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February 6, 2019

Tour My Bathroom: Skincare Storage Edition


bathroom skincare storage

I’ve been wanting to share a peek into my bathroom, specifically about how I organise and store my skincare. Now…I know there are arguments against storing skincare in the bathroom, especially because bathrooms are humid environments which may not be good in maintaining the efficacy of some skincare ingredients. But when space is tight and one has to get creative, sometimes there’s no choice.

The stuff on my sink

The number of trays, cubbies and holders I’ve bought for my bathroom sink over the years is a bit mad. Each time I thought I found the perfect catch-all, I’d then feel disappointed months later. Then I saw a photograph of a food serving stand that resonated so loudly when I saw it, getting it was inevitable. It’s from Ikea and is officially referred to as the Foradla Serving Stand. What makes this stand the ultimate storage darling is that the tiers are completely flat, so your products are able to sit flush on the surface. It’s made from lead-free porcelain and the dimensions are as follows:

Product dimensions
Length: 13 “
Width: 9 “
Height: 13 “

Length: 33 cm
Width: 23 cm
Height: 34 cm

Plus, the stand is priced below 30$ USD and can be ordered online.

bathroom storage skincare

The serving stand holds my facial cleansers, eye-makeup remover, hand and body creams, my jar of ear buds that I use to correct makeup smudges, lip balms and shower gels. Another good thing about the serving stand is that each tier has an elongated shape, making jar and bottle storage that much simpler, plus it’s easy to clean. The only downside is that things may become tricky if you have very tall bottles.

The stuff in the cabinet
In the cabinet above the sink is where I keep my heavy-duty skincare and base products. Specifically, facial oils, serums and foundations hang out in different sections. Some products I keep in their original boxes to protect them, while the rest of the items live unadorned.
Keeping the interior of the cabinet as clean as possible is fairly easy and while I’ve considered lining the shelves, there’s truly no point.

bathroom skincare storage

Below are the foundations that I keep in the cabinet as well. They’re all well-loved and deliver a beautiful finish. These foundations are reviewed in previous posts, which you can [view here for Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua] and [here for Decorte Soft Cream Foundation].bathroom skincare storage

It always hurts my heart when I have to toss a foundation because it’s past the expiry date so I’m trying to keep the number in my stash to a minimum.

What’s inside the bath tower cabinet

In a separate bath tower cabinet I keep lip and eye pencils, powders, tools, nail lacquers and much more as you’ll see below. Starting with the top shelf below featuring pencils and powders, we’ll work our way down through the contents of each drawer. I love collecting powders but I’m challenging myself to hold off from adding any new ones at the moment.

bathroom skincare storage

On the little white tray below I keep four different sharpeners and two of my favourite sticks for when I need to bring my face to life quickly. From left is the Fenty Beauty Matchstix in Starstruck which is [reviewed here] and the Chanel Les Beiges Blush in No.22.

bathroom skincare storage

Below is my manicure tray which I pulled out from the cabinet to get a better capture of it. All the usual tools, plus some tweezers that are starting to frustrate me because they’re losing their precision. Otherwise, I have to thank my mother and my aunt for the blessing that are orange wood sticks for tidying up nail polish that has smeared beyond the nail.

bathroom skincare storage

In the next drawer below are all of my makeup brushes, powder puffs and random drawstring pouches tucked into the left corner.

bathroom skincare storage

While working on this post I realised my brush collection is in desperate need of being culled, as some of the brushes just don’t quite hit the mark any more. I do have a new addition in the Sonia G Sculpt Three Brush which I’m still getting to grips with, so I’ll reserve my thoughts for now.

bathroom skincare storage

Moving along as we continue to work our way down the tower drawers, the items below are quite utilitarian. Clips for sectioning hair after washing and some back ups because these things tend to snap and break after a while. Plus a bandeau, pocket tissues for my handbag wedged in the back and some random pouches.

bathroom skincare storage

Ok, I was apprehensive about showing the items below as I don’t know how many people still use hot rollers, but I swear by them to give my hair some body when I need to make an extra effort. I also still use Velcro rollers from time to time but the twist ones I haven’t used in years.

bathroom skincare storage

The cherry on top

Working backwards a bit, I saved the fragrances for the end. Again, the cardinal rule is that fragrances should not be kept in the bathroom, ever. But I like to keep a few of mine out, while the more precious stuff stays in a drawer and only see the light of day if I want a spritz. Also, I use this tray more for makeup bits and tools I’ve used but haven’t yet put away.

bathroom skincare storage

And that is everything from the virtual bathroom tour and the various things I use to store my goodies. Depending on how this post goes over I’ll do a the makeup edition of this tour which is in a different room. In the interim, if you need more details about anything shown in the post do feel free to drop me a line. I hope this helps..

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