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50 Things That Make Me Smile or 50 Things That Make My Life Extraordinary

50 things

50 things

One of the highlights of blogging is being tagged to participate in tags or challenges. So in this post, I’m responding to the 50 Things that Make My Life Extraordinary or 50 Things That Make Me Smile tag. I was tagged by Paula of The Value of A Moment blog to participate, a sweet surprise as always. Paula covers an array of topics on her blog that include plenty of food content along with her adventures travelling and trying new things. Do also have a look at the sweet post she did in response to this tag by clicking here.

Also, please take some time over a break or a cuppa something warm and check out the cool bloggers I tagged for this as well. They blog across various topics including beauty, lifestyle, money management and personal experiences, so here’s the list:

50 things

Here’s my list of 50 Things That Make Me Smile or 50 Things That Make My Life Extraordinary

  1. Simple things.
  2. The pinks of early morning sunlight.
  3. Hearing dogs outside.
  4. Watching dogs.
  5. Quiet moments.
  6. Waking up early and feeling like anything is possible.
  7. Clean sheets.
  8. A fresh manicure.
  9. British Comedy.
  10. Finding treasure off the beaten path.50 things
  11. Re-reading Jane Eyre.
  12. Meeting a friend for a meal.
  13. Museum Visits.
  14. Dedicated time connecting with nature.
  15. Hearing birdsongs.
  16. Time spent on the coast.
  17. Fresh seafood.
  18. Afternoon tea with biscuits.
  19. Fresh basil and cilantro.
  20. Well written recipes.50 things
  21. My mother’s old-fashioned sayings.
  22. My dad’s clear-eyed pragmatism.
  23. Reading blogs.
  24. Books in every room.
  25. Quiet country roads.
  26. A fresh blow-out that I didn’t have to do myself.
  27. Completed tasks.
  28. A clean kitchen.
  29. Music in the background.
  30. Podcasts that make me laugh out loud.50 things50 things
  31. Receiving photographs of my family’s doggies.
  32. Seeing when the news highlights good people and stories of hope.
  33. Cat and dog videos.
  34. Knowing that with the right action, we can transform our lives for the better.
  35. Being forward focused.
  36. Knowing that when we give, we shift the dynamic in the world towards the greater good.
  37. Realising that we are more than categories.
  38. Funny Twitter hashtags.
  39. Fresh pepper.
  40. Striking cinematography and costuming.

50 things

41. Making lists.

42. Tidying my desk.

43. Listening to my heart.

44. Prioritising my boundaries.

45. The first time I encountered the term ‘paying it forward’.

46. When I go to bed at the end of a productive day.

47. Rice trail-mix.

48. Creamy face masks.

49. When the Christmas cards begin arriving.

50. Mary Berry’s onion-sage stuffing.

50 things

Now that you’re here, I challenge you to take some time to put together your own list. Even if it’s ten things, doing it conjures gratitude and prompts one to fully occupy the small moments in life that need not be broadcast to anyone else except your heart and your mind. In the small moments, we can choose how we move through each new day, even if we’re on a tight schedule. So, cheers to being thankful, cheers to blogging buddies, cheers to life and thank you again Paula of

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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    Ah, Ms. Via thank you, you made my day, truly. Thank you for reading and for such sweet sentiments, I’m looking forward to seeing your post and sending you lots of love as well:)

  2. Beautiful list Marie. I loved reading it and re-read it again. Clean sheets, clean kitchen and tea and biscuits bring smile to me as well. Marie you write so beautifully. 🙂 Loved the images you used. Thank you so much for the tag. I will post soon. Lots of love to you my dear.

    Via |

  3. backstorybeauty says:

    You’re so very welcome Susie, I’m so glad there were things that made you smile as well. Doing this was such a pleasure:) xoxo..

  4. What a beautiful list! Quiet country roads, fresh seafood & making lists are a few that make me smile too! 😊 I love reading these posts & thanks again for the tag!❤️❤️

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