. As a woman with a deeper skin tone, I am especially pleased by the choices this collection offers, let’s see if the Holiday Collection can maintain my Chanel makeup high.

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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    Hi Yettive,

    Thank you, I’m so glad you found the review helpful. You’re in luck, as I recently began using the Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation in 91 Caramel. Prior to that I had been using it in 70 Beige, which is quite light but turned out to be usable once it melds with the skin. Once I’m satisfied with my feelings about the new formula in 91 Caramel, I’ll put up a review. I appreciate you stopping by xo

  2. Yettive Buntin says:

    Have you had a chance to review Chanel’s re-formulated foundations for deeper shades? I am curious. It would be most helpful. Your review of the new eye palette is spot on. Thank you.

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