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Sunday Things: On Feeling Expansive, Groundhog Day, and Being a 40-plus Beauty Blogger

feeling expansive

feeling expansive

Something shifted this week and I was feeling expansive, like anything is possible, like good things are about to happen. Maybe it’s because I’ve been more dedicated to getting in some exercise or maybe it’s because when Geek Squad had my laptop last week I ended up going to sleep much earlier, or maybe it’s because the Groundhog said that Spring will be here soon. Whatever it is, it made me want to open up a bit more here on the blog and the intentions behind it.

feeling expansive

I’m a 40-plus woman who got into luxury beauty blogging because there is an urgent need. When you drill down to the specifics, there’s a need for more women and men in my age group and beyond, to share their experiences with cosmetics at this moment in time when the beauty industry is rapidly changing. Here’s the other urgent need, and that is for women and men who have brown skin or deeper skin tones to share their experiences with what the beauty industry is churning out on a daily basis. But that’s not all, there is an even more urgent need for women and men with deeper skin tones to chronicle their experiences with luxury beauty, niche and bespoke beauty and other high-end cosmetic products. When you add ‘green’ or ‘clean’ or eco-friendly/eco-luxe beauty products to that list, finding content creators of colour who dedicate their platform exclusively to these categories results in crickets more than anything else.

Part of the glaring issue though, is that prior to the launch of Fenty Beauty by Rihanna there were a handful of high-end cosmetic companies that did complexion products such as foundation, concealer and powder that could meet the needs of deeper skin tones. Jack should always be given his jacket, which means credit should be given where it’s due to those high-end beauty companies that dared to include deeper shades in their complexion categories way before it became ‘trendy’ to do that.

feeling expansive

Now that Fenty Beauty has disrupted the industry and other companies have finally begun adding deeper shades, there is still quite a distance left to travel in making extended shade ranges the norm rather than the exception. So while progress is in progress, it’s not a totally barren landscape because there are items to work with and that’s part of the reason I created this blog. Plus, it’s not just about makeup because we all know that great makeup begins with good skin. Added to that, I’m also interested in sharing more about body care products, especially those that truly help skin to feel and look better. Then there’s the haircare category which continues to explode. I’d like to share my experiences with high-end haircare brands that actually work with kinky/curly and textured hair because such products already exist.

Here’s the other side that transcends simply writing product reviews, and that’s helping consumers to disseminate ingredients, to learn about where ingredients come from and in some instances learn about an ingredient’s place in history. Then there’s brand history which is also important to have some awareness about. Brand history or the backstory is one of the factors that influenced the name of this blog because I didn’t want to just say yea or nay to a product without also exploring a company’s origin.

feeling expansive

Ultimately, I think of this blog as a service first. And any information I share is for anyone with an interest in cosmetics and skin care while acknowledging that more high-end product testimonials are needed in the online space from people with deeper skin tones.

If you read my ‘about page’, you’ll know my mother and my aunt are entirely implicated in my love and obsession with everything beauty related. Yet, as I’m older now I also recognise that consumer behaviour is shaped by an increasing, ever-changing number of factors. Today’s consumer wants to know more about how products are made, where ingredients are sourced from and are unafraid to openly challenge brands. Added to that, the battle cry for inclusivity is only intensifying, especially for complexion products including sunscreens as an example.

feeling expansive

Beauty blogs can also act as a refuge, as I read many of them during challenging times in my own life when I needed a distraction. Another benefit of beauty blogs is that they’re a safe online space away from the news cycle, away from celebrity gossip and away from other kinds of information that can be stressful. So finally being in a position to start my own beauty blog was a sacred moment because ultimately I want this to be a safe online space.

Look, I realise that lipstick and powder won’t eradicate the horrid things in this world but the reality is that the beauty industry with all of its glaring shortcomings is projected to see continued growth in years to come. In the luxury beauty category, heritage brands are also undergoing a change in order to remain competitive. And so I think it’s a crucial and plum time to share my experience with luxury, niche and green/eco-friendly cosmetic products and trends because of the ongoing democratisation that’s afoot. So that’s my story and I hope it helps.





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