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Lisa Eldridge Lipstick: Velvet Jazz Review

lisa eldridge velvet jazz

lisa eldridge velvet jazzlisa eldridge velvet jazz


Lisa Eldridge’s Plush Velvet Lipsticks is the launch the beauty community, and dare I say, I needed, to close out this see-saw of a year. I wasted no time in putting it on once it was delivered so let’s get into the details. International Make-up Artist, Global Creative Director of Lancôme and Author of the book Face Paint, Lisa Eldridge is one of the most sought-after makeup artists working today.

Eldridge has launched three matte lipsticks in the shades Velvet Morning, Velvet Ribbon and Velvet Jazz. At the time of this writing, all three shades are sold out but I believe there are plans to re-stock. The lipsticks can be purchased individually or as a set. Plus, the set comes in a lovely looking black velvet pouch.

lisa eldridge velvet jazz

I chose Velvet Jazz, a brown-ish based red or it may also be described as a proper brick red. I immediately felt compelled to do shade comparisons so I swatched it alongside Givenchy’s Grenat Initie, Chanel’s Pirate and Pat McGrath’s Elson. And after swatching them all, it reinforces the point that all red lipsticks are really not the same.

lisa eldridge velvet jazz

Texturally, Velvet Jazz glides on smoothly and in one swipe, give lips complete coverage, allowing the colour to come through instantly. A second and third swipe offers total opacity, especially for lips like mine that are not uniformly pigmented. Let me explain, my upper lip is naturally darker than my lower lip, and sometimes, I have to build up a lipstick to achieve and even finish. With Velvet Jazz, I don’t have to work as hard to ensure that the lipstick looks evenly applied so that’s a tremendous advantage.

lisa eldridge velvet jazz

If I drink straight from a cup or glass, I see just a shadow of pigment remaining on the rim but definitely not as bad as with other lippies I have. Also, it’s very easy to forget this lipstick is on your lips because it is not drying, nor is it heavy, quite an accomplishment for a lipstick that’s matte. Velvet Jazz is superbly comfortable and so far I’ve worn it without a lip liner and that has not taken away for how long-wearing it is.

After eating, Velvet Jazz remains very evident on the lips. Although there is a bit of fading, it’s not so much that you couldn’t get away with not re-applying unless you truly wanted to. It also does not bleed on my me, whether I apply powder around the outline of my lips or not, nor does it settle into the tiny lines I have.

I’d say Velvet Jazz would suit darker skin tones beautifully, although the other two shades, Velvet Morning and Velvet Ribbon, may also work depending on your undertones or simply, your preference.

lisa eldridge velvet jazz

Another standout aspect of Velvet Jazz is the finish on the lipstick bullet. It looks exactly the way a piece of velvet looks and I can only imagine how difficult it was to achieve this. In Eldridge’s YouTube video introducing the lipsticks, she describes abandoning trying to accomplish the velvet finish at one point. Lipstick lovers will be well pleased that she persevered because it’s one of the key aspects setting this lipstick apart from others. I tried to capture the texture in some of the photographs but it likely requires a much more powerful camera lens.

lisa eldridge velvet jazz



Here’s a video clip of the unboxing.

Lastly, Eldridge’s lipstick tube comes in a weighty, classic looking gold case that shuts satisfyingly. With a magnetised rim, once this lipstick is closed, it will remain that way. Her logo adorns the top of the gold case, making for a simple, elegant item that any lipstick lover will be happy to own. Her formula is cruelty-free and made in Italy.

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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    Hi Sam,

    I know what you mean. There are so many easier alternatives around at the moment, enjoy the moments when you do xx

  2. I love a red lip when I’m brave enough and patient enough to put it on correctly.

  3. Hehe I’ll look forward to it 😏

  4. backstorybeauty says:

    It is gorgeous. I believe she’ll be re-stocking in 2019 xo

  5. 😮😮😮 this lipstick looks so pretty!!!

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