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Sunday Things: A Good Read with Tea and Scented Candles

sunday things

Believe it or not, I have so many other interests apart from beauty. So now that I’ve hit the 100 posts published mark, it’s time for a new Sunday feature on the blog called Sunday Things. Sunday Things will explore new finds such as homeware, apparel, the occasional off the cuff op-ed piece or any other shareable faves I come across. For this inaugural installation, I’m sharing a sweet and inspirational book that was a gift from a dear friend, along with a new scented candle that came into my collection on a whim. So here’s to passing the 100th post here on the blog and cheers to the new Sunday Things feature, which also ushers in a new posting schedule for the blog, specifically on Sundays and Wednesdays.

sunday things

In The Company of Women by Grace Bonney

At first glance, In The Company of Women seems like its place can only be on a coffee table. But, in my opinion, if it’s ever placed on one, it should only be after it’s content has been devoured and you the reader feel inspired to take its sentiments and use it to light a little fire in your own life. Grace Bonney, the author, founded the website in 2004. Since then, it has given birth to a slew of other creative projects including this New York Times Best Selling Book, along with podcasts, a radio show, editorial columns and more.

I’ve been spending time with this book and of the many themes running through it along with the thoughts it stirs in me, is the awe I feel for the women profiled. They dared, dreamt, kept going, bounced back from setbacks, started small and most of all, they were featured in this book because they STAYED.THE.COURSE. Forgive me for bolding those last three words but that’s so important. Also, the book makes you realise that it’s not just about success but more about showing up for yourself, being consistent with your individual crafts and abilities and eventually coming out on the other side to demonstrate that ‘success’ or ‘breaking through’ or ‘making it’ is not reserved for a special kind of human being.

sunday things

Some of my favourite profiles in the book include Klancy Miller, a writer and chef, Linda Rodin, a stylist, model and the founder of Rodin Olio Lusso, Carrie Brownstein, a Musician, Writer and Actor and Dana Tanamachi, an Artist and Graphic Designer.

In the Company of Women conjures the best kind of community, a testament to varying interests that happen to have common threads running through it. It also serves as a reminder to hold fast to the things that bring us joy or the things we are good at, especially if there’s a way to turn it into an enterprise or to use it to be of service. Mostly though, spending time with this book or any book for that matter is precious time away from a blue screen. That’s the kind of redux or detox we’re all in dire need of.

sunday things

Alixx Candles

I trimmed the wick and lit the candle moments after it was delivered. Once the scent came together I was swept up in the bewitching, creamy, earthy wafts of ‘candle perfume’ flitting about the room. Without realising what I was doing, I stepped closer to the candle so that my nostrils could better detect all the facets of this dreamy creation. With calming notes, it transformed the room and has since become my sanctuary in a jar. I light it when the temperatures drop or when I’m not having the best day. But I also light it when I wake up feeling like anything is possible, especially when the sun streams in brilliantly and I feel re-invigorated. Candles have become such a big deal and when they’re well made, it validates the hype surrounding them.

sunday things sunday things

Alixx Candles was started in Belgium in 2009 by Alix de la Mensbruge, who specialises in artisanal candles and diffusers. With the scents designed by perfumers in Grasse, France, the remainder of production happens in Europe and the US.

The company currently offers two regular candle collections, a diffuser collection along with a holiday collection. My candle in En Promenade is from the Ceramique de Provence collection, inspired by the French region of Provence. According to Alixx’s website, En Promenade’s main scent notes are iris, sandalwood and amber.

These candles are hand poured and use vegetable wax so no synthetics are ever used. I’m truly pleased with how evenly this candle burns especially since I tend to keep it lit for a couple of hours at a time. With a superb scent throw, I can discern its fragrant notes a room away when lit. As much as I’ve burned this candle, it’s level has not been reduced dramatically so that makes me want to get into the brand even more. Alixx Candles have a great price point and they’re all housed in simple, elegant, re-usable jars, so count me as a new fan.sunday things

A Pot of Tea and Getting Cosy

I have cups of tea a number of times each day but tea on a Sunday somehow feels extra special, especially since I’m more likely to use a teapot rather than steep my tea in a cup. It’s certainly a day of rest and ease, everything feels different, sane, slow and cosy. On Sundays, it seems time slows down, allowing one to be hypnotised by the steam rising above a cup of freshly brewed tea.

Sips are slower, the tea fragrance seems more pronounced and the soul is satisfied. I didn’t always like Sundays but nowadays, I look forward to it because it’s a chance to re-set, re-boot and set intentions to make the week ahead better than the last. Apart from my daily cup of matcha, I keep a rotating stash that usually includes black teas, white teas and loose green tea. Plus, I also try to keep a creamy chai option for when I’m craving something a little sweeter. So dear reader here’s to simple things, the private pleasures we seek and cultivate to make this existence a bit more pleasing and here’s to Sunday Things.



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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    Aww thanks so much, Ms. Via, you’re so kind. Indeed, cheers to Sunday Things and thank you also for your kindest of wishes:))

  2. What a beautiful read! Truly poetic! I loved knowing the way you relax and enjoy your Sundays Marie. The book sounds amazing, the candle so relaxing and the tea is the best for an ultimate and cozy Sundays. Cheers to Sunday things! Wishing you the best always. 🙂

    Via |

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