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Festive Eye Makeup: Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerise

festive eyes charlotte tilbury

festive eyes charlotte tilbury

If you’re in the market for festive eye makeup, Charlotte Tilbury has covered all the bases for unforgettable, impactful products that are always on beauty lovers’ radar. Her eye shadows especially never fail to thrill, because they deliver sultry, long-wearing colours suitable for all skin tones. In this quick post, I’m sharing three of the easiest shades to wear. Whether you use your fingers or brushes, just know that they will open up your eyes and keep you looking ready for any occasion.

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerise boasts a unique formula meant to impart a cooling effect. According to the website, these cream eyeshadows are water-based, include Vitamin E and have illuminating pigments to help smooth out eyelids.

My experience with these eye shadows go back a couple of years, so I’ve had plenty of time to cultivate fully formed thoughts about them. Eyes To Mesmerise are ideal for a quick, subtly metallic wash of colour, while it can also be dialled up for an intensified effect by using brushes. It’s also easy to do a bit of a mash-up, by quickly tapping all three on to the lid for nuance and impact.

fesive eyes charlotte tilbury

Jean is the colour of champagne but I’d describe it as a pale gold. With a whipped, creamy consistency, Jean can also be used as a highlight colour for your brow bone but use a brush to apply there and use the tiniest amount. Otherwise, Jean offers an illuminating wash of colour, or it may also be used as a base shade or to highlight the corners of the eyes. I can also see Jean being used in the waterline, but it may not always work in that capacity for deeper skin tones. I especially love keeping it in the area just above my lash line for a subtle wash that opens my eyes without doing too much, then finishing the look with black mascara.

festive eyes charlotte tilbury

Marie-Antoinette is a deeper shade of gold or ‘oyster gold’ as officially described by Charlotte Tilbury, I adore this shade so much because it’s a ‘safe’, classic shade that’s a breeze to use and wear. Plus, it’s especially beautiful on brown eyes and an easy choice for no makeup-makeup lovers.

festive eyes charlotte tilbury

Now to Mona Lisa, a chocolatey brown that’s ideal for adding depth, especially when applied close to the lash-line. When used as a brown eyeliner above the eyelid and in the waterline (using a small flat brush), it remains in place for hours. Charlotte Tilbury’s website describes it as a chocolate bronze which I agree with, but I’d add to that by saying there’s a hint of red undertone in the formula too. No matter how it’s described, it’s the colour I’ve used almost as equally as much as Marie Antoinette.

festive eyes charlotte tilbury

Together, all three of these cream eyeshadows are the bedrock of a well-curated collection. High on versatility and ideal for (clean) finger application, it’s everything you’d want a well-formulated eyeshadow to be. Any downsides stem from the fact that if you plan to wear these shades over most of your eyelid, you should use a primer first because I’ve seen creasing after a few hours without primer. Otherwise, if I’m wearing it in the area just above my lash line, then a primer is optional.

At the time of this writing, Charlotte Tilbury’s Eyes To Mesmerise comes in eight shades and are packaged in weighty, frosted glass pots. One last thing to note is that the three shades all look darker on Charlotte Tilbury’s website than they do in real life, so keep that in mind if you’re having a look.




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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    You’re welcome, and you are spot on…..Mona Lisa is so versatile, you certainly should have a look at her cream shadows xx

  2. Geniussr says:

    They really are festive shadows.. I have not tried cream shadows from CT yet but they look great… Mona Lisa is definitely my shade…thanks for your thoughts and swatches…❤️


  3. backstorybeauty says:

    You’re so very welcome..The shades are gorgeous indeed:)

  4. This seems like one of those products that are super easy to apply and create looks with! The colours look gorgeous as well. Thanks for sharing x
    Laura / http://www.laustworld.com

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