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February 3, 2019

Sunday Things: 5 Things That Bring Joy


5 things bring joy

So we meet again virtually on Sunday, this time to quickly go over the five things that bring joy into my days. In January especially, it’s a month so many people are ambivalent about but truly as with anything else it’s what you make of it, isn’t it? That said, I’ll start with the simplest thing that brings me joy and that is the throw I use to curl up on the couch to watch two shows I really look forward to on Saturday night, but we’ll get to those shows shortly.

5 things bring joy

If you live in a cold climate, at some point a throw is likely to find its way to your lap for an added layer of warmth. I got mine a handful of years ago and it still serves me well. Crafted of 100% wool , at first I was unsure about getting it because it didn’t quite fit with the colours already in the lounge, but I decided to go for it because of its natural fibers. It keeps me very warm and makes being on the couch on a cold night that much more bearable, plus it creates the cosiness I always crave when it’s frigid.

5 things bring joy

Next up, the two television shows I live for every Saturday night, maybe because they infuse a tenet of anticipation into my favourite day of the week. I love public television, what it stands for, the fact that it’s commercial free and offers programming that is a world apart from regular network television. So each Saturday night, my two utter faves to watch are Whitechapel and Vera. Both series are set in the UK, with Whitechapel being a police drama that blends quirkiness, dark humour, awe and suspense. While I don’t find it to be as intriguingly written as my other favourite police-centered drama, Hinterland, it’s on my mind when I wake up on Saturday mornings.

5 things bring joy

Then there’s Vera, also a police/detective-centred who-done-it drama with a woman detective as its protagonist. She is an unlikely but whipper-smart character, uses terms such as ‘pet’ and ‘love’ whether addressing one of her younger, less seasoned colleagues or a suspect. Everything is usually solved by the show’s end, yet it leaves you smarting for more. I also appreciate Vera because I am unable to think of an American police drama series with a woman cast as the central character, and if you happen to know of one do let me know in the comments. So next time you’re at home on Saturday night and want something that’s not necessarily on a trending list, turn to public television or to your favourite streaming service to feast on these gripping series.

5 things bring joy

Another thing that has brought joy was receiving this cookbook from my Uncle. I suppose I had bored him enough about making Mary Berry’s stuffing recipe which I referenced [in this post] and at other odd times. So maybe he figured if he got me her latest cookbook he’d never have to hear me fan out over her again. But I was like a child with a new toy when it arrived. I suppose you may be thinking I should either get a life or get new heroes but no matter, this is her latest cookbook. Filled with a skilfully curated cross section of modern recipes along with some unlikely ones, she also includes ice-cream recipes that don’t require an ice-cream maker. So once I’ve had a go at making the ice-cream, I’ll be sure to share it with you in one of the Sunday posts.

5 things bring joy

Moving on now from Mary Berry, I also found joy in using my weights again. I’ll never be a fitness blogger nor am I an exercise expert but as I go further into the fourth decade of my life, I am extremely aware of the need for some kind of dedicated movement at least a couple of times per week. Everyone should remain mindful of bone health, joint health and energy levels. And so I find that if I carve out as little as fifteen minutes two or three mornings a week to use my weights well before the sun comes up, eventually I do begin to see changes especially in my energy levels, in my posture, in my ability to reach up into the cupboards easily and in my overall mobility. I joined a gym once some years ago and detested every minute I was there. Between having to get gym clothes, being around people I had no interest in knowing and all the machines, the whole thing did my head in. Now that I’m older and know better, I’m much happier at home in my own space doing my weights which I mount onto a handle bar. So yes, something as simple as starting my day with this routine also brings me (aches), joy and the gift of starting my day positively.

5 things bring joy

Rounding up now, in [last Sunday’s post] I shared the fuzzy slippers I’d been loving but now they appear to be sold out. Still, I’m including it in this post because it brings me and my cold feet so much joy to wear every day. I found a similar pair here that’s also on sale if you happen to be in the market for slippers. Joy and things that bring joy seem to be on-trend at the moment. Whether it’s because of Marie Kondo or the effects of the madness in the world, I implore you to seek joy as it can be found in the simplest things.


*Whitechapel and Vera photographs via IMDb Google images

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