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No Returns: Tips To Fix A Foundation That’s Too Light

foundation fix

foundation fix

Most makeup users have had to fix a foundation that’s too light, too drying, too dark or even too dewy. But rather than toss them instantly or have them pile up then expire, here are some tips to fix the shade using items already in your stash. Colour Correctors, highlighters, bronzers, powders, moisturisers and concealers can all be used to make things workable. My bug-bear foundation is La Prairie Skin Caviar Essence in Foundation, a product with premium ingredients including caviar water, but it was not the best colour match for me.

I reviewed La Prairie’s foundation earlier this year and my initial thoughts may be read here. In that post, I also promised to do a subsequent review when the weather changed so here we are. When I tested this foundation in the height of the summer, it wasn’t hydrating enough for my dry skin despite the heat. And now that temperatures have plummeted, dryness remains a concern. So to hydrate skin and fix the foundation shade, here are some ideas.

foundation fix

Start with a hydrating serum, then follow with a facial oil.  It may sound mad but it helps to create a hydrated canvas and any facial oil will do. I’ve been using Chanel’s Huile de Jasmin by tapping it all over my face with extra emphasis given to my cheeks and top of my cheekbones. `

After applying facial oil, I then reach for the answer to my primer prayers, applying it very thinly all over with a little extra on my cheeks and top of my cheekbones, on my forehead, chin and the sides of my nose. Once that’s settled down, I then reach for a warm, golden liquid skin illuminator and apply it to my cheeks because La Prairie’s Foundation is a little flat on my skin. The illuminator helps to make skin look more bouncy and also helps to make foundation application seamless while warming up the colour.

Big breath, now the foundation. La Prairie has built a reputation for combining the latest technology with premium ingredients since its early discoveries from the 70’s, although the roots of the company date back to 1931. For drier, more mature skin types using this foundation, I recommend well-hydrated skin then applying in very thin layers.

foundation fix

In cooler temperatures, it’s lasting power is very good up to a point, although I do see my nose and forehead become a bit shiny after a while. In addition, this foundation breaks apart on my skin sometimes and when that happens, it leaves odd dry patches. It also needs reinforcement when it comes to covering up dark spots, so I cancel them out with concealer. I then proceed with my favourite cream bronzer from Kjaer Weis in Lustrous to lightly contour and pull together the look, then finish with a little bit of powder that’s darker than the foundation.

foundation fix

I love the advanced, luxe ingredients La Prairie’s foundation contains, plus the fact that it comes with a refill takes some of the sting out of the price. But, unless you have skin that’s mostly problem-free, it’s highly advisable to go to the counter to sample on the spot or request samples to take home. Plus, there’s the issue of the painfully limited shade range. However, La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation comes with more shade options, but I do see differences in shades offered on the US website as opposed to some British department store websites.

As much as I wanted to fall madly in love with La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Essence in Foundation, that desire proved to be elusive. It happens to even the most seasoned makeup wearer especially with complexion products such as foundation, concealer and powder. If it happens, these tips are worth doing, especially if you don’t have someone better suited to the product to pass it along to.

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