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Boost Morale With Lipstick From Rodin in Loving Lucy

boost morale with rodin lipstick

boost morale with rodin lipstick

Just add…fill in the blank, familiar right? In this instance, I’m suggesting you boost your morale by adding this lipstick, Rodin Olio Lusso in Loving Lucy to your makeup wardrobe, even if, or especially if, the thought of a bright lip invokes cold sweating. But, let’s work backwards before we move forward.

A few nights ago I said to him that people in the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries likely felt they were living in a mad world. Lately, I’ve been feeling as though the earth is at risk of sliding off its axis at any moment, but then I have to remind myself to stop, take a breath and get clear. Yet, getting clear is not always an easy thing to pull off is it? And it can be harder to accomplish depending on what’s happening in one’s life. Lipstick impacts emotions and transcends geography, race and class. Even in economic downturns, lipstick sales tend to remain steady. Personally, I regard ‘beauty’, whether makeup, skincare, even scented candles or beauty content as one and the same as they all feed into each other and are somewhat inseparable unless you’re doing spreadsheets. Barring a new lipstick, sometimes, all it takes to bring my brain back into focus is a glossy Violet Grey editorial or a fresh byline in Les Façons. And while editorials and bylines are hardly a cure for major life concerns, I’d always advocate for them and for the value in turning to cosmetics in general, simply because of their transformative powers. Besides, using lipstick to boost morale is hardly a new phenomenon. During the Second World War, red lipstick was also used as a morale booster, plus there’s been no shortage of makeup mavens throughout the decades touting the benefits of a bright lip on one’s psyche.

boost morale with rodin lipstick

So, I decided to seize the opportunity to buy into a brand I’d been eyeing up for a while. Rodin Olio Lusso, the tightly edited skincare brand that began with facial oils whipped up in the bathroom of its very cool founder, Linda Rodin. Call Rodin the accidental brand founder, but also know that she was a stylist extraordinaire to several big names and for many a glossy magazine long before ‘civilians’ were aware of such professions.

Eventually, Rodin added colour cosmetics to the catalogue, which now includes lipstick, lip balm and lip pencils. Plus the brand also carries lotions, fragrances and a cleansing powder, but oils, specifically for face, body and hair, remain the foundation.

I chose Loving Lucy as my introductory product, for its vivid colour and because I don’t have to work as hard to enliven my face when wearing a bright lip shade. Also, Loving Lucy is a sweet ode to the actress Lucille Ball, quite fitting really because of her work as a comedienne and because this was such an emotional add for me.

boost morale with rodin lipstick

Officially, Rodin describes Loving Lucy as a ”deep, jewel-toned garnet” shade. And it’s very much that. Loving Lucy delivers maximum colour saturation with one swipe and leaves a semi-matte finish. It is also one of the most comfortable and hydrating lipsticks I’ve had the pleasure to use and truly, the most mood-boosting.

boost morale with rodin lipstick

I compared Loving Lucy to Chanel’s Pirate, another lipstick I regard as a go to when I’m looking for a lipstick pick-me-up. While the shades are a close match, the formulation is very different, with Loving Lucy being creamier and more luminous in appearance.

A further morale boost coming from Rodin is its lipstick packaging, a salute to lucite that allows the user to lock her gaze on the beautiful bullet of wax and oils that is the lipstick. Speaking of which, Rodin’s lipstick formulas draw heavily on some of the same oils used in her facial products. This includes oils of neroli, apricot, jasmine and argan.

boost morale with rodin lipstick

Loving Lucy delivers a respectable five hours of wear and holds up during the consumption of full meals and beverages. As it wears, it leaves a stain but not the unsightly kind where lips begin to look frostbitten. Loving Lucy is also not prone to bleeding or flaking. I detected the faintest herbal/floral scent but only because I deliberately sniffed the lipstick. Plus, extra points are given to Rodin’s products for being cruelty-free.

Linda Rodin stepped away from her company and passed the reins to Estée Lauder in 2014, and quite frankly I would have done the same had I been standing in her place. That aside, I already know this lipstick will be one of the things I reach for, especially when a morale boost is desperately in order. Loving Lucy is a standout in the merry-go-round of lipsticks, not just in formulation but also in aesthetics.

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