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Chanel Sublimage: An Updated Review

chanel sublimage


chanel sublimage

Curious about how a product has worked out after the review went up? I thought so….so here’s a quick, updated review on Chanel’s Sublimage Texture Suprême Cream. In the initial review, I shared the technical aspects of Sublimage along with how it worked for me up to that point. This past summer, my skin broke out quite badly, leading me to seek out an entirely new routine to combat the breakouts and fade dark spots.

Once I was able to get a handle on the breakouts and dark spots, I began reaching for my heavy creams again, especially Sublimage. The Texture Suprême formula is a perfect balmy cocoon for my dry skin and also helps to iron out my skin. But what has prompted the updated review is the fact that it also appeared to be helping my dark spots to fade and to flatten out the raised bumps.

chanel sublimage

Vanilla Planifolia is the central ingredient in Sublimage and is harvested at Chanel’s holdings in Madagascar, then sent directly to Chanel’s labs in France. But Sublimage’s formulas have been improved upon since it’s initial introduction in 2006. In 2016, to mark the tenth anniversary of Sublimage, Chanel harnessed the outcomes of additional research to introduce more powerful formulas. So Sublimage draws upon Éphémères de Planifolia, an extract of vanilla planifoliaGood old vanilla has been in use for centuries since it delivers a number of benefits to the skin, hair and body. When used on skin, vanilla’s anti-bacterial properties help to alleviate the effects of acne and general breakouts, plus it helps to unclog pores. Vanilla also helps to optimise skin functions including being anti-oxidant, working to smooth line and wrinkles and also promoting skin healing (think sunburn for example).

Here’s how I re-introduced Sublimage into my night-time routine:

  • Layered over my anti-dark spot serum.
  • Then, when my skin really began to clear and its texture improved, I used Sublimage over my La Mer Treatment Lotion.
  • As an overnight mask after cleansing and eye cream.

No matter how I use it, Sublimage has never disappointed me because it always makes my skin look more even, clearer and smoother. And the best part is that by using the spatula that comes with it, I never waste any product especially since such a small amount is needed, plus it’s a dream to massage into slightly dampened skin.

chanel sublimage

Vanilla also has calming properties and I suppose it’s why using Sublimage is such a pleasing sensorial experience. Chanel compares the textures of each Sublimage formula to that of fabric, with the Texture Suprême formula being compared to velvet silk. Sublimage also draws upon the skin healing benefits of shea butter and camellia oil. Years ago, once I fell in love with the lore surrounding camellia oil and its benefits for skin and hair, it became one of the central products in my night time routine. I still try to use it for my hair from time to time but as the years go by, my skin’s needs change, so knowing that camellia oil is part of this brilliant formula fortifies my faith in the product.

Explore Sublimage with samples first to decide if it’s right for your skin. It is mildly fragranced but any scent dissipates quickly. Let your skin guide you to the right Sublimage formula for an optimised match. If you’re in your twenties or thirties, put Sublimage on your ‘for the future’ list but if like me you’re in your forties or beyond, then this product is a great start.




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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    Thanks a mill! It’s a gorgeous cream indeed..xoxo

  2. It’s great to read an update about this luxurious cream. Glad you like this cream. Love the pictures Marie. 🙂

    Via |

  3. backstorybeauty says:

    You’re welcome, it was a pleasure to do the update. Chanel’s Sublimage line is really one of a kind. They have great travel sets for the season and I believe one of the sets include Sublimgae items xo

  4. Geniussr says:

    Thanks for the updated review…I so wanna try some skincare from Chanel as I have never tried before… I think this range would be the best to start with…❤️

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