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3 Nails Polishes For A Classic, Festive Mani

classic festive mani

classic festive mani

It’s that time of year again and whether your calendar fills up with dinners, get-togethers, Friendsgiving, Dogsgiving, Sunday roasts, drink-ups and more, here are three nail polishes guaranteed to serve you year after year, no nail art needed.classic festive mani

Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour 08 Pirate is a blue-based red, boasting a gel-like, glossy finish. Pirate has been in my collection for a couple of years now. I believe I’m on my third bottle and I’m yet to get tired of it. Although I wouldn’t advocate for wearing any nail polish without a base coat, if you’re ever caught off-guard and receive an invitation at short notice, Chanel’s Pirate comes through in a pinch as it dries quickly, delivering an even application. After re-formulating their nail polish formulas a couple of years ago, Chanel’s nail lacquers are now 5-free, include bioceramics in the formula to protect nails and offer a salon-level finish minus the trip and the wait time.

classic festive mani

While the brush has room for improvement, although I took no issue with it through using my first two bottles, it doesn’t take away from being able to give yourself a classic mani with a nail polish shade that never goes out of style. Pirate remains one of Chanel’s best-selling shades, which isn’t surprising as it works beautifully with any skin tone. While red nail polishes can be had at any price point, Chanel’s is worth it for its longevity, its overall beauty and timelessness. You may see more details about Pirate when I previously explored it here.

classic festive mani

Givenchy Le Vernis o6 Framboise Velours is new to my collection although the brand hardly needs an introduction. Framboise is a raspberry shade although it’s not as deep as true raspberry. On the nails, its appearance is similar to a deep pink with purple undertones. Either way, Framboise is also suitable for all skin tones.

classic festive mani

Givenchy’s brush is a perfectly designed flat, V-shape allowing for an easier application. 2018 saw Givenchy re-launch their nail polishes, improve the formula and re-design the packaging. The finish is high-gloss, dries quickly and Framboise specifically is a great alternative if you’re not so keen on a red nail. The only downside to this nail polish is that its lasting power is not as long as I hoped, even with a base coat and top coat.  Maybe wear time would be improved if I used Givenchy’s 2-in-one base and top coat but apart from that, I’m still happy to have it in my collection as Framboise is truly a gorgeous, jewel-toned shade.

classic festive mani

Chanel Le Vernis 18 Rouge Noir is one of my ultimate favourite nail polishes. At one point, Rouge Noir was such a hot-seller for Chanel it would completely sell out. Additional credits for Rouge Noir include being worn by Uma Thurman in the film Pulp Fiction, and also being worn by Madonna in her video for ‘Take a Bow‘. After it’s initial splash on the runway for Chanel’s 1994 Autumn/Winter collection, Rouge Noir has elicited numerous iterations across several brands.

classic festive mani

If ever your nails are your only accessory, and I believe any polished nail is indeed an accessory, Rouge Noir elevates your mani to ‘level extraordinarily sophisticated’. Call it vampy, call it chic-goth, call it risky in some circles, but don’t ever call it boring. No matter what you call it, this nail polish makes a very clear announcement about the wearer, and so it’s one of the reasons why it’s especially perfect for a festive mani.

classic festive mani

Rouge Noir delivers in two coats, leaving a shade that has been described in too many ways to count. But there’s early evidence of the shade already being used by Chanel, albeit not in nail polish form via the following quote *Black and white are joined by red, a garnet shade, like the heart of a black cherry, which Chanel uses frequently and which is often called ‘red-black’.” And so, red-black is how I would describe Rouge Noir without hesitation. Rarely have I ever felt the level of satisfaction with a nail polish that I do with Rouge Noir. So if you ever need a nudge outside the bounds of what is comfortable for you, go with Rouge Noir and be prepared to be more animated when you speak so as to show off your mani.

classic festive mani

While Pirate is the most classic nail polish shade in this festive line-up, Givenchy’s Framboise Velours and Chanel’s Rouge Noir stretch out your options exponentially and keep you from the normcore approach to adorning your nails, so go ahead and give ballet pink a desperately, much-needed rest.

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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    Thanks so very much Anika:) Such kind words, I appreciate it xo

  2. Such beautiful shades of nail polish that complement you very well. Perfect for this time of year too. Your pics are gorgeous by the way!

  3. backstorybeauty says:

    Aren’t they :)? These shades will definitely stay relevant and in fashion, thank as always for your kind words my dear xoxo

  4. All the shades are really pretty and classic, abd will never go out of fashion. Perfect shades for the holidays. 🙂 Love all the pictures too. 🙂

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