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January 27, 2019

Sunday Things: 4 New Classic Closet Finds Plus The Fuzzy Slippers I’m Loving



classic closet finds

It isn’t often that I shop for shoes and clothing as I’m more into having a uniform and relying on classic pieces. But today I’m showing you four classic closet finds and a pair of the comfiest fuzzy lounge slippers I nabbed during the end of year sales.

classic closet finds

The first piece is a Club Monaco Merino Wool Sweater that I’m looking forward to wearing in the Springtime and it’s still currently on sale.

It’s a two-toned v-neck sweater featuring a pale grey front and a true grey back panel. Made from 100% Merino wool, it’s on the lighter side and the first time I tried to wear it, I ended up freezing despite wearing a camisole underneath. So I’d recommend this sweater for days when temperatures are above 35 Fahrenheit. I bought the Club Monaco sweater after viewing a somewhat similar one from one of my favourite Cashmere purveyors, N. Peal. While the Club Monaco sweater and the N. Peal one are fraternal twins more than identical ones, Club Monaco’s is pretty cute, accessibly priced and I appreciate the timeless design.

classic closet finds

Chinti and Parker White Puritan Collar Shirt– I can’t tell you how long I had been hunting for a peter-pan collar shirt. Literally, it’s been about two years since I’ve been looking. I recall when they were all the rage, then they weren’t. The ones I saw and absolutely loved were hundreds of dollars and I was not willing to do such a huge spend on a single shirt. So when I saw this one on sale, my peter-pan prayers were finally answered. Except, this is not quite peter-pan but it was close enough.

This shirt is made in Portugal from high-quality 100% cotton. My other favourite detail apart from the collar, are the cuffs on each sleeve. This shirt will be receiving quite the workout, especially layered under sweaters or in the warmer weather with the sleeves pushed up and paired with a statement bracelet.

Let me just say this shirt is sold out but do check out a similar style here that’s also on sale at the time of this writing. Last note on Chinti and Parker, it’s a quirky, boho clothing brand started in the UK by two cousins. From playful shirts and cashmere sweaters to dreamy robes and loungewear, check them out while they’re on sale or at other online stockists such as farfetch.com.

classic closet finds

Gianvito Rossi 105 Pumps-I bought these for an event after yet another lengthy shoe search. You have no idea how terrified I am of foot pain, but I also believe in investing in well-made classics especially when they’re on sale. So after finding these pumps in a champagne colour, it checked the boxes for great craftsmanship and timelessness. Gianvito Rossi is the son of Sergio Rossi, a veteran shoe designer. Gianvito Rossi started his brand in 2006 after working with his father for a number of years. One of the junior Rossi’s selling points are the sixty steps required to make each shoe, along with the fact that his shoes are ‘manufactured with hand-crafted principles’. You can still find other colours on sale at the moment [by going here]. Plus, Gianvito Rossi shoes are a favourite of the Duchess of Cambridge, so much so that there are blogs detailing every pair she owns. In researching personal experiences with Gianvito Rossi’s shoes, I came across a useful [blog post here] about what to expect from some well-known shoe brands. The blogger doesn’t appear to be updating her site lately, but the post I linked offers some really helpful advice for the next time you’re in the market for premium pumps.

classic closet finds

Soru Jewelry Treasures Laran Earrings-I also bought these to wear to an event and I’m so pleased to have stumbled across this brand which is also family founded. Started by two half-sisters in 2013, their pieces are unique and are generally made in Turkey and Sicily using quality materials. I chose the [Treasures Laran Earrings] because of the agate stones and because my favourite colour is green.

classic closet finds

While these earrings look heavy, in actuality they’re not. Plus the agate stones are securely attached so it’s unlikely they will pop out. I’m completely smitten with the design and more importantly, their value comes in the ability to use them in the future for formal or casual occasions.

classic closet finds

J. Crew Embroidered Loafer Slippers in Tartan– I’m wearing these slippers as I type this post and the only time they come off is when it’s time to sleep. Well made house/lounge slippers tend to approach the hundred dollar mark and beyond and I can surely understand why especially if you don’t want to be replacing them each season. But finding this pair on sale at J.Crew was quite a coup, and they’re still available for a deeply discounted price here, (again at the time of this writing).

With a faux-fur lined interior including an inner sole, these slippers are finished in a contemporary tartan fabric and emblazoned with a sweet looking Dalmatian. The one minor annoyance is that the inner-sole in the left slipper has been sliding up every so often, so I have to slide them back into place. Maybe it’s just my feet or the pair I have, but I’d still recommend these. Points are also given for the skid-proof sole and for the amount of warmth these slippers give to chilly feet.

classic closet finds

classic closet finds

I hope this post leads you to your next closet treasure or gives you some ideas for your future fashion needs. Sharing cool finds with you that actually work brings me so much pleasure, plus there’s more to see [in this post] where I share new makeup finds and past makeup loves. So until the next entry when I share some of my latest skincare goodies, stay well and I hope this helps.



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