Have Screen Face? Your Phone and Computer Are Your Frenemies

blue light skincare

blue light skincare

Your phone and your computer are your frenemies because you can use them to work, build a business, and maintain contact with loved ones. On the other hand, while you’re building and chatting, your skin is being impacted by the blue light these devices emit. There’s a name for that light, and it’s called high energy visible  light or (HEV light). Most nights, my laptop comes to bed with me but I’m trying to change that, while my phone is usually nearby with the volume turned off. Before long, I’m reading, browsing or tucking makeup and skincare products into shopping carts that often spend weeks in a virtual check-out line. But increasingly, when I think about the effects of blue light from the computer on my skin, eyes, and its potential impact on the length and quality of my sleep, I shudder because I know it’s not good.  Yes, the blue light from your phone and your computer are not doing your skin any favours at all. In fact, there’s research indicating that blue light may be just as damaging to the skin as sunlight. However, many of the products we use to protect our skin against sun damage and pollution can also be used to counteract the impact of blue light from computers and mobile phones. So here are three product suggestions to consider:

blue light skincare

Institut Esthederm City Protect In Cellium Spray is such a good starting point in helping your skin to defend itself against harmful UV rays and adverse environmental factors. This is my second canister and it can also be used in the hair and over the entire body. While this spray has no SPF, it’s the first level of ‘armour’ your skin needs before applying sunscreen. Here are some official details via

 Triple exclusive youth protection: 
GLOBAL CELLULAR PROTECTION – patented intracellular protection technology (InCellium) 
• Prevents photo-aging and brown spots. 
• Fights against collagen degradation factors and slows the appearance of wrinkles and loss of firmness. 
• Protects and improves skin’s natural resistance to sun and pollution.

In Cellium Spray has an incredibly light, water-like texture, is fast absorbing and leaves no film or residue on the skin. With a mild scent that disappears quickly, your skin instantly goes back to feeling like your skin, except with the spray applied, it’s now protected. You may also use this as a setting spray for makeup and I assure you, none of it will run or smudge.

The last thing to note is that your skin needs protection even if you’re at home. While the thought of being at home and ignoring your phone and computer is always a brilliant idea, the sunlight streaming through your windows must be considered. So making this spray a key part of your daily skincare routine by applying it right after cleansing is certainly a good thing to do for the overall health of your skin.

blue light skincare

Amore Pacific Resort Collection Sun Protection Stick SPF50 does triple duty by protecting your eye contour, your lips and even the bridge of your nose. I adore this product so so much, for its ease of use and because it can be used under eye primer and eye makeup. Formulated with green tea seed oil, plum extract and purslane extract, this is a user-friendly, portable product that would be a valuable addition to your anti-sun, anti-pollution and anti-blue light skincare routine. I took this stick with me on the road and have used it for almost a year now and it shows no sign of finishing any time soon. I’d be disappointed if it were to be discontinued so stock up if you opt to try it out. At the time of this writing, Amore Pacific’s Sun Protection Stick is available directly from Amore Pacific’s website as part of a set.

blue light skincare

Cle de Peau Beaute Protective Fortifying Emulsion SPF 22 has also been part of my routine for more than a year now. I introduced this product in a [post here] and since then, my belief in it has only increased. In addition to protecting the skin against UV impact, it also revitalises your skin, imparts a beautiful glow, reduces the look of fatigue and dullness and importantly, it also plays well when layered with foundation, powder and other makeup.

Your skin always requires protection especially when spending long hours in front of computers or scrolling on your mobile phone. The impact of high energy visible light on skin and eyes is a true concern, so try to be mindful of it as you cultivate a well thought out skincare routine that pushes back against age-related and hormonal changes, lifestyle impact and also the impact of naturally occurring and man-made conditions.

Once you’re ready to head to your bedroom at the end of the night, your computer and dare I say your mobile phone, truly should not accompany you. I realise that for some that may not be possible but if you can do it, your brain and your skin will thank you.

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