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November 7, 2018

Strong Clean Hair: How I Maintain Healthy Strands




strong clean hair

My wash day routine feels like a major ‘production’/chore and I absolutely dread the thought of it. Odd is how I’d describe my hair, plus it may be feeling the effects of hormonal changes. After all, hair texture and its overall condition tends to change with time, especially once you hit your 40’s and beyond. I stopped relaxing my hair several years ago, then had natural keratin treatments for about two years which I’ve also stopped doing.

So now, I simply wash my hair and do a blowout once per week or every ten days or so. And with that, I’ve finally honed in on products that have helped my hair to recover from an earlier bout of severe breakage. I have about three different textures of hair on my head plus a scalp that tends to be dry, so figuring out what works has been a disjointed, maddening process until I began using the products in this post.

strong clean hair

Lotion P50 Capillaire is an exfoliating and regulating hair lotion that can be used pre-shampoo or post-shampoo, so I alternate with the position that I slot it into my wash day routine. Lotion P50 Capillaire is to an extent, the hair version of Biologique Recherche’s cult exfoliating/toning product, Lotion P50. Admittedly, this is the oddest hair-care product I’ve ever used and I’m not totally in love with it. However, the benefits of using it have outweighed my ambivalence so I intend to soldier on.

strong clean hair

Scalp exfoliators are becoming quite a thing with this one holding its own as a true but smelly workhorse. It’s formulated with vinegar along with onion extract, sage extract and usnic acid (derived from lichen), which is used for its antimicrobial and hair strengthening abilities.

Apart from not liking the smell of this, it also leaves my hair feeling slightly sticky and brittle after rinsing. But once I continue with the rest of my routine, my hair feels normal again.

strong clean hair


Biologique Recherche Masque Biologique Capillaire is a hydrating mask that also strengthens hair that is dry, fragile or colour-treated. It contains shea butter, mink oil, yeast extract and kelp to fortify and repair hair. The downside is that it must be applied only to the hair strands and ends while avoiding the scalp and roots. Not an easy thing to accomplish when the mask must also be worn under cling wrap or a hot towel for 20-30 minutes but I’ve since gotten the hang of it…I think.

strong clean hair

After it’s rinsed away, my hair is instantly easier to comb through, feels lighter, softer, more malleable and ready for shampoo. Masque Biologique Capillaire has a mild yeast scent and a luxuriously creamy feel.

strong clean hair

I mentioned Olaplex No. 3 in an earlier post here, detailing some of the key products in my general stash. It’s worth mentioning again because apart from Masque Biologique Capillaire and the Oribe Conditioner for Beautiful Color, Olaplex No. 3 delivers the hydration and manageability my hair always needs. Olaplex No. 3 is easy to use and requires a bare minimum of ten minutes wear time or it can be left in longer. It smells like a typical conditioner with a standard creamy texture. and may be used once per week or up to three times per week depending on your hair’s needs.

strong clean hair

Oribe Shampoo For Beautiful Color smells gorgeous and my hair always responds so well to it. Formulated without parabens or sodium chloride, it’s safe for keratin treated hair, delivers high doses of hydration and fortification of strands while offering UV protection. Only a small amount is needed to make my hair feel smooth and clean. I wash twice to ensure that the other products are completely removed and to ensure my hair is ready to receive the final two products in my routine.

strong clean hair

Oribe Conditioner For Beautiful Color is another award-winning product that’s so luxuriously scented. Oribe tapped a perfume house dating back to the 19th century to create a bespoke scent common to all of the brand’s hair care products. The conditioner is properly creamy, makes my hair ultra silky while maximising its manageability. If you couldn’t already tell, I consider my naturally curly-ish hair to be a true chore to deal with, yet it took most of my adult life to finally be comfortable with it in its natural state despite its changes. I’d enthusiastically recommend Oribe’s products to just about anybody who needs to get their hair in order quickly and especially to those with a similar hair texture.

strong clean hair

Step 6: Biologique Recherche Lotion Keractive 

Rounding out my wash day routine is Lotion Keractive which is targeted at dry, fragile hair. A leave-in treatment that also increases manageability, strengthens and protects hair, this may be used on dry hair as well but I prefer putting it into my wet, clean hair. Especially since the next step is a quick, medium setting blow-dry using a  duo-bristle round brush. Lotion Keractive is also formulated with vinegar along with nettle extract, yeast extract, birch bark extract to condition the hair, vitamin B5 and horsetail extract to repair. Scent wise, it’s less intense than Lotion P50 Capillaire and leaves a cool feeling throughout my strands.

If asked to pick favourites it would be the Oribe Shampoo and Conditioner For Beautiful Color along with Biologique Recherche Masque Biologique Capillaire, simply because they’re easiest to use. However, the other products dive deeper ‘under the hood’ to supply the hair with exfoliating, and strengthening ingredients which ultimately for me, has lead to overall better hair in terms of texture and strength.




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