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La Mer The Moisturizing Cream, An Express Review

la mer review

la mer review

La Mer The Moisturizing Cream is not my first rally with the brand. I reviewed a couple of products from Creme de La Mer, specifically The Treatment Lotion along with The Perfecting Treatment in an acne and anti-dark spot post that you can have a look at here. But something happened once I committed to trying the moisturizing cream so that’s what I wanted to share, along with a few more thoughts about The Perfecting Treatment. Now, in the beauty world, every brand seeks to create a compelling story. Creme de La Mer, or La Mer for ease of reference, has an illustrious backstory, including two duelling schools of thought about whether or not the founder, Max Huber actually existed. Google yields plenty of ‘thoughts’ about this so I’ll leave that to you to explore.

la mer review

What came first

The Moisturizing Cream is the product that La Mer first brought out in 1965. But it wasn’t until 1995 that La Mer was acquired by the Estee Lauder Group of Companies and the rest is gilded, enigmatic history. I was in my twenties when I first got my hands on a number of samples and my skin loved it instantly. Fast forward about two hundred years to now, re-discovering La Mer has been a bit sad. Stay with me to find out why.

The Ingredients

Mineral Oil and Petrolatum are the second and third ingredients of The Moisturizing Cream. Many, many people regard mineral oil and petrolatum as cheap ingredients that can potentially clog pores. In actuality, the chemical size of mineral oil is too large to penetrate the skin. Instead, it can protect the skin by preventing moisture loss.

Remember good old fashioned vaseline and baby oil? Baby oil consists of mineral oil and fragrance, full stop. Added to that, the Moisturizing Cream also boasts a slew of other ingredients, such as seaweed extract, lime tea and several oils such as sesame seed, eucalyptus, sunflower and sweet almond.

la mer review

What My Skin Said

Post peak breakout, once my skin started responding to everything I was using to get the dark spots and breakouts to cease and desist their onslaught, I slowly began to use the Moisturizing Cream over my serums. And each morning, I woke up to spots that were less raised, less angry and my skin began to look softer and less spazzy. With this cream, you don’t need much to cover your face, so I’d scoop the size a little smaller than a green pea onto my spatula, warm that between my palms and press it into my skin.

The Moisturizing Cream is the last product I would have thought to use in the fight against banishing dark spots, especially raised ones. But help it did. Now that I’ve managed to get my skin calm again, I am rationing the small bit left in the little sample pot because thinking about the moment when there’s absolutely nothing left to scrape out, makes my heart hurt, hence the reason for the sadness.

La Mer The Perfecting Treatment

I shared thoughts about La Mer The Perfecting Treatment here, but I wanted to briefly add some more technical aspects of this product. La Mer introduced The Perfecting Treatment in 2016. However, based on what I saw online, it seems that to an extent it still flies under the radar. Formulated with La Mer’s patented Miracle Broth™ along with seaweed extract, rice bran, cucumber fruit extract, barley extract and sesame seed powder among other things, The Perfecting Treatment is a hybrid makeup meets skincare product.

la mer review

But What Does It Do

It reduces redness, smoothes skin, offers a blurring effect, heals and over time it refines the overall look of the skin. The Perfecting Treatment also draws upon the power of fermented ingredients, something that is very common is skincare coming out of Asia and is now increasingly found in Western skincare formulas. Think of yoghurt, it’s laden with good bacteria that has a slew of benefits for gut health/digestion. Yoghurt can’t happen without drawing on fermentation. In skincare formulas, fermented ingredients are purported to somehow be more effective. In The Perfecting Treatment, there are two ferments, The Refining Ferment and The Lucent Ferment which strengthens skin, fades spots and amps up brightness. Lastly, The Perfecting Treatment works beautifully as a makeup primer, it can be used before moisturiser, as the last step in your skincare regimen to seal everything in, or it can be worn alone in lieu of an additional moisturiser. My skin absolutely loved it. Like The Moisturizing Cream, it’s expensive. Take ye to your nearest La Mer counter for samples of both.



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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    You’re so very welcome my dear. I’m certainly looking forward to going deeper into the brand to try more things xoxo

  2. Geniussr says:

    I love lamer moisturizing soft cream and their treatment lotion.. such an amazing skincare brand… thanks for your review..❤️

  3. backstorybeauty says:

    Thanks Ms. V..yes the brand is quite hard on the wallet(: Best Strategy may be to befriend a Sales Assistant to get good dibs on samples. Thanks for stopping by…xoxo:))

  4. These sound so good Marie. It is great that we can get samples of these as it is too expensive. 🙂

    Via |

  5. backstorybeauty says:

    Hehe, right? Truly it’s not a wallet-friendly brand at all but boy are some of their products the creme de la creme..xo

  6. I love the Perfecting Treatment, and am a fan of ALL of La Mer’s moisturizers! I wished I could use more of their eye cream and serums though, but (thankfully for my wallet) those don’t seem to suit my skin!

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