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Sunday Things: How To Clean Your Flat Iron and Other Stories

how to clean your flat iron

how to clean your flat ironhow to clean your flat iron

Today I’m sharing tips on how to clean your flat-iron and some other stories, as mine reached peek gunk this week and I needed to get it cleaned quickly. I’m sure you have as many spinning plates in the air as do I, whether you report to an office or a sales floor each week, or if you have little ones underfoot, the list never, ever ends. But then there are the little things like cleaning your hair tools, cleaning the sink, returning those items or making that doctor’s appointment you keep putting off ( more on that later in this post), that all add up to a recipe for no sleep/restless sleep or poor concentration.

But back to how to clean your flat-iron, I did some digging and tried a couple of different options until I happened upon this one.

1 part Hydrogen Peroxide (maybe a tablespoon)

1 part Baking Soda (also maybe a tablespoon)

Cotton Rounds or Squares

A Healthy Helping of Patience 

1 Pair of Disposable Gloves

how to clean your flat ironThis is before I cleaned my flat iron. I also think something I used in my hair caused this to happen.
how to clean your flat iron

Combine the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda on a cotton round or cotton square until the consistency is similar to a paste. Then rub it on the gunk or build-up on the metal plates of your flat iron and keep rubbing, then rub some more.

Eventually, the build-up will begin to break down but you’ll go through quite a number of cotton squares until it’s completely clean. You’ll also need to keep making more of the paste to get you from gunky to completely clean.

Of course, please ensure that your flat iron is completely cool before cleaning it. Once the build-up was completely removed, I then went over the plates with a cotton square dampened with a tiny bit of water and a drop of shampoo to ensure that the paste is completely gone. And voilà, that’s how you’d clean a gunky flat iron. It makes a sea of difference in how well it straightens your hair in contrast to when it’s dirty.

how to clean your flat iron

It’s Sunday so I have to toss in some food, specifically an apple tart recipe. I had a few apples hanging around in the fridge begging to be used up but I really was not in the mood to make a labour-intensive apple pie, so I opted for a tart. The recipe is [here] and only requires four apples, plus basic pantry items such as flour, sugar, an egg and a few other things.

how to clean your flat iron

Apart from the baking time which is about an hour because it’s baked at 350 degrees, and two instances of refrigeration of the crust prior to baking, this recipe can be knocked out in under two hours and can serve as a much-needed break from your to-do list.

how to clean your flat iron

When the tart has been in the oven for around twenty minutes, the scent of apples and cinnamon will begin filling your kitchen, then it will begin wafting all around your home. Inevitably, if anyone lives with you, they’ll suddenly appear like a hungry ghost to inquire about what you’re making and how soon it will be ready to eat.

how to clean your flat iron

Earlier in the post, I mentioned putting off doctor’s appointments and it’s something I think we’ve all done at one point or another. But here’s a gentle reminder to not put them off, especially major ones like pap smears/smear tests, mammograms and ultrasounds if they apply to you.

As a quick reminder, pap smears/smear tests should be done every three years and I promise you there’s absolutely nothing to be concerned about as they’re over very quickly and having one can save your life.

For mammograms, the guidelines vary depending on personal and family history and of course, your age. So please have that conversation with your doctor or nurse practitioner to determine when you should begin screenings. Also, breast ultrasounds help to ‘see’ even more of what’s happening inside, so ask your provider if having a breast ultrasound is something you should have in addition to your mammogram.

Yes, having a mammogram or breast ultrasound can be a bit uncomfortable. But I’ve found that if I focus on my breathing and keep reminding myself that a few minutes of discomfort goes a long way to putting my mind at ease, it’s very much worth it. Also, if you’re at the age where you should begin screening, try to schedule them around the same time each year.

Good health is everything and without it, life can become difficult for you and your loved ones. So schedule those appointments, then head home and try your hand at baking the apple tart I shared above. Serve yourself a slice and remember to share with any other hungry members of your household, then have a cup of your favourite hot beverage and toast to life. Oh and don’t forget to clean your flat iron, your hair will thank you:). And if you need a makeup fix, I’ve rounded up my latest makeup loves [in this post] I hope this helps..



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