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Chanel Huile de Jasmin, A Skin Loving Facial Oil

chanel huile de jasmin

chanel huile de jasmin

Chanel’s Huile de Jasmin was originally created in 1927, to be used when Madame (Chanel) did her facial massages. Chanel believed in living well, eating well, being athletic and maintaining a sharp mind. She also believed that beauty should extend to every aspect of a person’s existence, including one’s surroundings, an ethos I can certainly get behind.

Re-released in 2017 to commemorate the 90th anniversary of Huile de Jasmin’s release, the re-formulated incarnation contains ingredients that are skin-loving and naturally derived such as the namesake jasmine flower extract, grown and harvested on Chanel’s land holdings in Grasse, France. Also included in the formulation is camellia oil, jojoba oil, meadowfoam seed oil and squalane, not to be confused with squalene.

Texturally, Huile de Jasmin is light, non-oily and absorbs quickly. I use about two to three dime-sized drops depending on my skin’s needs and that’s sufficient for my entire face. Plus, I absolutely love it under my foundation as it keeps my skin looking and feeling supple without disrupting my makeup.

chanel huile de jasmin

Here are all the ways Huile de Jasmin can be used:

  • Blended with another moisturiser.
  • Layered over other skincare such as serums, toners and essences.
  • Under makeup.
  • For facial massage.
  • On fine lines.
  • Blended with powder highlighter to create a luminous effect.
  • On its own.

chanel huile de jasmin

Some people find the jasmine scent a bit much but I find it quite mild and eventually I forget about it. Any skin type can use this and you can decide how much is enough for you in terms of whether you apply it once or twice a day.

Once I was able to get my breakouts under control and once I began to see dark spots truly fading, I began using this consistently. After it absorbs, I notice an evenness to my skin, it adds some light as well and leaves my dry skin looking and feeling nourished and hydrated but not oily.

To use, I place about two to three drops into the palms of my hands then press it into my face and onto my neck, concentrating especially on the lines at either side of my mouth and my forehead. I also adore using this oil for facial massage, especially for the satisfaction that comes from feeling my face ‘buzz’ after the massage.

Housed in a simple glass bottle with impeccably clean lines and a heavy black cap embossed with the Chanel ‘C’s’, its design simplicity makes it quite striking. There are not many design differences from the original bottle apart from the cap. The bottle also has a simple spout at the top, so tapping the oil into your palms is easy.

chanel huile de jasmin

In the morning, I wake up to an overall clearer look plus I also feel that it’s helping to smooth and fade the dark spots even more. The lines at the sides of my mouth also look less defined and the hydrated feeling remains well into the next day until I do the first face wash of the day, even if that doesn’t happen until lunch time.

While I haven’t come across official instructions to use this in one’s hair, once in a while I ration out a couple drops and massage it into my scalp and smooth it onto my strands. I’m not sure if it officially does anything for my hair but it certainly helps my naturally curly texture to feel smoother for a long time while making my hair smell pleasant. I also love to smooth in a bit after a fresh blow out.

Chanel Huile de Jasmin comes in a 50ml/1.7oz bottle and because such a tiny amount is needed, I expect this to last for a very long time. I truly love what this oil does for my maturing skin and even my hair. As with any facial oil, they’re best kept away from light so mine stays in the box, inside my cabinet but it surely is a thing of beauty to look at and to use. Have you used facial oils and if so, share with me your #beautyfavorites.


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