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Sunday Things: The Links I’m Loving

links i'm loving

I really appreciated the response to last week’s post, but if you missed it you can [see it here]. This week as it’s a holiday weekend for some of us, I thought it would be nice to share links to some interesting bits I’ve come across lately in other online spaces. It’s all a mixed bag of subjects so surely there will be something that aligns with your interests.

But first, here’s a link to my first ever Sunday Things post: A Good Read With Tea and Scented Candles, where I shared some sweet finds including a book highlighting women who pursued a wide range of career paths that have brought them immense satisfaction.

links i'm loving

Let’s get off to a lighthearted start prompted by my search for the perfect Linguine Alla Vongole recipe. One of the places I landed was on the Guardian newspaper website, a paper I read every day. Well, at the end of the recipe I didn’t imagine the surprise I was in for as I began reading the comments. You’d be amazed at how invested people are in this recipe and their belief in the ‘right’ way to make it. Not to mention the differences of opinion on how to tell if a clam is alright to eat or not. Read it for the recipe [here] or head straight to the comments for a gasp and a laugh…#mindblown.

links i'm loving

Then there’s the New York Times article about women of colour and their relationship with furs. It was an interesting read and may hit a sentimental note for you if any of your mothers, grandmothers or aunts had similar stories. But I read the article as an outlier primarily because we didn’t require warm clothing and coats in the climate I grew up in. But the narrative is engaging and opens a window to the history of access, in this instant access to and ownership of fur coats.

Each week, I stumble upon new podcasts covering an array of topics. Some slide easily into my running list of podcasts I always listen to and others not so much. But this one from the Wall Street Journal entitled Secrets of Wealthy Womenhave opened my ears and my mind in an entirely new way. From self-made women to those born into business dynasties, each episode offers takeaways that anybody can take to heart. So if you need something fresh to listen to along with a dose of inspiration, the list of [episodes are here].

links i'm loving

Have you ever had a moment where you hear something but it registers passively in your head so you don’t quite pay as much attention to it? Then you stumble across the information again somehow and that’s when you really pay attention? Well, that’s the experience I had with becoming clued into Samin Nosrat and her Netflix documentary series Salt Fat Acid Heat. Nosrat has a book with the same title, she’s also a food columnist for The New York Times Magazine and she’s done the rounds of interviews etc. So if like me you were late to the Salt Fat Acid Heat party, start with her Netflix series or head to her website [here]. It will open the gateway to her story and all that she’s created since her days cooking at the esteemed Chez Panisse. And a last word about the Netflix series, it is stunningly shot in the lushest locations. Nosrat is a born storyteller and deserves all of the kudos heaped upon her for this breakout series and best-selling book.

links i'm loving

So, that’s all until next Sunday when we virtually meet again in this space. I’ll be sharing some of my favourite vintage jewellery finds so I hope you’ll check in. And if you need a link to last Wednesday’s post featuring the most gorgeous musky body and hair oil, [go here]. I’m wishing you a great week ahead and I hope this helps.



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