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Dior’s New Rouge Blush Plus Back-Catalogue Beauty Buys

dior rouge blush


dior rouge blushThere’s something about shopping a brand’s back catalogue because that’s where the real stars tend to hang out. Yes, there are new launches every day but I’m increasingly drawn to the products that remain year after year. While Dior’s new blush is a thing of absolute beauty, the remainder of the products in this post have been around for a while with good reason.

dior rouge blush


Dior Rouge Blush in 047 Miss is the blush formula you didn’t realise you need right now. It’s Dior’s newest blush launch in five years and was created to match the wildly popular Rouge Dior Lipsticks. Of the nine shades offered at the moment, I chose 047 Miss. In the compact, it appears to be a hot, fluorescent pink but the translation on my skin was quite the opposite. I had to build the shade up in order for it to show, but once I saw the colour, I became quite excited. On me, it’s a warm-ish pink with hints of purple undertones, quite thrilling really because it hits the ‘lit from within mark’.

The texture and application conjures similarities to a cream blush because of the satiny, luminous finish. Plus, this new-generation formula is neither chalky nor dusty, and application only requires a light hand. To me, the shade goes through a ‘blooming’ process in that the full scope of it appears after it’s been on the skin for a few minutes, hence my suggesting a restrained approach. With a formula this buildable, innovative and long-lasting, I already know that I’ll be adding more shades to my collection, especially since it doesn’t crack or fade on my dry skin and the colour remains true for as long as I’m wearing it.dior rouge blush

Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Sheer Illuminating Fluid in Sunkissed is a super-star product from Chanel’s back catalogue. So many brands have items that may not be at the top of the headlines each week but those products quietly remain best-sellers. In a sea of over the top illuminators and glow-up products, this is a product that will appeal to you if you like the idea of a highlighting product but want a believable, natural-looking finish.

dior rouge blush


  • Chanel’s Sheer Illuminating Fluid won’t change or darken the colour of your skin but will give a luminous finish.
  • You may apply it before or after foundation or on bare skin, plus you may even lightly tap it onto your eyelids.
  • With an oil-free, cream-gel formula, this can be applied with a brush, sponge or fingers but I absolutely prefer using a foundation brush.
  • Use it year-round and mix with foundation or tap onto the areas you want to highlight.
  • Cocktail it with your daily moisturiser for some all-over luminousity.
  • Plays nicely with my dry skin, plus it doesn’t break apart or cling to any dry areas.
  • I love cocktailing it with the highlight shade from Chanel’s Summer 2018’s Palette Essenentielle Ete and applying to my orbital bone for extra impact that lasts.
  • I’ve also found it useful to warm up foundations that may be too light.

I wish I’d added this product to my collection much sooner, as it’s extremely versatile and can work for so many skin tones.

dior rouge blush

Chanel Le Blanc Light Creator Brightening Makeup Base in 20 Mimosa has proven to be the answer to my primer prayers. For ease of reference, we’ll refer to this as Le Blanc Light Creator. It’s an oil-free makeup base boasting a high SPF 40 that preps skin for any makeup that goes on top, or you may wear it alone. I prefer using a foundation brush to apply but clean fingertips work as well.

Le Blanc Light Creator helps to diffuse dark spots and other imperfections and improves the look of skin overall, including signs of aging. That age-denying helping hand comes in the form of glycine, a naturally occurring NMF or natural moisturising factor that’s found throughout the human body and benefits skin by warding off the signs of aging. While the radiance boosting properties of Le Blanc Light Creator comes from Akoya pearl extract, taken from pearls that according to Chanel’s website, ”are carefully matured for an optimal 2-year period”. Le Blanc Light Creator is easily portable, comes in two shades and also scores high for being the super hero your skin needs on a daily basis.

dior rouge blush

Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre Natural Finish Loose Powder in 40 Doré is another back catalogue goody, or the powder I had to get to figure out if the accolades were warranted. Plus, there’s something to be said about staying in-brand for your foundation and powder. But here’s the thing, in most instances a loose powder is a loose powder. And while this is labelled as being translucent, the reality is that all translucent powders won’t work for every skin tone. This one scores high on being light, oil-free, finely milled and easily melds with skin to leave a smooth, even finish.

It provides subtle illumination without settling into lines as well. But if you have textural issues and are seeking total coverage you may need to turn to a pressed powder. It doesn’t make my dry skin look like cracked earth after a few hours and leaves a perfected finish that never looks overdone. While this isn’t a powder that can launch rockets, other needed improvements are in the form of shade range expansion plus it’s not the most portable powder, but a little decant never hurt anyone.

dior rouge blush

Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in Camélia is another gem from my favourite brand for nail lacquer. It’s a beautiful deep pink shade providing a respite from red or plum and can easily be worn all year.

dior rouge blush

With two coats, you’re all set with a glossy, gel-like finish, once again cancelling the need for a trip to the nail salon.

These items are easily my most satisfying makeup buys in a while. I’d love to know if you’ve tried any of these items or have them on a wish list.

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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    Yes indeed, Dior has really outdone themselves with the new blushes. The shade 999 was also the first one I fell in love with but I wanted something playful so I went with Miss 🙂

  2. Love everything here. The Dior blush is on my wish list for sometime now. I am eyeing the shade 999. It looks pretty on the website but still have to check it at the counters. But now I have the option of Miss if I don’t want 999. The Chanel powder and the base look good too. 🙂

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